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The Patriot Acts

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    [Patriot Acts] Today, America faces enemies that make the chilling world of the Cold War seem like much brighter times. The Islamic forces that have declared
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      [Patriot Acts]

      Today, America faces enemies that make the chilling world of the Cold
      War seem like much brighter times. The Islamic forces that have declared
      Jihad on America have caused the greatest threat to the life of the
      United States since World War II. The novel, "Patriot Acts" is a very
      original, well-researched and very plausible look into what could happen
      if the nation of Iran is allowed to become a nuclear power. All of the
      sites and stats and cultural aspects are true and thoroughly researched.
      Also, having lived in several Islamic countries, I have a first-hand
      ability to write about the lifestyles in places like Iran.

      The setting of this story takes place in the very near future with
      allusions into the past from the main characters. The characters are
      very profoundly developed in the areas of action, dialog and emotion. In
      Patriot Acts, America finds itself under covert nuclear attack from the
      Islamic Republic of Iran and the only person who can effectively
      retaliate against their aggression is Fisher Harrison, the best trained
      Special Ops killer the military has.

      Iran has represented the root of terrorism since 1979 until today. The
      only problem is that Fisher Harrison is in a federal prison, framed for
      a murder he did not commit, framed by his former boss, now the President
      of the United States of America. The plotting in this novel works from
      the premise that America faces three major challenges.

      One problem this story deals with is the growing threat with Iran and
      its desire to procure nuclear weapons. The next problem is the
      insecurity that America faces from the border with Mexico. In Patriot
      Acts, the border easily allows Iranian operatives to infiltrate America.
      The third situation playing out at the same time in this novel is the
      threat of American radical militia groups joining hands with radical
      Islamic terrorists to try to bring down the United States Government.

      In the midst of all the upheaval, Fisher Harrison, who is serving a life
      term in a federal penitentiary, is the only man trained well enough to
      stop this move against America, but he has a goal of killing President
      Christopher A. Tate, whom he believes framed him as a killer. The
      mysterious situation surrounding the murder and the truth of it all in
      the end makes for tantalizing intrigue especially when mixed in with the
      terrorist threats facing the country. You will take an amazing journey
      that will transport you from Alaska to the Midwest and to the heart of
      the nation of Iran itself as two enemies unite to save the nation. You
      will be amazed how possible this story is and may inconveniently render
      the reader afraid in realizing how close to home it could all be!

      The main question is whether America is willing to do what is necessary
      to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States of
      America? The deeds required and carried out in this story are not acts
      of terror, not acts of vengeance but in reality, Patriot Acts!

      Steven Clark Bradley



      Sunday 2/15/2009 8:00 PM CST

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