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Am I Bipolar Or Just Waking Up

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  • Royce Holleman
    http://www.bipolarorwakingup.com/ Show airs live Tuesday October 16 th at 8:00 pm cst To listen click one of the two links below
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      Show airs live

      Tuesday October 16 th at 8:00 pm cst
      To listen click one of the two links below




      About the Guest

      Sean Blackwell is the creator of the YouTube video series, bipolarORwakingUP. He’s dedicated his life to introducing anyone who will listen to the spiritually healing aspects of what is normally labeled as bipolar disorder. Born in Toronto, he now lives with his wife Ligia in São Paulo, Brazil, because Canada was just too civilized. For more about Sean and his mission, go to www.bipolarORwakingUP.com

      About the book

      This book brings light to those wondering "Am I really crazy?". Blackwell's writing is intimately revealing but also immensely engaging and supportive. He opens an important question: "Are we misdiagnosing and medicating young adults who are not crazy--just in the process of finding out who they really are?" His answer: It would serve them better to give them more love and understanding and less drive-thru medications. Do we have time for that? Blackwell is both making the time and leading the way for others to follow. --Emma Bragdon, PhD, author “Sourcebook for Helping People with Spiritual Problems” and “The Call of Spiritual Emergency” Book Description Is it madness...or a spiritual awakening? During a self-help seminar, advertising executive Sean Blackwell entered into a state of ecstasy so powerful he thought he had died and was headed for Heaven. However, rather than being saved by God, Sean was arrested, handcuffed, and shipped to a psychiatric hospital where he was restrained and forcibly medicated during a brief but traumatic stay. Once released, Sean rejected any possibility that he had a mental disorder. Instead, he began a search for the deeper meaning of his abrupt awakening. This may have been the best decision he ever made. His endless career struggles disappeared as his once mundane life blossomed into one of success, adventure and intensity. It took a decade for Sean to finally discover that his ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ blessing was actually quite common, but that those who experience it are usually diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Am I Bipolar or Waking Up? takes readers inside Sean’s quest for a more authentic, purposeful life. A paradigm shifter, this book offers hope to the thousands of people trying to make sense of their own misunderstood divine madness.

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