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  • FrenchIndian@webtv.net
    THINK ON THESE THINGS by Joyce Sequichie Hifler What great surprises wait in store for us? What seemingly unbelievable events startle our ability to reason and
    Message 1 of 87 , Jan 10, 2002
      by Joyce Sequichie Hifler
      What great surprises wait in store for us? What seemingly unbelievable
      events startle our ability to reason and what logic evades us just when
      we had begun to think we could do anything? Suddenly we are walking in
      the deep dark woods with no light and nothing to guide our steps.
      We do not know it all. When we begin to think we have the world by the
      tail we had better reassess our standing place. What was once a secure
      footing is now shaky ground. Where is our help? Everything we had
      figured out as right no longer has validity and we begin to look for the
      If only we would all look for the light. If only we were not so set in
      our ways, defending our right to be someone that knows it all, we could
      stand in the light. Listen, without the Light there is no life. When we
      give in to the fact that something greater exists for us, we feel the
      hold on our consciousness loosen.
      January 10 - Daily Feast, Volume II
      Know that you are not the ony one to ever feel humiliation and pain.
      There is nothing new under the sun. Many have been through this valley
      and they understand what you are having to bear. Never lose faith
      because you asked and did not receive. We can ask amiss, but more than
      likely we are edged out by a subtle something we dod not recognize as
      danger. As remote as it seems, this experience will pass. This time and
      place and reason cannot be stolen when the space is filled with praise,
      because praise is giving.
      ~ We always give the Great Spirit something. I think that is good. ~
      "A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II" by Joyce Sequichie Hifler
      Elder's Meditation of the Day - January 10
      "We cannot escape remembering the important things that have happened,
      and we cannot escape the awareness of the important things that have not
      --Ralph Salisbury, CHEROKEE
      There is a Master Plan. There are Natural Laws that run the universe.
      Everything on the earth has a purpose. Change is constant. That which is
      built is constantly being destroyed. That which is loose is being used
      to build new things. Nothing can be destroyed, only rearranged. Change
      will happen and every setback is only temporary. In other words, the
      Creator is in charge. We are not in charge. He designed the universe. He
      runs the universe and He will change what needs to be changed. As
      humans, it is easier for us to participate in all of this if we are
      spiritual. We need to be tuned in. Therefore, God gave us the spiritual
      concept of acceptance. When things change, we can change ourselves
      through the principle of acceptance.
      Great Spirit,
      let me live
      today in
      acceptance of
      Your will.
      Today let us
      do it Your
    • FrenchIndian@webtv.net
      Hi All Donna will be posting the daily Meditation starting tomorrow i will be on a vacation for until Sept 4th thank you Donna ~Will miss you all ~Have a good
      Message 87 of 87 , Jul 31, 2003
        Hi All Donna will be posting the daily Meditation starting tomorrow i
        will be on a vacation for until Sept 4th thank you Donna ~Will miss you
        all ~Have a good summer Hugs~~~~~~~>Jeanne

        From: gringa@... (Donna) Date: Wed, Jul 30, 2003, 10:01am To:
        daily_meditations@yahoogroups.com (Daily Meditations) Subject:
        [Tradition_OF_The_Redroad] July 30 - Daily Meditations Reply to:
        Available online! 'Cherokee Feast of Days Volume III'
        Permission to post her messages was graciously given to me by Joyce
        Sequichie Hifler.
        Visit her website to purchase the wonderful books by Joyce as gifts for
        yourself or for loved ones......and also for those who don't have access
        to the internet: http://www.hifler.com
        by Joyce Sequichie Hifler
        We pray for a change, we hope for a change, but we wait impatiently. Is
        God not hearing us? We asked. Where is the answers?
        If our prayers were suddenly answered, would we be ready? Or would we
        look behind us for the familiar things, the people, the habits, the
        If we were instantly healed, instantly prospered, instantly sought after
        and loved, then what would we do? Attention, compassion and self-pity
        are sometimes more important than having everything changed for the
        better. The fear of being without something to keep us working with the
        same burden, dealing with familiar pain, can stop us from knowing what
        it is to be free and well.
        If we can envision life without a particular problem we can turn our
        minds to real change and have it happen. If we can see change, receive
        it, and know the joy, then gratitude and thanksgiving sets it in place.
        July 30 - Daily Feast
        We talk about choosing our friends, but true friends are self-selected.
        It is they who decide to respond and by what method. And finally they
        make themselves our friends by being loyal and having a genuine concern
        for our well being - or allowing privacy when it is needed.
        Acquaintances wait and judge. And sometimes it is better to be
        acquaintances when we cannot find a common ground on which to be
        friends. There is honesty in admitting we cannot be dear friends to all
        people. But there is always something special. A friend is a unali - 
        without question or fear or concern for equal time. This is why friends
        are dear to us. They have chosen to be so.
        ~ The white man does not obey the Great Spirit; that is why the Indian
        never could agree with him. ~
        'A Cherokee Feast of Days', by Joyce Sequichie Hifler
        Permission to repost the daily messages was granted by White Bison,
        Inc., an American Indian-owned non-profit organization. Order their many
        products from their website: http://www.whitebison.org
        Elder's Meditation of the Day July 30
        "You want to know who's a real medicine man? He's the one who doesn't
        say 'I'm a medicine man.' He doesn't ask you to come to him. You've got
        to go and ask him. And you'll find he's always there among his own
        --Louis Farmer, ONONDAGA
        The Medicine Man is a role model of what it is like to live in harmony
        and balance with the Creator. It takes a long time, a lot of sacrifice
        and discipline to become a Medicine Man. A Medicine Man is humble and
        never crass about anything. He knows he lives to do the will of the
        Great Spirit. He knows he is to help the people. He lives very low key -
        the more low key he lives, the more people seek him out - and such is
        life. The more one serves the people and is quiet about it, the more he
        is sought out. The quieter he is, the more powerful is his medicine.
        Great Spirit,
        allow me this day
        to be humble.
        Allow me this day
        not to seek attention,
        but to live quietly
        and keep my focus
        and attention
        on serving You.
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