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  • Royce Holleman
    Sacramento UFO Conference Part 2 With Norio Hayakawa http://noriohayakawa2012.blogspot.com/ Show airs live Saturday June 2nd at 1:00 pm cst To listen click the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2012
      Sacramento UFO Conference Part 2 With Norio Hayakawa


      Show airs live Saturday June 2nd at 1:00 pm cst
      To listen click the click the link below

      About the author

      Former director of the Civilian Intelligence Network, a loosely-knit citizens' watchdog group on government accountability and network of researchers, investigators and intelligence gatherers whose primary focus was on the government's so-called Black Budget Programs at locations such as the operating base at Groom Lake, Nevada (Area 51). The Civilian Intelligence Network was established in 1990. It is now a defunct group. I now support the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) which is the nation's largest and most well-funded citizens' watchdog group on government accountability. My present focus is on the study of how a segment of the population's "beliefs in UFOs" have been manipulated (and in some cases, even created) and taken advantage of by the U.S. intelligence community and by the military in counter intelligence operations, even while they themselves and the government continue to be perplexed by this enigmatic phenomenon which they cannot explain and thus will not disclose to the public. E-mail: noriohayakawa@...

      About the book

      THE BIBLE OF AREA 51 AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER The author has lead a one man crusade to reveal the true nature of the UFO scenario and how research being conducted inside Area 51 is being done to gain control over humanity by the sinister forces of the New World Order. Norio has spent countless hours camped out near Area 5l and has been repeatedly harassed by by civilian authorities and a private organization hired by the military to do their "dirty work." Here is the inside story of his findings that have been concealed because of their absolutely devastating nature. Up till its release through Amazon it has been circulated only privately to members of CIN in the Los Angeles area.

      A new Way To Be Human With Robert Taylor


      Show airs live Saturday April 28thth at 1:00 pm cst
      To listen click the link below
      About the author

      Often referred to as the “Buddhist Episcopalian”, Robert V. Taylor is a
      sought-after spiritual leader and public speaker who invests his life in helping individuals
      and organizations to realize their full human potential and impact in the world. Born and
      raised in South Africa where he was active in Progressive Party politics, at an early age he
      organized a national multi-racial event bringing students together from throughout the
      country. Later, he co-founded Faith Forward, a multi-faith environment and poverty initiative,
      and the Seeds of Compassion Network.
      Dean of St. Mark's Cathedral Seattle for 8 years, Taylor was also nominated for Bishop of
      California, and for a significant period of time he was the most prominent, openly gay
      Episcopal priest in the U.S. New York's Governor George Pataki referred to Taylor's multiethnic,
      multi-cultural congregation in Peekskill as the "moral conscience and soul of the city."
      A popular public speaker, Taylor maintains a busy schedule of appearances on the media
      and at churches, conferences and gatherings throughout the United States.
      Again from Desmond Tutu: “What footprint will you leave in this world among
      God’s family and the fragile beauty of the Creation? We cannot each do everything,
      but this book reminds us that we can each do something as God’s partners. Imagine
      the ripples of love and compassion flowing like a spiritual tide of hope, as your life
      joins with that of others on a spiritual quest changing our footprint as we assist in
      making the world a more just, compassionate and loving place! Robert’s book is a
      guide to a lifelong journey with God who says, “Please, please help me in loving.
      Please discover that we are made for oneness.”

      About the book

      A nationally known spiritual leader who has worked
      for decades with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and legions more activists in the fields of religious
      and political freedom, homelessness, poverty and discrimination, Robert V. Taylor
      has distilled his lifetime of achievement and profound spiritual experience into his long-awaited
      new book, A New Way to Be Human: 7 Spiritual Pathways to Becoming Fully
      An invaluable guide to transforming lives, revolutionizing our society and refining our
      world, A New Way to Be Human is for those who seek:
      „h An impactful life of meaning and purpose, love, hope and compassion
      „h The courage to cross the boundaries of religion and move beyond demonizing debates about
      gender equality and human sexuality
      „h The spiritual wisdom discovered in the many forms and disguises of the Holy
      „h To claim their own voice and recognize the interconnectedness of all people
      By identifying seven pivotal, universally recognizable life occurrences as spiritual pathways,
      A New Way to Be Human connects each reader to actionable personal spiritual practices,
      free from the dogmatism of religious constraints. And, winding alongside each of the
      pathways is the author¡¦s life experience and spiritual journey, from his miraculous physical
      healing as a teenager in Cape Town, to fighting apartheid alongside Desmond Tutu, to his
      appointment as one of America¡¦s highest ranking, openly gay Episcopal priests, and his
      decades of work to end homelessness and poverty in New York and Seattle. Taylor's life
      continues today to be an unprecedented demonstration of how to integrate spirituality with
      compassionate purpose

      Is Niburu Close To Our Sun Gordon Gianninoto Say Yes!


