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2461Re: [Paternosters] fingerloop or other tube braid

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  • Chris Laning
    Jan 20, 2014
      Greetings back!

      The website http://fingerloop.org has good instructions for several simple braids and some more complex ones as well.

      There is a 5-strand fingerloop raid that is quite simple to do and is usually described as "square", but it does produce a nice solid cord. I've used it for a couple of paternosters. Braided cords seem, from my limited data, to hold up much better in wear than plain silk twist: the problem for me is making time to do them since I find it very boring ;)

      There is also a very clever 8-strand round braid that can be done by one person and comes out looking like a twisted cord -- but it isn't!

      I believe there is also a set of beads in Salzburg (IIRC) that still has part of its original cord, which is pink silk and done in tubular tablet weave.

      I consider both of these more plausible for rosaries before 1600 than lucet cord if you are going for historical accuracy. (I have become more and more skeptical as time gives on and as firm evidence of lucet cord before the 1800s continues to fail to turn up.)

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      >Greetings all,
      >Since my copy of "Textiles and Clothing : Medieval Finds from Excavations in London, c.1150-c.1450" has gone walkabout I'm reaching out for help with round/tubular fingerloop braids or some sort of other historical equivalent (preferably 15th c. France). I used youtube to learn a 5 bowe flat braid over the weekend but I haven't found a round braid I like (and I do have the fingerloop braiding CA but they don't give instructions for the 5 bowe round :-( ).
      >Thanks in advance,

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