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2429Re: [Paternosters] Over the Shoulder: a bit of mythbusting ;)

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  • silveroak@juno.com
    Aug 29, 2013
      Ah, phooey. Perfectly good theory totally blown apart by fiddly things like facts, and data. Oh, well, digging into the mindset was fun!

      >Only if there had been NO sex could a handfasting or betrothal be dissolved.

      It's the definition of sex - for instance, the proxy sticking his leg in the bed - that puts all sorts of question marks in my head.

      >Also, if it were true, there would not be large numbers of childless marriages, which is what we see in the record.

      Oh, really? Didn't know that! Thanks!

      > Apparently the idea that people were extra enthusiastic about pregnant women after the Black Death is yet another one of those Victorian ideas that doesn't actually pan out in practice.

      *Very* good to know. I know I've seen "they ate rotten meat with all those extra spices on it" and "they never bathed" relegated to the same pile....though, on the other side, I've seen "they never spun byssal silk into cloth" come out of the myth category, to the point where I've now actually seen a pair of gloves made out of it!

      Gotta love the internet age ;-)

      A very big THANK YOU, for going along on this journey with me! Even though it led to a dead end, I know more than before.

      (Still gonna wear my humongous...well, thingy! Gotta dig out my ivory beads....if I'm gonna display hideous wealth, I'm going whole hog! hee)


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