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  • arko java
    Feb 1, 2007
      Fren.kapan mo kumpul2 lagi?

      lebah buayawati <aishaza_is_cool@...> wrote:
      Hi all buat Vicki ttg trans tv .Dr chatting dgn my bestfriend.. ......

      anitasubijanto: "bagus, kluar aja dr prusahaan jahanam tu...", eh, itu kata2nya si doni ato sapa yg dl penyiar jeronimo loh,hehe.... Kl fersiku si bkal bilang, "Ayo semangat skarang terbuka kesempatan kerj d media laen. Salah satu plusnya trans tv kan jebolannya "setidaknya" dapat image pekerja keras dan kreatif plus tahan banting&tekanan,hehe. .. Temen nanik dr trans reporter masuk ke tempo trus nyangkut di kompas tu...

      Eeh iya ada info beasiswa....

      Dadah take care

          daily_crcs@yahoogro ups.com
      From:    Send an Instant Message "Jay Zaenuddin" <jaypontianak@ yahoo.com>  Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book  Add Mobile Alert
      Date:    Thu, 1 Feb 2007 17:41:23 -0800 (PST)
      Subject:    [daily_crcs] Ke UK???

      Dear all,
      The Institute of Commonwealth Studies is pleased to announce two full fee bursaries for its master’s courses - MA in Human Rights and MSc in Globalization & Development.

      Friends of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies Student Bursaries

      The Institute of Commonwealth Studies is delighted to announce two new full-fee paying bursaries for master’s degree study. These bursaries have been generously donated by the Friends of the Institute.

      The Friends Bursaries will pay full tuition fees for one Home/EU student and one Overseas student. Eligible students may be enrolled for either of our two master’s courses for full-time or part-time study. Awards will be made to candidates who have an outstanding academic record and/or whose track record of practical work in the fields of human rights or development will enable them to both contribute to and gain substantial benefit from the course.

      Applicants must have been accepted on the course by Thursday 31st May to be considered for the awards.

      The Institute offers two master’s degrees:

      MA Understanding & Securing Human Rights
      Unique multi-disciplinary course designed to provide practical training in human rights, offering the opportunity of a placement with an international human rights organisation

      MSc Globalization & Development
      Multi-disciplinary and policy-oriented course for students seeking to further understand the impacts of globalization on human security and development

      Further details are available from our website at http://www.commonwe alth.sas. ac.uk/degrees. htm

      dondy dona <dondydona@yahoo. com> wrote:

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      From: sato <fei_onweb@yahoo. com>
      Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 06:17:04 -0800 (PST)
      Subject: [PasarBuku] Lomba menulis esai dari Bank Dunia

      maaf, kemarin ada kesalahan teknis dan ingatan, juga penglihatan hehehe...


      ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -

      The World Bank invites you to participate in the International Essay
      Competition 2007:

      WANTED – Your Practical Ideas
      Today is your world! You are making a difference. Tell us how
      corruption affects your daily life as youth and what you can do to
      overcome it.
      Participate now and have your voice heard! The World Bank and its
      partners invite you to participate in the International Essay
      Competition 2007 to share your experience and ideas on fighting

      Answer both topic questions:
      1) How does corruption affect your life?
      2) What can you do to fight the corruption that you face?

      If you have been personally involved in concrete initiatives, write
      specifically about your experience: How did you recognize corruption?
      Who have you worked with? Who have you helped? What have you
      accomplished? In what way would you consider this work to be
      innovative? How have you measured the results of your work? How would
      you improve your impact? How can other youth replicate your
      If you don't have practical experience, write specifically about your
      How would you work to fight the corruption that you face?
      How long should your essay be?

      Your essay may not be longer than 10 pages (4000 words maximum), 1.5
      You are also required to provide an abstract of no more than one
      page. An abstract is a short summary in which you explain the aim,
      the methodology, the reasoning and the main conclusions of your
      The abstract will be used by the jury to make a pre-selection.
      You may submit your paper and abstract in English, French or Spanish
      PRIZES $5,000 & $1,000

      Deadline for submission: March 15, 2007

      Participants: Students and non-students alike, between 18 and 25
      years of age (born in the years 1982 - 1989)

      To know more and to submit, please visit:
      http://www.essaycom petition. org

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      Peace Generation is da Best
      Vokoke Perkapers will alwyyzz be blessed lah
      Joy oh joy
      Of the life adventure I'll find in the next bend of being
      Since knowledge omnivora have I decided to be  
      "Aerodynamically a bee can't fly .
      But since a bee don't know the law of aerodynamics , a bee fly."
      Mary Kay Ash
      Don't know who she is but worthy word she does has.

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