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240Re: [PeaceCorpsEEandCA] University English Teachers- EE/CA

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  • meggan thompson
    Dec 3, 2005
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      Hi There!
      My country has University Teachers (however we start staging early enough so that trainees are sworn in before September1st - so you're probably not headed to  Moldova ).
      University teachers are placed in larger/urban settings.  The people I know who are University seem to enjoy their job, they are active in the faculty, often give seminars on teaching techniques, and have good students. (Though, in our country, sometimes, students will show up only for the final!).
      You will have to let us know were you wind up!

      Melody Jones <melody.jones@...> wrote:
      I dont know anyone at a university but I think that's really interesting.  I'm excited to find out where you are going to serve.  Be sure and let us know!


      On 12/2/05, lisner2 <lisner2@...> wrote:

      I was recently nominated as a university english teacher to EE/CA to
      begin August/Sept 2006. I will probably be in EE and was wondering if
      anyone knew in which countries I could be placed. Also, if anyone does
      currently serve as university english teacher, how is it??

      Thank you!



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