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Re: [Paydirt] ***PC/Laptop Computer Game???***

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  • Matt Floray
    My versions of Bowlbound and Paydirt for the PC will be available on the new site http://www.oddmangames.com/ very shortly. The Bowlbound version will include
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 21, 2008
      My versions of Bowlbound and Paydirt for the PC will be available on the new site http://www.oddmangames.com/ very shortly.  The Bowlbound version will include all 78 SI/AH charts, including the 6 unpublished.  The Paydirt version will include all 612 published SI/AH charts.
      The games have been tested and will run in both XP and Vista.
      The website is still under construction, so the look of it will be changing.
      Eddie's charts and the Jackson/Grayson charts will all work just fine in the game, if you are the rightful owner.  I have not tested Ron's charts, but they should be fine, again, as long as you are the rightful owner.  These charts are NOT included with the game.

      kent conlan <mrclean4456@...> wrote:
      What computer Bowlbound/Paydirt games are out there for a PC or Laptop?...I' m in the market for one (or several maybe)...and willing to pay a reasonable price...
      Also, I have lots of Eddie's charts...and a few of Darren's...and remember that August was close to finishing a computer game a while back...
      Please advise...on what you recommend...

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