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Re: [PasturedPigs] Hydraulic Hog Lift

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    that is funny. I have pigs, chickens, and ducks (and a few squabs and rabbits) on the farm. The thing that is the easiest to catch because they are afraid of
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      that is funny. I have pigs, chickens, and ducks (and a few squabs and
      rabbits) on the farm. The thing that is the easiest to catch because they
      are afraid of people is the Pekin ducks. They can't fly and they can be
      rounded up anywhere you want. Anyone that has raised pigs for any length of
      time knows that pigs are the most stubborn and hardest to move animal on the
      farm. A hydraulic trailer makes that chore much simpler. A "hydraulic
      lift" or hydraulic trailer is a livestock trailer normally about 6-8' wide
      by 15-20' long that hooks onto a tractor and has two hydraulic cylinders on
      it that move the trailer from the ground to as high as a semi. When I still
      sold commodity pigs I used mine to load pigs in the field and put them on a
      semi. I use mine to move pigs just about everywhere. Its so much easier to
      get a pig to go on a trailer that they don't have to step up on. I also use
      mine to move my pig portahuts and steel quonsets. I also use it to haul
      crates full of chickens and ducks from the field for loading on the truck.
      I really couldn't imagine living without them. In my honest opinion,
      hydraulic trailers are one of those appropriate technologies that make
      pasture production of pigs competitive.

      Anyone have non-chemical suggestions for mange control?
      Best wishes,
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      > Okay, so what's a 'hog lift'? :) I assume it is for loading hogs into
      > and out of a pickup or the like. Is that the case? I don't have one
      > (obviously) but I do have another solution. I do this with all of our
      > animals. I simply train them to come when called. Bread or grain
      > works well as the reward.
      > I call out "Pig, Pig, Pig!" and they come a-running and will go into a
      > pen or pretty much wherever I want. They also know that I carry the
      > bread and such in white plastic pails. An empty pail is very effective
      > to get them to follow me if I have to do that. But they appreciate it
      > more when there is something in there!
      > Getting them when they are hungry is helpful if you can do it. Early
      > morning works best for me. Mine are late sleepers.
      > Normally we pasture ours but I have moved them into what are our summer
      > gardens which are fenced off as corrals - both to keep the animals out
      > when the garden is in them and to keep the animals in when I want them
      > digging up the places.
      > One good thing to do is if you need them to go into a new space, like
      > the back of a truck, park it, spread some hay in it's bed and put
      > some bread up in the bed for them to come find. Then try calling
      > them. They may not come that time but they may investigate it and go
      > up on their own and then later come in when you call. This lets them
      > get used to the vehicle.
      > Sheep are the same. Chickens come well. Our ducks come but are more
      > skitterish than the others.
      > Cheers,
      > -Walter
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