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Paradigm Symposium With Scott Roberts And Micah Hank

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  • Royce Holleman
    http://www.paradigmsymposium.com/ http://gralienreport.com/ http://www.intrepidmag.com/ Show airs live Tuesday July 3 8:00 pm cst To listen click the link
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      Show airs live Tuesday July 3 8:00 pm cst
      To listen click the link below

      About the Scott Roberts

      Scott Alan Roberts is the Founder and Executive
      Editorial Director of Intrepid Magazine, a journal dedicated to
      politics, science and unexplained phenomena. He is the author
      and illustrator of, The Rollicking Adventures of Tam O?fHare, a
      historical novel set in Tudor England, Ireland and Scotland. He
      is a radio show host, popular public speaker and stand?]up
      philosopher. He has been interviewed on scores of radio shows
      and was the Editor?]In?]Chief of SyFy?fs Ghost Hunters official
      magazine, TAPS ParaMag. In his early years he attended bible
      college and theological seminary working toward his Masters
      in Divinity, but gave that all up for a 33?]year career in advertising and publishing as an
      art and creative director, designer, illustrator, photographer and wordsmith. He lives in
      rural western Wisconsin with his wife and children.

      About Micah Hanks

      Micah A. Hanks is a full-time journalist, radio personality, musician, author and investigator of the unexplained. Since an early age, he has been fascinated with strange mysteries and “Fortean phenomena,” a field of study named for the pioneering researcher of all-things-strange, Charles Fort. Hanks’ exposure to Fort’s work, as well as the later writings of personalities such as zoologist Ivan T. Sanderson, cosmologist Carl Sagan, and several others helped establish an open minded—but inherently skeptical—approach to studying the unexplained, which Hanks maintains and continues to cultivate today, much like his numerous influences of past decades.

      Micah's new book, The UFO Singularity, is releasing through New Page Books in late 2012...
      Throughout his many years studying the world’s mysteries, Hanks has visited a number of places collecting information about not only aliens and UFOs, but also cultural data, folklore, and reports of strange creatures like Sasquatch. From steep mountain passes in remote parts of Montana, to the rolling valleys where Ohio’s “Grassman” is said to trudge, Hanks has made a lifestyle of pursuing mysteries, often right to their sources. He also spent a number of years working with various scientists, historians, and film crews, particularly fellow researcher and friend Joshua P. Warren, attempting to solve the mystery of the Brown Mountain Lights. These strange “ghost lights” represent an atmospheric phenomenon specific to Western North Carolina, likened by many to be ufological in nature. His interest in the region and its many mysteries, as well as his ever-evolving methods of inquiry pertaining to the UFO phenomenon at large, remains underway.

      Hanks has been featured as a guest on many television and radio programs, including History Channel’s Guts and Bolts, Travel Channel’s Weird Travels, CNN Radio, and The Jeff Rense Program. He is also a staff writer for UFO Magazine, Mysterious Universe, and regular contributor to Intrepid Magazine, with past articles appearing in FATE, Mysteries Magazine, and several other publications. The latest news about UFOs and unexplained phenomena, as well as information about Micah’s ongoing projects and appearances, are available at his website The Gralien Report.

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