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2435Sliding Beads (WAS Re: [Paternosters] Over the Shoulder)

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  • Elizabeth
    Sep 6, 2013
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      --- In Paternosters@yahoogroups.com, "George A.Trosper" <gtrosper@...> wrote:
      > Were beads in fact slid in period? In the 20th, it seems to be very rare
      > that they are; rather, the string is almost always fed thru the fingers,
      > so far as I can discover, and invariably so in my own experience.
      > I'm sensitized on this because of a statement in a Caravaggio bio that I
      > also thought wrong. But is it I who am ignorant?
      I have no documented references from period but based on my own experience I find that creating a space by sliding the beads makes it
      easy to keep track of where you are.
      If there is no gap between the beads and the beads are smaller than your finger I find that I lose track of which of the two or more beads under my finger I'm supposed to be counting. In a modern chain rosary the length of the gap between the beads is often larger than the length of the bead so you can feel exactly which bead you're on without trouble.
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