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324Re: [PeaceCorpsEEandCA] Luggage/Backpacks

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  • meggan thompson
    Mar 1, 2006
      Rolling duffels and heavy duty back packs (you know the kind that look like you are ready to summit Everest) are pretty popular. 
      A lot of people brought smaller backpacks for their carry on.
      Personally, I brought two rolling duffles and my regular backpack as a carry on.
      Good luck!

      umsarahjo <lilgirl_52@...> wrote:

      So for RPCVs and currect PCVs, (or even nominees:) ) what would
      everyone recommend to take to EE/CA ? How many bags (2 checked, 1 carry-
      on) backpacks, duffels, luggage, rolling?!?! this was started in the
      gerneral peacecorps group, and now im kind of panicked!

      thanks in advance,

      EE TEFL Sept. '06


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