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The Big Book Of Reincarnation With Roy Stemman

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  • Royce Holleman
    http://www.paranormalreview.com/ Show airs live Saturday August 18 th 1:00 pm cst To listen click the link below http://www.paranormalpalace.com About the
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      Show airs live Saturday August 18 th 1:00 pm cst
      To listen click the link below
      About the guest

      ROY STEMMAN is an English investigative journalist specializing
      in the paranormal.
      His early investigations focused on the work of mediums, healers
      and the Spiritualist (communicating with the dead via séances, etc)
      movement, while assistant editor of Psychic News, of which he is
      now chairman.
      He soon joined the Society for Psychical Research and broadened
      his interests to encompass parapsychology, in general, and reincarnation in
      Roy edited his own magazine, Reincarnation International (later renamed Life & Soul)
      for seven years but now focuses on writing books. His published works include
      books on spirit communication, healing, UFOs, Atlantis and reincarnation.
      He was a lead investigator in an hour‐long English television documentary, Back
      From The Dead, which was filmed in and around Beirut, Lebanon, exploring past life
      memories among the Druze community. Roy has also contributed to many TV and
      radio programs and debates on past lives and after‐life communications.
      He has a skeptical approach to all things paranormal, inspired by an interest in
      magic and conjuring from an early age which taught him how easy it is to fool
      people with the simplest of tricks. But Roy has had personal experiences that have
      also convinced him of the reality of other realities.
      On his Blog (www.paranormalreview.com) Roy describes himself as a “skeptical
      believer” and this rational, scientific approach is very much in evidence in his latest

      About the book

      For Immediate Release
      Media Contact: Mallory Clay
      (707) 939‐9212
      Is Death Truly the Final Chapter?
      San Francisco, CA (June 1, 2012)–– What happens when we die? More than half of the
      world’s population – followers of various Eastern religions and increasing numbers of
      Judeo‐Christians – believe that we are reborn again on earth.
      As interest in reincarnation grows, an urgent question arises: “Is there evidence?”
      Renowned author Roy Stemman, a self‐described “skeptical believer,” tackles the issue
      head‐on in The Big Book of Reincarnation. Using his skills as a professional journalist,
      Stemman examines and compares the best‐documented case studies of reincarnation
      from around the world, and the leading scientific theories.
      From the mountains of Tibet and the bayous of Louisiana, to a classroom in Lebanon
      where every child remembers his or her past lives, Stemman leads the reader deep into
      the lives of those who have experienced or been affected by reincarnation, while simultaneously
      investigating the leading theories posed by skeptics.
      Fair‐minded and far‐reaching, The Big Book of Reincarnation is destined to become the
      definitive guide for those seeking answers to one of life’s biggest questions.

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