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Daytona Beach Paranormal Research Group

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    [Dusty] DBPRG, Inc. was formed in late 1997 and became an ¡§official¡¨ nonprofit organization in early 1998. There are currently 33 active members across
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      DBPRG, Inc. was formed in late 1997 and became an ¡§official¡¨
      nonprofit organization in early 1998. There are currently 33 active
      members across Central Florida from Daytona to Tampa Bay, with several
      more scattered all over the world. These members of the organization
      have worked cases along side Dusty all over the Southeast. From
      historic sites, cemeteries, and public buildings to private homes. The
      members of DBPRG, Inc. believe that by their diligent efforts and
      continued improvement of methods and equipment used in the field that
      eventually answers to the mysterious questions that surround the field
      of paranormal research will be discovered.
      DBPRG, Inc. has had their cases featured in The Daytona News-Journal,
      the Orlando Sentinel, FATE magazine, Shorelines Magazine, the Daytona
      Sun Times, That¡¦s Entertainment Magazine, in ¡§Real Ghosts,
      Restless Spirits & Haunted Places¡¨ by Brad Stieger, ¡§Ghost
      Hunters of America¡¨ & ¡§Ghost Stories of Florida¡¨, both by
      Dan Asfar, in ¡§Haunted Places¡¨ by William Hauck, ¡§The
      Encyclopedia of Haunted Places¡¨ by Jeff Balanger and three more soon
      to be released books.
      Dusty has also been featured as a storyteller at Daytona USA¡¦s
      haunted house, a lecturer across Florida and Georgia, and has been
      interviewed on Magick Mind Radio, Phenomenon Radio, on The Lou Gentile
      Radio Show, 1340 AM talk radio with Bill Sharp, WMEL with George Khourey
      and on WNDB¡¦s ¡§Book Mark¡¨.
      She is also a staff writer & photographer for ¡§Epitaphs
      Magazine¡¨. With several full length articles and poems to her
      credit, in every issue since the magazines conception, Dusty enjoy
      writing for this new magazine that is specifically ¡§for cemetery
      lovers, by cemetery lovers.¡¨ The editor, Minda Powers, is more than
      pleased to have Dusty on her staff of this new magazine.

