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Schedule.2006 [American-Peace-March] Beloved Communities Networking Group

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  • David Crockett Williams
    Global Movement for National Departments and Ministries of Peace http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DoP-MoP 2001-2010 UN Decade for a Culture of Peace and
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      Global Movement for National Departments and Ministries of Peace
      2001-2010 UN Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence

      Conducting local one-hour signature American Peace Marches, ASAP,
      inspired per below Schedule.2006 and history of APM project at

      - 1David<3 - 1/30/2006 3:36 PM

      March 20 International Earth Day, Peacewalk.2006
      New York City Central Park John Lennon Strawberry Fields
      9AM Sacred Circle, walk to United Nations Ceremony 1:26PM
      Walk from Central Park "Imagine Loving Peace" Sacred Circle

      March 21 American Peace March.2006 begins from United Nations
      walking, running, bussing, car-pooling, bicycling, and caravaning
      to/as American Peace March to Washington DC for Sacred Run Camp

      Washington DC arrival days events:

      April 15-16 Sat/Sun - Baltimore Maryland
      "American Peace March All Routes Rendezvous"

      Monday April 17 American Peace March to College Park MD

      Tuesday April 18 American Peace March to Washington Monument

      Wednesday April 19 Peacemarch.2006 from Washington Monument
      (~12mi) to Greenbelt Park Maryland Sacred Run Camp TheBaseUSA

      April 20-28 Sacred Run Camp The BaseUSA Caravan2006 Gathering,
      All My Relations Rainbow Peace Caravan and other elements.

      Kentucky Culture of Peace Walk for a Global Hemp Economy
      April 28 Friday, Lexington Kentucky, 11am City Hall to State Capitol

      Georgia Culture of Peace Walk for a Global Beloved Community
      May 5 Friday - APM Atlanta 11am King Center to Carter Center 12pm

      Georgia Culture of Peace Walk for Human Health Resurgence
      May 6 Saturday - APM joins in support, World Wide Marijuana March
      Atlanta Georgia local event, one of over 165 cities globally for medical
      cannabis and iboga addiction remedy understanding and legalization.

      California "Si Se Puede!" Culture of Peace Walk - Sacramento
      June 14 Wed - Sacramento CA 9AM Cesar Chavez Park, walk to Capitol
      11AM State Capitol East Lawn California Culture of Peace Sacred Circle

      Rainbow Colorado Culture of Peace Walk, Denver City Hall to Capitol
      June 16 Friday 9AM Denver City Hall Steps to State Capitol 11am Circle

      American Peace March Rainbow Gathering - Baltimore - Washington DC
      Sat/Sun - September 9-10, details tba http://www.rainbowguide.info

      American Peace March.2006 Washington DC to NYC United Nations
      Monday September 11, American Peace March.2006 Final Leg departs
      Washington Monument, walking to NYC for Global Peace Sunday

      Caesar Rodney Memorial American Peace March Wilmington Delaware
      September 12 Tues 9AM Circle Caesar Rodney Square, Wilmington DE
      American Peace March 1mi to City Hall Steps for 11AM Sacred Circle

      National Birthplace American Peace March - Philadelphia PA
      September 13 Wed - 9AM Benjamin Franklin's Grave, walk to
      11AM Constitution Square USA Patriots Sacred Circle Ceremony

      September 14 Thurs - American Peace March arrives New York City

      September 15 Friday - American Peace March arrives at UN 11am

      September 16 Saturday - 9AM Gather at UN, 11AM Walk to Central Park
      to John Lennon Strawberry Fields for "Imagine Loving Peace Circle".

      NYC Peace Sunday - September 17 - 9AM Strawberry Fields, APM walks
      to 11AM Central Park "NYC Harmonious Convergence" Sacred Circle of
      One Million Humans Enjoined Holding Hands Imagining Loving Peace
      The American Peace March.2006 Grand Finale of One Million Friends

      The American Peace March was initiated in sacred circle
      ceremony at the Washington Monument for its dedication
      as a symbol of the True Spirit of America, on United Nations
      Day 2003 October 24th.

      Local routes in 2003 were conducted in Atlanta Georgia
      and Madison Wisconsin according to local coordinators.

      Please consider the below carefully and share with friends
      interested to organize and conduct local one hour signature
      American Peace Marches USA starting any day at 11AM at
      city hall steps with a 20-minute circle of hands ceremony
      with thematic presentations by selected speakers varying
      from time to day for variety of news fodder to get local
      and regional and national coverage of regular (weekly?)
      local American Peace Marches USA. At 11:20AM the circle
      has finished and Peacewalk.2006 local route walks one mile
      around the neighboring blocks (that's a 20minute walk at
      normal peacewalk 3mph pace without stops) and ending
      with closing ceremony circle 20minutes back at city hall
      steps and then everyone goes home. One hour total event
      mid-day easy for lunch hour crowd to take early lunch
      and come and this has proven best formula time of day
      for such events historically garner good news media

      Now, in January 2006, in response to the Peace Mission
      of Caravan2006, the American Peace March project will
      be coordinating more local short routes under this theme
      in support of and supported by the various elements of
      Caravan2006 including the 20Mar-21Sep NYC-DC-CA-DC-NYC
      All My Relations Rainbow Peace Caravan.2006, including:

      March 20 International Earth Day Peacewalk.2006 to UN NYC
      for 1:26PM Earth Day Global Peace Bells Ringing Ceremony
      walk gathers 9AM at Strawberry Fields and walks to UN.