      Show airs live Tuesday June the 5th at 8:00 pm cst
      To listen click the link below

      About the guest

      Attorney, Contractor, Author, Photographer, Artist, and Extraterrestrial Contactee

      He had many childhood UFO and ET encounters. He saw his first UFO in 1964, a one mile diameter mothership launching 3 saucers over San Juan PR harbor. Selected as a future astronaut at age 15 he received a grant from the National Science Foundation to study astronomy, astrophysics, and space science at the Hayden Planetarium in NYC. He attended the University of Virginia School of Aerospace Engineering, but later got a degree in psychology at the University of New Haven, Connecticut. While going to law school in New Hampshire he worked as an intern at the United Nations Center on Transnational Corporations on a Code of Moral Conduct for Transnational Corporations. Upon graduation he worked as a hearing officer for the Environmental Board of the State of Vermont before opening up a trial law practice in Connecticut. After having worked his way through High School, college and law school as a contractor, he decided to prepare for poleshift by moving to Maine in 1985 where he has worked as a commercial fisherman and contractor since.

      In a lifetime of many many psychic, telepathic, and ET experience, he had his first vision of pole shift 1973 in a long and detailed dream and had a waking vision of same thing 1988. He long realized a pole shift would bring open contact with ETs. Together with his wife of 22 years,Janet, they have seen dozens of ET ships and have had all manner of voluntary, positive contact experiences. Their favorite UFO activity was spending 3 days with Dr. John Mack, Dr. Rudolf Schild, and Dr. Edgar Mitchell in Rangeley, Maine in 2003.

      Living on a mountain top blueberry farm on the Maine coast, Gordon is also a licensed shortwave radio operator and a beekeeper. His wife is a psychic and a shaman, with many ET contacts herself. Looking around to see who was saying what they were saying, they discovered Zetatalk in 2006 and have become strong supporters. For more than 20 years they have lectured widely, and in many radio interviews on the approach of Planet X, Poleshift, and the aftertime involving open contact with unselfish ETs and frequency or dimensional change for the entire earth within 100 years after poleshift.

      Gordon James Gianninoto will bring a lifetime of ET contact, telepathy, psychic experiences and visions as he describes how we are about to experience Pole Shift - the crust of the planet separating from the core and reattaching. The event will bring unimagined challenges to our lives.

      Religion Vs Spirituality Part 2 With Tommy Hawksblood


      Show airs live Wednesday June the 6th at 8:00 pm cst
      To listen click the link below

      This is Tommy's third book .he is putting it out now because this is the beginning of a new world. He is not saying better by no means because the opposite is happening. The world is going into a place it has never been before. You will see parts of the truth from all prophecies. Many are only talking about half of the things that are happening.
      Man has created more Karma then the world has ever created from the beginning of time in only a few thousands years compared to all of it’s history. Tommy is talking about from the very beginning man’s first steps on this new world.
      He will be talking about how spiritual everyone thinks they are or thinks they will become. He will talk about how the idea of Super-conciseness is wrong. Yes Man always progresses technology but never has man become more spiritual in over 100,000 years. There was only a very few spiritual people that came to try and teach mankind some truth. Then even then most only gave a very little out. They new Man will not listen. Even the Hopi people came out to meet the white man, Why?
      What he will do is give the reader the inner most truth that each one will have to prove to themselves if they really are looking for the truth . It is hard when most people now think they are GOD.
      Man has forgotten the truth and excepted the programmed ideas from the people in power from this world and a few others. The truth was always there and still is if one is really ready for it. Why he says that is because it is not what people want it to be.
      In a world where our own Government will not tell us the truth while they allow the world to become sick while allowing itself to be void of most of what lives here now. All prophecies will be fulfilled it will be in a very short time. What he was shown and experienced show much the opposite of what most people think and are saying.
      He will lay it out as plain as he can what one needs to do within the next two years. It has nothing to do with paying your rent, having five children, going to church every Sunday, or getting a bigger car. It is not about who you need to follow and it has nothing to do with how much money you can donate. He will tell you the only person to give the real truth out if one was really paying any attention.

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