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We Just Try

Daily Reflections We Just Try My stability came out of trying to give, not out of demanding that I receive. The Best of Bill, pp, 46-47 As long as I try, with
John Thomas
6:57 AM

Getting Well

Daily Reflections Getting Well Very deep, sometimes quite forgotten, damaging emotional conflicts persist below the level of consciousness. Twelve Steps And
John Thomas
Aug 18

Day of Homecoming

As Bill Sees It Day of Homecoming "As sobriety means long life and happiness for the individual, so does unity mean exactly the same thing to our Society as a
John Thomas
Aug 17

"I Had Dropped Out"

Daily Reflections "I Had Dropped Out" We might next ask ourselves what we mean when we say that we have "harmed" other people. What kinds of "harm" do people
John Thomas
Aug 16

Is Sobriety Enough?

As Bill Sees It Is Sobriety Enough? The alcoholic is like a tornado roaring his way through the lives of others. Hearts are broken. Sweet relationships are
John Thomas
Aug 15

Repairing The Damage

Daily Reflections Repairing The Damage We attempt to sweep away the debris which has accumulated out of our effort to live on self-will and run the show
John Thomas
Aug 14

Removing "The Ground Glass"

Daily Reflections Removing "The Ground Glass" The moral inventory is a cool examination of the damages that occurred to us during life and a sincere effort to
John Thomas
Aug 11

Who Is to Blame

As Bill Sees It Who Is to Blame At Step Four we resolutely looked for our own mistakes. Where had we been selfish, dishonest, self-seeking, and frightened?
John Thomas
Aug 10

Of All Person We Had Harmed

Daily Reflections ". . . Of All Person We Had Harmed" . . . and became willing to make amends to them all. Twelve Steps And Twelve Traditions, p. 77 One of the
John Thomas
Aug 9

Willing to Believe

As Bill Sees It Willing to Believe Do not let any prejudice you may have against spiritual terms deter you from honestly asking yourself what they might mean
John Thomas
Aug 8

A "Design For Living"

A "Design For Living" We in our turn, sought the same escape with all the desperation of drowning men. What seemed at first a flimsy reed, has proved to be the
John Thomas
Aug 7

Seed Of Faith

Daily Reflections Seeds Of Faith Faith, to be sure, is necessary, but faith alone can avail nothing. We can have faith, yet keep God out of our lives. Twelve
John Thomas
Aug 4

Complete the Housecleaning

As Bill Sees It Complete the Housecleaning Time after time, newcomers have tried to keep to themselves shoddy facts about their lives. Trying to avoid the
John Thomas
Aug 3

We Become Willing

Daily Reflections We Become Willing . . . At the moment we are tying to put our lives in order. But this is not an end in itself. Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 77
John Thomas
Aug 2

So I Try To Follow The A.A. Program Just As It Is?

Twenty Four Hours A Day A.A. Thought for the Day The Alcoholics Anonymous program has borrowed from medicine, psychiatry, and religion. It has taken from these
John Thomas
Aug 1
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