      March 21 American Peace March Spring.2006 from United Nations
      departs on way to Washington DC by circuituous amorphous
      local routes and networkings across country to support the
      Sacred Run 2006 en route Feb.11 to Apr.22 San Francisco to
      Washington DC and its end camp where officially rallies at
      end of Peacewalk.2006 from UN to DC arrives April 20 to
      The BaseUSA peacecamp at Greenbelt Park MD in support
      of Sacred Run end days events and gathering Caravan2006
      until its departure after special Sunrise of The New-Age
      Ceremony at the camp April 28.

      The American Peace March project was initiated upon
      the October 2003 approach to New York City from the
      north for its October 31 Steps for Peace Walk that day
      from Central Park's John Lennon Memorial Plaza called
      "Strawberry Fields" (a netsearch with these quotes will
      get you sites with history and photos, exact location etc)
      to the United Nations building, in traffic less than a two
      hour walk on sidewalks obeying traffic lights no permits.

      The Steps for Peace walk had started as a promo walk
      by a young Dennis Kucinich for President fan from Iowa
      after college graduation in the tradition of many individual
      peace pilgrimages, as he had done one time before from
      Iowa to Washington DC by himself as a renunciate depending
      on donations for hospitality and support along the way. So
      it started under the name of the Walk for Dennis and was
      changed to broader scope by the Kucinich Campaign as it
      approached NYC to Steps for Peace. My hope was that this
      lone peace pilgrim walker with no group peace walk experience
      could rally a larger group of walkers along the way, which did
      to a tiny level happen, and that this Steps for Peace walk could
      trigger use of the peace walk as an interfaith prayer practice
      in cities and towns across America, to which end my networking
      was applied under auspices of American Peace March which
      was initiated with a sacred pipe ceremony by Lakota Sundancer
      Felipe Chavez of the Rainbow Family Tribe, on the October 24
      United Nations Day of the great peace march in Washington DC
      2003, in sacred circle ceremony of a couple dozen people. Two
      cities did conduct coordinated local American Peace March
      routes stimulated by the Steps for Peace walk, ie, Madison WI,
      and Atlanta Georgia walking from King Center to Carter Center.

      The history of all this including many posts venting my frustration
      at the situation where the peace walker(s) could not hold on to
      the end of the firehose of my networking and got whipped around
      including standing up the Mayor of Wilmington Delaware in early
      November 2003 with three satellite TV news trucks and crews,
      print reporter, and local activist news media technician professional
      all waiting for the scheduled arrival of the walk at Wilmington City
      Hall steps but it never showed up and they never explained why
      they blew off the schedule and stood up the mayor to my chagrin,
      in publicly archived posts at both walk lists, ie,

      The theme of the American Peace March is specific to express
      a few key points from indigenous cultures of peace for use in
      creating a culture of peace for the 21st Century, encoded in
      phrases like the "Front Porch Neighborly Way Model" etc:

      American Peace March Communities Networking Group


      [American-Peace-March] * The American Peace March

      Category: Cultures & Community > Issues and Causes >
      Community Service and Volunteerism

      Founded: Oct 18, 2003


      This is an activist discussion list for scheduling and coordinating,
      nationally and locally, The American Peace March which was inaugurated with
      a sacred ceremony October 24, 2003, at The Washington Monument Symbol of The
      Spirit of America (the spirit of truth, responsibility, accountability,
      peace, love, and harmony among all of our human family of life living on
      this Earth as friends) to foster community service and volunteerism for
      fulfilling human needs through American Community involvement through
      propagating understanding of the Teaching of Offering and neighborhood
      communications following the "Front Porch Neighborly Way Model".

      The American Peace March is being organized from this list starting from
      Washington Monument ceremony October 24, 2003, the 58th anniversary of the
      ratification of the United Nations Charter for final year of the United
      Nations declared 1995-2004 International Year of the World's Indigenous
      Peoples, and to further the goal of the 2000-2009 Decade of Creating a
      Culture of Peace for the 21st Century.

      Please use this list locally to inspire local American Peace March peace
      walk genre events. See website for this project at end this page started
      November 15, 2003.

      Related Link: http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/APM-DC-SF.html
      Post message: American-Peace-March@yahoogroups.com
      Subscribe: American-Peace-March-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

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      Please help us network for a rainbow uprising of love in all hearts!

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      "May Peace Manifest as God's Will"

      - 1David<3 - 1/30/2006 3:36 PM

      Global Emergency Alert Response 2000

      David Crockett Williams, Jr. (III) dob 17May45: ~35yrs a
      Graphoanalyst -- www.igas.com
      Bachelor of Science, Chemistry -- www.csun.edu
      Chartered Life Underwriter -- www.theamericancollege.edu
      Tetron is the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light.

      Camp David California
      661-867-2877 -- Future Home
      Paradise Valley Movie Ranch
      13554 Paradise Valley Road
      Twin Oaks, Caliente CA 93518

      World Peace Walk -- China Peacewalk (01May06?)
      Jerusalem Peace Walk - Easter 16Apr, August 15, December 25, 2006
      Bethlehem to Jerusalem Interfaith Peace Prayer Pilgrimage Walk
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