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Investigate Joliet's Most Haunted House

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  • Dan Jungles
    Be a part of a paranormal investigation. Join the Will County Ghost Hunters Society on Saturday February 28, 2009 from 10pm to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2009
      Be a part of a paranormal investigation. Join the Will County Ghost
      Hunters Society <http://www.aghostpage.com/> on Saturday February 28,
      2009 from 10pm to 6am for an overnight experience at the A.C. Clement
      home located at 519 Campbell Street in Joliet.

      The home was built in 1902 by one of Joliet's most well renowned
      businessman of the time A.C. Clement. A.C. purchased the land from his
      father, Charles Clement. His father moved from New Hampshire in 1834 and
      quickly became a prominent business man in the Joliet community. Charles
      built a Dry goods business and was the first treasurer for the town of
      Joliet. In 1844 he married Cordelia Wilcox. The couple had 2 children,
      Arthur Charles (A.C.) and Jill. Much like his father, A.C. became a
      renowned businessman. In 1897 he formed a business partnership with his
      brother-in-law Samuel D. Chaney. He constructed the business block at
      the corners of Jefferson Street and Ottawa Street. The business
      partnership dissolved in 1902 and A.C. went into business for himself.
      During the time of its construction, he served as the president of
      Silver Cross Hospital in Joliet. He later married Miss Georgia Smith in
      New York. They had two children Charles and Laura. The couple
      constructed a home on 519 Campbell Street, while living in their home at
      300 South Eastern Avenue in Joliet. Georgia passed away in the home on
      December 27, 1918. A.C. daughter August Beltzner (Laura C.) and her
      husband moved into the home at 519 Campbell Street. On April 27, 1929
      A.C. passed away at the residence. August had two children August C. and
      Viloa H. In 1937, Charles Clement (son of A.C.) committed suicide by
      hanging himself at his home located at 300 South Eastern Avenue. In 1950
      the home was sold to Daniel N. and Mildred F. Ayola. In 1953 the home
      was converted into Ayola Rest Haven Home. The retirement home closed in
      the 1965. Shortly after the retirement home closed the Blackburn
      Funeral Home moved into the location. The funeral home operated at the
      location until 1989 when they moved to their current location at 1500
      Black Road. The location was then converted back into a private
      residence in 1991. The current home owners purchased the property in

      Shortly after moving into the home, they began to remodel. It was at
      this time they began to notice unusual things happening. Over the course
      of the past eight years the residences and guests have seen the
      apparitions of a woman, that is sometimes accompanied by the smell of
      perfume or flowers. She has been seen on mainly in the parlor/ living
      room of the home. This is the area that was used to wake bodies when
      the location was used as a funeral home. The apparition of a tall, thin
      man has been seen in the rear of the home on the first and second
      floors. In a second floor guest bedroom the apparition of a small boy
      has been seen as well. There have been unexplained odors such as smoke,
      perfume, and the smell of urine on the third floor. On one occasion,
      while in the parlor room a cold breeze passed though the room that was
      accompanied by the smell of perfume. Unexplainable voices, knocking,
      footsteps have been heard throughout the home. The lights and TV have
      been turned on by themselves numerous times over the past several years.
      There has also been two separate occasions where items have been moved
      by themselves. The first is the appearances of two books that were not
      in the home, and the home owners are unaware of where they may have come
      from. The second is when several baby gates that are used to contain the
      dogs were completely moved to a different location. There is no possible
      way for the dogs to have moved them and all the residences deny having
      moved them. The dogs have acted strangely on several different
      occasions. They sometimes bark at nothing, and will not go into certain
      rooms of the home. There has also been a few occasions that guests have
      felt like someone was touching them or pushing them.

      The Will County Ghost Hunters Society has investigated the home on
      several different occasions. They were able to capture a solid
      apparition of a man on the second floor. To view the photo, please click
      HERE <http://www.coasttocoastam.com/gen/page2708.html> . The voices of
      men, women, and ever children have been recorded at this home. To
      listen to the voices, please click HERE
      <http://www.aghostpage.com/ourevpspage2.htm> .

      The overnight ghost hunting excursion will be lead by Chicagoland's top
      paranormal investigators. Participants will be using state of the art
      ghost hunting equipment, while exploring this 25 room home. Will you
      been the next one to photograph the ghosts of this historic home?

      This is a private residence and is not open to the public. This is the
      a rare opportunity, and maybe the last time this event is offered.

      Tickets are $75.00 each and the tour is limited to 12 people!

      Tickets can be purchased at

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