      DBPRG, Inc. is also the only paranormal research group to be allowed in
      the most haunted cemetery in St. Augustine Florida for an investigation,
      which produced photos of two full body apparitions.
      Members of DBPRG, Inc. have always agreed to donate an afternoon per
      month to historic cemetery preservation & restoration. That is where
      The International Association of Cemetery Preservationists, Inc. comes
      into play. Dusty and her ¡§partner in crime¡¨, Kourtnie James
      formed the Association while on a trip to Savannah Georgia. They turned
      their respect for the dearly departed into an ever growing organization
      that now has members worldwide and makes great strides at changing
      neglected cemeteries into the historically preserved sites they all
      deserve to be.
      The IACP, Inc. & DBPRG, Inc. have adopted three Daytona Beach area
      cemeteries, one in Seminole County and the group tries to raise funds
      for them in unique, interesting and fun ways. Gethsemane Cemetery is
      located in Ormond Beach and is nearing its completion phase¡Kwell, it
      was until the 2004 hurricane season hit the Central Florida area. This
      site and the diligent work of DBPRG, Inc. & IACP, Inc. members have been
      recognized by State Representative Evelyn Lynn and members of the
      Volusia County Council.
      Saints & Sinners Cemetery in Oak Hill, Florida has so much
      vandalism that it will be decades before even a noticeable difference is
      made. The vandals have seen fit to stealing grave markers, shooting
      grave markers, and even dressing deer kill during hunting season on the
      vaults. The members of DBPRG, Inc & IACP, Inc. have chosen to continue
      a boycott of the Flowers Bakery Company as stale bakery goods are
      continually found dumped at this site.
      Mt. Arrarat Cemetery has suffered vandalism similar to this and much
      more. Every burial site has been broken into and everything from
      military medals, personal jewelry to even gold teeth and body parts have
      been stolen. This site has be co-adopted by the members of VFW Post 1590
      who make sure that every veteran at this site has an American flag on
      their grave on Memorial Day as well as Veterans Day.
      Paige Jackson Cemetery in Sanford, Florida is a small area that most
      vandals go unseen in as the location is too far from the main roads.
      The day the decision was made to adopt this wonderful site, Smith, James
      and two other members were witnesses to two young men on quad-runners
      desecrating grave sites by driving over the sites and headstones.
      These all but forgotten sites have no income and no one to care for the
      fine folks interred in them, so, Dusty also heads up fund raising
      efforts for these sites.
      One way that funds are raised is through her company, ¡§Haunts of the
      World¡¦s Most Famous Beach¡¨ ghost tours. These tours operate
      year round and are the only ghost tours on the east coast of the United
      States to be owned & operated by a certified ghost hunter and active
      certified paranormal investigator. The stories are REAL and documented
      as true hauntings by DBPRG, Inc.
      These tours have been featured in The Daytona News-Journal, the Orlando
      Sentinel, the Birmingham Bugle, Florida Travel Magazine, Good
      Housekeeping Magazine, That¡¦s Entertainment Magazine, An Explorers
      Guide to Central Florida, The Volusia Review, Hometown News, Daytona
      Beach Sun Times, Shorelines Magazine, Backstage Pass Magazine, Exclusive
      Living Magazine, are members of The Daytona Beach Area Visitors and
      Convention Bureau, The Daytona Area Attractions Association and FLA
      USA/Visit Florida, and have won the Florida¡¦s Favorite Award for
      2003, 2004, 2005 & 2006. Proceeds from these tours benefit the
      preservation and restoration of the adopted cemeteries.
      Dusty is also the author of several Chap Books and books on CD-Rom whose
      proceeds also benefit the cemetery projects. They are all available
      through her desktop publishing company, Raven¡¦s Loch Publishing
      House„·. She has authored books on the paranormal including
      ¡§Ghost Hunting 101: A Guide for the Beginner¡¨, ¡§Confessions
      of a Central Florida Ghost Hunter¡¨, ¡§Haunting Tales from Central
      Florida¡¨, and her latest work, ¡§Dread & the Dead Filled the
      Dunnam House¡¨, (published by Publish America), which is the story of
      a true haunting in Deltona Florida. This story was also filmed for an
      episode on the series, ¡§A Haunting¡¨ on The Discovery Channel
      which aired in the fall of 2006, (9-28-06) and is titled, ¡§A
      Haunting in Florida¡¨ (the production company is also in talks with
      Dusty about another episode for this series).
      She has authored several books on paganism as well. ¡§Wicca
      101¡¨, ¡§Making Magickal Incense¡¨, ¡§Interpreting Your
      Dreams¡¨, ¡§The Burning Times¡¨, and several others. Also
      books on cemetery reference material such as, ¡§Voices from the
      Cities of the Dead¡¨ and ¡§Unlocking the Secrets of Secret
      Societies¡¨, she has more than thirty titles to her credit and is
      always working on more.
      She also owns, Sacred Raven a metaphysical supply company that makes
      magickal supplies for those in the pagan community.
      Together Dusty Smith and Kourtnie James founded The Fat Bottom
      Taphophiles in early 2004. As such they involved themselves in creating
      cemetery art. Members of the Gothic, Pagan and even Christian
      communities all over the U.S. have purchased this artwork, since it hit
      the market. These beautiful framed black & white photos, of some of the
      most interesting and intriguing cemetery statuary in the southeast is
      another way funds are raised. In 2004 Cemetery Art Calendars, Cemetery
      Wildlife Calendars, Paranormal Calendars, Cemetery Art Note Cards and a
      Gothic Pin Up Girl Calendar are also made available. They sell their
      artwork through the IACP, Inc website, Ravens Loch Publishing
      House¡¦s web site, on EBay, on the ghost tours, and at several stores
      in the central Florida area.

      Contact Information:
      Phone for all businesses listed below: (386) 253-6034 Listen for prompts
      on answering service to reach the correct phone mailbox if a human is

      The Daytona Beach Paranormal Research Group, Inc.
      http://www.dbprginc.org <http://www.dbprginc.org/>
      Email: DBPRGcontact@...


      Email: IACPcontact@...

      Haunts of the World¡¦s Most Famous Beach Ghost Tours

      http://www.hauntsofdaytona.com <http://www.hauntsofdaytona.com/>

      Email: hauntsofdaytona@...


      Email: RavensLochPH@...


      or IACPcontact@...

      To make reservations for the tours or to volunteer time or supplies for
      our cemetery projects call:

      (386) 253-6034

      Show: 1/20/2009 9:00 PM CST

      Call-in Number: (646) 915-9605

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