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The Jesus Dynasty

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      [Jesus Dynasty]

      The Jesus Dynasty

      http://www.jesusdynasty.com <http://www.jesusdynasty.com/>

      Based on a careful analysis of the earliest Christian documents and
      recent archeological discoveries, The Jesus Dynasty offers a bold new
      interpretation of the life of Jesus and the origins of Christianity. In
      The Jesus Dynasty biblical scholar James Tabor brings us closer than
      ever to the historical Jesus. Jesus, as we know, was the son of Mary, a
      young woman who became pregnant before her marriage to a man named
      Joseph. The gospels tell us that Jesus had four brothers and two
      sisters, all of whom probably had a different father from him. He joined
      a messianic movement begun by his relative John the Baptizer, whom he
      regarded as his teacher and as a great prophet. John and Jesus together
      filled the roles of the Two Messiahs who were expected at the time, John
      as a priestly descendant of Aaron and Jesus as a royal descendant of
      David. Together they preached the coming of the Kingdom of God. Theirs
      was an apocalyptic movement that expected God to establish his kingdom
      on earth, as described by the prophets. The two messiahs lived in a time
      of turmoil as the historical land of Israel was dominated by the
      powerful Roman empire. Fierce Jewish rebellions against Rome occurred
      during Jesus's lifetime.

      John and Jesus preached adherence to the Torah, or the Jewish Law. But
      their mission was changed dramatically when John was arrested and then
      killed. After a period of uncertainty, Jesus began preaching anew in
      Galilee and challenged the Roman authorities and their Jewish
      collaborators in Jerusalem. He appointed a Council of Twelve to rule
      over the twelve tribes of Israel, among whom he included his four
      brothers. After he was crucified by the Romans, his brother James –
      the "Beloved Disciple" – took over leadership of the Jesus

      James, like John and Jesus before him, saw himself as a faithful Jew.
      None of them believed that their movement was a new religion. It was
      Paul who transformed Jesus and his message through his ministry to the
      gentiles, breaking with James and the followers of Jesus in Jerusalem,
      preaching a message based on his own revelations that would become
      Christianity. Jesus became a figure whose humanity was obscured; John
      became merely a forerunner of Jesus; and James and the others were all
      but forgotten.

      [James Tabor]

      James Tabor has studied the earliest surviving documents of Christianity
      for more than thirty years and has participated in important
      archeological excavations in Israel. Drawing on this background, Tabor
      reconstructs for us the movement that sought the spiritual, social, and
      political redemption of the Jews, a movement led by one family. The
      Jesus Dynasty offers an alternative version of Christian origins, one
      that takes us closer than ever to Jesus and his family and followers.
      The story is surprising and controversial, but exciting as only a
      long-lost history can be when it is at last recovered.

      This is a book that will change our understanding of one of the most
      crucial moments in history.

      James D. Tabor is chair of the department of religious studies at the
      University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He holds a Ph.D. in biblical
      studies from the University of Chicago and is an expert on the Dead Sea
      Scrolls and Christian origins. The author of several previous books, he
      is frequently consulted by the media on these topics and has appeared on
      numerous television and radio programs.

      Show: 3/10/2009 8:00 PM CST
      Call-in Number: (646) 915-9605
      Click link to hear the show

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