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456Charity Football Tournament in Bulgaria

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  • Jimmy Wall
    Dec 7, 2007
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      Hello! I'm just posting to let you know that I'm organizing a charity
      football (soccer) match in Chirpan, Bulgaria late March, early April
      to benefit the new at risk children's center. This is more of a "For
      Your Information" post than anything else. It'll be at least a 4 on 4
      (or more, depending on interest).

      This will be the 3rd year a PCV in Chirpan has organized this event
      and it's been wildy popular in the past. So, let me know if you're
      interested and if you can organize a team from your town to come and
      play. Last year there was a PCV team from Macedonia. They'll be a PCV
      vs Municiplaity exhibition match before hand and possibly a cultural
      excursion to Chirpan's cultural highlights (we have the oldest
      monastery in Europe).

      Chripan is located between the Bulgarian cities of Stara Zagora and
      Plovdiv, so we have regular buses and trains (If the bus/train is
      going to Stara Zagora from Sofia (the capital), they all stop in
      Chirpan as well as anything going east to west (and vice versa)
      through Stara Zagora or Plovdiv). We have a hotel and I've got a large

      Thanks! I'll keep you posted as soon as I get the details ironed out.
      I can be reached at Wall.JamesL@... for questions and/or comments.

      COD Chirpan
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