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Re: 1975 Bills vs 1985 Chargers. Sounds great Joe. Take your time family comes first. Jeff
Apr 11
Re: 1975 Bills vs 1985 Chargers. The 2001 Patriots, 2001 Rams matchup would be a fine game. I agree. David  On Thursday, April 10, 2014 12:05 PM, Joe Schmitt wrote:
David Lacombe
Apr 10
Joe Schmitt
Apr 10
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Re: 1975 Bills vs 1985 Chargers. Yes, I sure do. I have been very short on free time the past 3 years. With 3 boys running me wild, free time is rare. When i get back to it i will release 2011
Joe Schmitt
Apr 9
Re: 1975 Bills vs 1985 Chargers. Hi Joe, Do you have any plans to create more charts for Paydirt or Bowlbound ? They are great charts. Thanks, Jeff
Apr 8
1975 Bills vs 1985 Chargers. Well, I will match up these 4 teams this weekend in a mini tournament. I will use the CLASSIC PAYDIRT GREAT TEAMS charts. Should be some high scoring events.
Joe Schmitt
Mar 21
Re: New Poll for Paydirt Easy again the 69 da bad news bears!! From: To: Date: 02/18/2014 11:13 AM Subject: [Paydirt]
Feb 18
Re: New Poll for Paydirt Easy "Speasy" Da BEARS!!!! From: To: Date: 02/18/2014 11:11 AM Subject: [Paydirt] New Poll
Feb 18
New Poll for Paydirt Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the Paydirt group: Of the original Avalon Hill team charts[69-72,76-93]. Which last place team is the
Feb 18
New Poll for Paydirt Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the Paydirt group: Of the original Avalon Hill team charts[69-72,76-93] which Super Bowl team is the
Feb 18
Re: PAYDIRT charts Ron's charts are amazing....very accurate and last year's set will be released in the next few weeks.... ... From: Dean Morand To: paydirt
Feb 16
PAYDIRT charts Boys will be boys. I’m new to this group but I think I love PAYDIRT as much as any of you. All we want is the most accurate, realistic charts possible. To
Dean Morand
Feb 16
(no subject) Does anybody have any 68,73,74 or 75 PAYDIRT charts for sale? How about some foldable football fields? Sent from Windows Mail
Dean Morand
Feb 15
Re: New guy As far as I know from the website I got the chart from you use the same dice roll number but I guess you could re roll.
Rory Bezecny
Feb 2
Re: New guy Perhaps you're supposed to roll the offensive dice again when using the defensive play choice chart?
Feb 2
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Re: New guy Yeah, I play the season solo. I ran across a chart online that takes care of the defensive play choice. Basically I call the offensive play, roll the dice and
Jan 27
Re: New guy Interesting to read. I assume you play alone, how do you call plays and defenses? David ________________________________ From: "fosternorman224@..."
David Garza
Jan 26
New guy Hi, I joined a couple of weeks ago. I originally had a version of Paydirt with 1979 charts until I was a teenager about 32 years ago. I was foolish enough to
Jan 26
Re: Seattle 23, San Francisco 20 Looking like it could happen so far.... On Sunday, January 19, 2014 2:44 PM, "danielxcdt@..." wrote:   Gameday is today. Can't
Jan 19
Seattle 23, San Francisco 20 Gameday is today. Can't wait to watch. Here is my "pre-play" of the NFC Championship Game, again using Ron's DDF game. 2012 SAN FRANCISCO 49'ERS 20 2012
Jan 19
Re: Old Paydirt Charts? Eddie Mays has some 1940's charts for Paydirt. Eddie puts out a quality product. I own a boatload of charts from Eddie. Here is his website for ordering
Jan 17
Denver 13, New England 10 The Broncos edged the Patriots in my DDF "pre-play" of this weekend's AFC Championship. Next up, San Francisco at Seattle. 2012 NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS 10
Jan 15
Nice to be here! Hi all! I'm Dan. Got my first game for Christmas 1971 - it was SI Football back then. That game came with the charts from the Colts/Cowboys Super Bowl year
Jan 15
Re: Newbie Hi---I just play the game with my brother---not lately- although he mentioned it yesterday.  I love those Avalon Hill games too! On Wednesday, January 15,
Jan 15
Newbie Thanks for letting me join. My names Chip and I starting playing the game in the early 80's. I came back to it after one of my friends from those days and I
Jan 15
Old Paydirt Charts? Just wondering - has anyone produced any old Paydirt charts for 1942 Redskins, 40 Bears, etc.?
Dec 10, 2013
NFL70: Standings through 12 Weeks; Scores for Weekends 9-10-11-12 NFL70 Scores & Standings Scores from the Ninth Weekend:             Cleveland Browns 19, Chicago Bears 9 (@ Cleveland)            
John Reeder
Nov 28, 2013
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Re: NFL Game Play by Play Sources for Older Games Hello Bob, another point to our discussion is that for me personally playing solitaire or any computer variation is not PAYDIRT. Solitaire is a source for
Joe Schmitt
Nov 26, 2013
Re: NFL Game Play by Play Sources for Older Games Bob, i had accesss to actual game footage from almost every game dating back to about the mid 1970's for my work when designing the charts for the "CLASSIC
Joe Schmitt
Nov 25, 2013
Paydirt '72 - Super Bowl results Miami 19, Washington 17 OT So yes, the game goes into overtime and is won on a sack in the end zone. Yuck! Too many safeties has always been the bane of my
Nov 24, 2013
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