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403RE: [PeaceCorpsEEandCA] PC/Bulgaria cookbook

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  • Lerri Atwater
    Aug 1 11:37 AM



      Peace Corps Ukraine has a “Babushka’s Cookbook” and I know there’s an electronic copy.  I need to get to a place where I can get it and send it to you, unless someone out there has it ready to go?  HINT HINT.


      So Lauren, if you don’t get a response about Ukraine’s book, send me a private mail to angry.cat(at gmail dot com) and I’ll be able to send it to you in a week or so.


      Lerri Atwater

      Peace Corps Ukraine

      Group 30

      Putyvl, Sumska


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      Hi all,

      I'm a B19 volunteer in Bulgaria and am working on the next edition of
      our cookbook. As I've been looking through the current edition and
      exploring bazaars and supermarkets in BG I've been noticing what a wide
      selection of food we've got here and that our cookbook, while not
      incomprehensive, has a international section that could use some more
      recipes, since we've got such a wide selection of ingredients here that
      can be so well tapped. So I would love to be in touch with anyone in
      EE/CA who could send on some recipes - or even better, if you could get
      me a copy of your cookbooks! I would be really excited about that.


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