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changed heart changed world

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    At www.PatriotSaints.com/Essays/ you will currently see three essays listed. The first, Awake and Arise Oh America, is prose written by my friend Blayne
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2000
      At www.PatriotSaints.com/Essays/ you will currently see three essays listed.

      The first, "Awake and Arise Oh America," is prose written by my friend
      Blayne Sukut.

      "(Patriot)" is written in front of the link because it reflects well the
      "patriot" aspect of "Patriot Saints."


      The next one, newly posted today, also written by a dear friend, is titled,
      "A New Heart: Changing the World through my Changed Heart."

      "(saint)" is written in front of the link because reflects well what I have
      in mind for the "saints" aspect of "Patriot Saints."


      The third piece discusses how these two facets are to work together. It is
      an essay/talk I wrote a dozen years ago called "The Law and the Word of the
      Lord: Our Duty and Our Quest."

      It is posted at



      Here is the text of the new post from my friend "who praises God for his
      generous mercy".

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      To: "Sterling D. Allan" <sterlingda@...>
      Sent: Thursday, August 24, 2000 10:44 PM
      Subject: RE: looking for leads to serve as **** branch coordinator for
      Patriot Saints

      Indeed, your vision and desire is robust.
      Over the past several years, my zion desire has grown,
      but changed in nature. It was like yours very earnest,
      and even zealous and resulted in several overt endeavors,
      all of which disintegrated or faded away into nothingness.
      However, over the past couple of years, a different
      phenomenon has not only taken root, but continues to deepen
      and grow and is bearing fruit. It, I am coming to see, is
      a pure Zion, one built without hands stemming from a welded
      connection to Christ's powerful ability, through his atoning
      grace and redeeming, inner renewal. I speak not of this from
      an outward application, but from an inner experiential materialization.
      I bear fervent witness of Pres Benson's statement that,
      "Man works from the outside in. God works from the inside out."
      It is as real as the tree swaying in the breeze outside my window.
      I am in awe as I see God building His Zion, without hands,
      from the inside out, in individual's inner sanctum, as they are
      filled to overflowing, unto the consuming of their fleshy ways,
      with His sweet love. They are then given over to love in a new way,
      as only He does. It is sweet above all that is sweet and white above
      all that is white. Oh It Is Wonderful!!!
      It is not manipulated, nor manufactured. It happens to you.
      It is not anything you do yourself. It's power regenerates and
      empowers one to be godly, not by a determination to be better,
      but from a natural outflow of what God is implanting within.
      It is marvelous indeed to behold, and even more miraculous to
      be a recipient (said with certainly no boastful proclamation,
      but rather with awe and gratitude).
      For certain, it is so satisfying to commune with others,
      but it is all lip service and speculation, unless it is among
      others who drink from the same humble, 'ragged-cloaked' trough.
      It is not to be feigned, nor can be.
      It is a reality, or it is not.
      It is as simple as that.
      One has either been granted through a broken-heart,
      a humble station by His side receiving a never-ending supply
      of his abundant light and life and love
      or he is still administrating his own way,
      failing to look because of unbelief of the simpleness of the way,
      or the false belief that he must 'earn his own salvation'.
      Or has not taken the next step to live his every minute by
      'Thy will be done', and continues to pit his own will against God's.
      Zion is not built by men, by laying the footings and building
      buildings of grandeur and landscapes of stunning beauty.
      It is built by God in the HEARTS of MEN, coming one at a time,
      as calves to the stall, undergoing circumcision of heart
      by the intricate knife of the Head Surgeon. Indeed Zion is being
      built, imperceptible to the human eye, known only to those who are
      quietly, meekly, partaking of God's mighty renovating power.
      May His name be praised forever more, as he is busy about God's work.
      May you continue to be so blessed in your pursuits,

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