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A New Plentary Reality

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  • Royce Holleman
    http://www.warwickassociates.com/about/book-campaigns/?id=106 Show airs live Saturday October 13th th at 1:00 pm cst To listen click the link below
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      Show airs live

      Saturday October 13th th at 1:00 pm cst
      To listen click the link below


      About the guest

      William von Holst holds a Masters of Arts in Art History and Philosophy from

      the University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign. William met Imre Vallyon in 1986 who

      has been his exclusive teacher ever since. Over the last 24 years, William has been on

      over forty month long retreats with Imre all over the world including New Zealand,

      Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Canada and America. William has conducted many

      sessions on these retreats as well as teaching classes in Chicago, San Diego and the Bay

      Area. He has helped in the publishing of Imre Vallyon’s

      material as well. The true

      spiritual path is participating in an energy field; this is what Imre speaks about in his

      books and what he radiates on retreats. William has had the good fortune to experience

      this energy field.

      About the book

      An internationally-known Wisdom teacher

      whose books are bestsellers around the world, Imrie Vallyon is releasing his latest title,

      The New Planetary Reality: The Coming Avatra


      the Nine Paths to Enlightenment.

      From the Sanskrit, the word “avatra”

      means descent of a deity to earth. In his new

      book, the author explains that, unlike past avatras such as Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu,

      Krishna, Moses and others, the Coming Avatra is not a person, but a global

      phenomenon—a planetary avatra bringing a cosmic energy that has already begun to

      permeate our Earth.

      The Coming Avatra is an energy field of love and power that will eventually

      encompass the visible and invisible dimensions of the planet and every field of

      knowledge, from science, art, politics, social science, to medicine and education.

      Confusion may ensue as some fundamentalists oppose the truth of this universal

      vibration. The author wrote:

      “The outcome depends on whether humans can go beyond their own personal

      horizons, transcend the limitations of their consciousness and embrace the new

      and larger possibilities of the Coming Avatra.”

      The New Planetary Reality

      is a guide to understanding and preparing for the amazing

      possibilities of the Coming Avatra

      With the Nine Paths to Enlightenment, people can

      expand their consciousness and widen their awareness in order to work with the new

      energy and assist in the imminent planetary transformation. Each of the nine “gates” or

      paths to enlightenment includes meditations and practical techniques. A sampling of

      the nine paths:

      The Way of the Spiritual Warrior

      The Way of Divine Breath

      The Way of Transcendental Sound

      The Way of Transmission of Divine Power

      The Way of Visualizing the Real

      Bondage and Liberation

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