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  • lebah buayawati
    Feb 2, 2009
      BTW:Peter Senge itu orang 'Barat' non 'Islam' .Dia bilang untuk dapet 1 l Coca cola dibutuhkan 250 l air.tau bener ga.Tapi emang aku ga minum siihhh.
      Hmmm wonder kalo minuman yang lain imana ya?

      Ani info?
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      [daily_crcs] Urgent: Looking for a Research Assistant
      Monday, February 2, 2009 3:32 PM
      "maria ingrid" <ingridita@...>
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      "Melanie Nyhof" <melanie.nyhof@...>

      Dear CRCS Students/Alumni,

      we are looking for 1 student (second year or has graduated) to be a research
      assistant for about 10 months (February-Nov 2009) for a research in
      Yogyakarta with criteria as follows:

      1. Indonesian
      2. familiar with Yogyakarta
      3. flexible schedule
      4. experience with, or interest in working with children and adolescents
      5. education background (degree) in psychology, anthropology, education or
      religious studies
      (have some knowledge of religious education in Indonesia)
      6. computer literate-Microsoft Word
      7. good English
      8. have his/her own motorbike is preferable

      The research assistant will have duties like: help to contact schools and
      arrange interviews, assist in translation of interviews (as language &
      culture consultant), assist in interviews, make interview transcription,

      Please send your letter of interest & CV through email to me (
      ingridita@gmail. com) before 02.00pm, Wednesday February 4th.


      Foreign Host
      Graduate School
      Gadjah Mada University
      Jl. Teknika Utara
      Pogung, Yogyakarta
      55281 Indonesia
      Phone/Fax: +62 274 562570 (icrs)
      +62 274 544976 (crcs)
      Website: www.icrs.ugm. ac.id
      www.crcs.ugm. ac.id
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