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Turkmenistan Foundation seeks your help!

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  • sariandchristopher
    Hello RPCVs, I m writing on behalf of the Turkmenistan Youth and Civic Values Foundation, now in its second year of existence. Formed by six RPCVs from
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2007
      Hello RPCVs,

      I'm writing on behalf of the Turkmenistan Youth and Civic Values
      Foundation, now in its second year of existence. Formed by six RPCVs
      from Turkmenistan, the Foundation is working to provide assistance in
      Turkmenistan, focusing on education, cultural exchange, and civic
      values - all the things you worked for during your Peace Corps
      service. We've had a great first year and are anticipating even more
      good projects to come this year.

      The Foundation recently opened up another round of TOEFL scholarships
      in Turkmenistan for the upcoming Spring TOEFL test date, receiving
      over 40 applications for just four scholarships! Even more amazing is
      that we were able to fully fund a total of five students' TOEFL test-
      related costs. The word in Turkmenistan is out about the Foundation's
      work, and the applicant pool for these four scholarships was
      incredibly impressive. With every passing TOEFL scholarship period,
      we receive more and more applications of higher quality and even more
      extraordinary applicants. Some of these applicants may have even been
      your students!

      At the present time, we are expanding our operations and, and we're
      seeking help from all reaches of the Peace Corps community to do so.
      Four of the Foundation's annual goals are as follows:

      - fund two full scholarships to the American University in Central
      Asia for the 2007-08 academic school year;
      - dramatically increase our resources for funding even more TOEFL
      - fund four community development projects between now and May 2008;
      - expand our capacity for intercultural exchange programs.

      So, maybe you're thinking, "Hm, TOEFL tests, scholarships and
      exchanges and such. I like!" We hope so. That's the whole point of
      the Foundation – it wants to fund the right kind of projects and
      people that we know will work well back in a country that doesn't
      currently have much NGO activity at all.

      Well, how about being a part of it? For the Foundation to achieve
      these goals, these projects require your help.

      First, funding. We do a lot with a little; Here's a sampling of what
      money gets:

      -$50 funds the development of a school exchange kit, linking
      classrooms in Turkmenistan with classrooms in the U.S.
      -$150 funds TOEFL application fees and test preparation assistance
      for one student.
      -$1,000 funds the implementation of a Turkmen artisan support project
      (among other similar projects!).
      -$3,000 funds one full academic year scholarship for one student at

      Second, and beyond donations, we can use your help in reaching even
      more potential donors. Email your contact lists, send pages ripped
      from your address book,even send email addresses of anyone you know
      who may be interested in supporting or learning about the Foundation.
      We do not sell or exchange mailing lists, and the Foundation sends
      minimal mailings per year. It's all volunteer labor, and we often use
      our own cash to get the word out about the Foundation.

      One of the difficulties of post-Peace Corps life that we all face is
      deciding how to continue to encourage future growth and development
      in the countries we served in after we're home. The Foundation
      provides that unique opportunity for you to continue to support
      positive, practical, and tenable development work. In supporting the
      Foundation, you can invest the enthusiasm and energy of your service
      in on-going and future projects and community improvement efforts in
      Turkmenistan for years to come.

      If you have any further questions about our projects or the
      Foundation itself, e-mail or call. We have made a commitment to make
      the Foundation: (1) a (if not the) major NGO in Turkmenistan; and (2)
      a model and source of inspiration and change in how to
      approach "development" in Turkmenistan, distinct from methods of
      development that exist there already.

      So please check out our website at http://www.turkmenistan-
      foundation.org for details about our work or how to contact us. Thank
      you for your support. Hope to hear from you soon!

      Sag bolun,
      Sari Long
      Turkmenistan RPCV, 2003-2005

      P.S. Checks can be made payable to the Turkmenistan Foundation and
      mailed to P.O. Box 7215, Washington, D.C. 20044. We appreciate
      donations in any amount, and remember that they're also completely
      tax deductible! Thanks, guys.
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