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266Re: [PeaceCorpsEEandCA] Re: graduation and piercings

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  • Rebeka Fergusson-Lutz
    Jan 1, 2006
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      Hi, all.
      Although I have no doubt that Amanda's experiences are true and don't want to contradict her, I have to say that my experience in Romania was a little different. I served between 2001 and 2003, so it's possible that PC policies have changed a bit because leadership has changed, or it could be a matter of in-country leadership. This is all anecdotal from me, of course, but I did have a buddy with me in Romania who did not, in fact, finish his degree as he said he was going to. (I have no idea why he didn't, but I guess he figured he could get away with it.) Everyone at PC just assumed that he had it and that was the end of it. In fact, this could be the reason for Amanda's experience -- perhaps PC management decided to be a little bit more on top of this and not just give people the benefit of the doubt.
      As far as piercings are concerned, when I was in PST in the summer of 2001, my program managers asked me to take out my small and rather subtle nose stud. I was a TEFLer and they felt that the school that they were assigning me to would not be kosher with a nose stud. Other Romania volunteers in other sectors were allowed to keep their piercings. I don't know if I would have been terminated if I had left my stud in and I have to say I was really irritated about taking it out, but I also knew that joining Peace Corps would require some sacrifices on my part and I got over it. Once I was at site I realized that my program managers were right and that they really did have my best interests in mind. Times have changed and all Eastern European nations are becoming increasingly liberal in their views, and the Ukrainians may be more open-minded about these things, but I would be prepared for every eventuality.  
      I hope this helps -- but probably it doesn't!
      All the best,

      Amanda <alnddscad@...> wrote:
      From what I've heard they will still mail out your invite despite you not having
      your degree in hand. But, they will also not hesitate to take it away if you fail to
      receive your degree. And they will probably ask for another copy of your
      transcripts once you've received your degree.

      As for the piercing...I hope it's not too much of a problem because I have the
      same thing and I'm leaving for Ukraine in less than two months :o)


      --- In PeaceCorpsEEandCA@yahoogroups.com, "umsarahjo" <
      lilgirl_52@h...> wrote:
      > question:
      > im medically cleared and just waiting on an invitation now. currently
      > it is too early for me to get one (im nom. for fall of 06) my PO said
      > that he would start looking at those files in February. Im in my last
      > semester of college and was just wondering whether or not theyll wait
      > to send out my invitation until after Ive already graduated? (there's
      > no chance that im not graduating) but nevertheless, will this affect
      > them sending it out, my having the degree or not? thanks!
      > sarah
      > ps- does anyone know where i can read on how the east. european
      > countries view piercings (i have a small nose piercing, just a diamond
      > stud) how does the peace corps view such piercings?


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