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  • Paternosters@yahoogroups.com
    Jan 1, 2014
      Just a few reminders from your list moderator :)

      [Paternosters] is an e-mail list for people interested in historical
      rosaries, paternosters, and other prayer beads. If you re-create,
      research, collect, or just admire and are interested in the variety
      of rosaries (etc.) that have been used in history, you are very

      While a lot of people on this list belong to the Society for
      Creative Anachronism, there are quite a few who don't. This is
      *not* an "SCA list." Also, this list is for *all* of history, not just
      European history before 1600, so please specify what you mean
      by "period." I would like everyone to feel equally welcome!

      Most of us focus on historical Christian prayer beads in the
      European Middle Ages and Renaissance, but other traditions
      and historical periods are welcome. Discussions of the beads
      themselves, the prayers that go with them, techniques of
      making rosaries, and rosary-related history are welcome.

      However, this is NOT a list about the joys and troubles of one's
      personal life, nor (mostly) about modern rosaries. There are a
      lot of other groups that focus on those areas.

      Please be courteous and respectful of the views of others. Anyone
      who insults or demeans others will be warned, then removed if
      the problem persists.

      Please practice good "netiquette." Trim your post so you are only
      quoting the lines you are replying to. If you change the subject,
      change the subject header. Please keep "me toos" to a minimum.

      I encourage everyone to _participate_ in the discussion and not
      just lurk. There are no "dumb" questions. Everyone is learning.
      Please share your favorite resources!

      But please do *NOT* send humor, e-mail virus warnings,
      "inspirational" but off-topic stories, or *anything* resembling a
      chain letter to this list.

      This list does not allow you to e-mail attachments. BUT feel free
      to post photos in the photo section, including pictures of things
      you have made! Articles can be posted in the Files section.

      Pax et bonum!

      O Chris Laning <claning@...> - Davis, California
      + http://paternoster-row.org - http://paternosters.blogspot.com
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