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Psychic Robbie Thomas Guest On Paranormal Palace Radio

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    Blogtalk Radio is the host for Paranormal Palace Radio a live streaming internet radio show in real time. Call in number and live chat provided. Join us
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2008
      Blogtalk Radio is the host for Paranormal Palace Radio a live streaming
      internet radio show in real time. Call in number and live chat provided.
      Join us Tuesdays at 8:00pm Central Time

      Website: http://blogtalkradio.com/paranormalpalace

      Robbie Thomas has been helping police and families world wide in
      murder/missing persons cases for the last 17 years. He has starred in
      the critically acclaimed hit movie 'Dead Whisper' and the anticipated
      new release of 'Robbie Thomas Visits The Sallie House'. He has been seen
      on many prominent television programs such as Discovery Channel, NBC,
      ABC, CBS, FOX, Star Choice Satellite, Bell Expressview and more! He has
      been heard on many prominent radio programs world wide such as CBS
      RADIO, BOB FM, FREE FM, CHCU FM, Keeler Show New York, and many more.
      Robbie can be found in many magazines world wide such as, Paranormal
      Magazine England, Unexplained Paranormal Magazine United States, Invest
      UK Publishing United Kingdom, Music Industry Magazine, About.com, and
      many more. Robbie's Psychic ability has brought him as one of the most
      sought after individuals in the paranormal and spiritual realms. Many
      programs have requested his appearance such as, Psychic Detectives,
      Court T.V., Dateline NBC, Maury Povich, and more!

      Robbie Thomas has given to many what most would call the spiritual
      experience of their lives.
      Connecting to the other side bringing messages of hope and encouragement
      throughout diverse
      experience: sixteen years of helping with murder and missing persons
      cases helping bring resolve to families, ten years of online and
      personal sessions, and three years working on many prominent programs in
      television, radio and print media is what Robbie is committed to.
      Through the eyes of spirit each week, Robbie reaches out on his
      syndicated world wide radio show, A Link To Heaven Radio, taking calls
      from people from around the globe offering them a warm embrace and a
      word from spirit.

      He has worked with many individuals in the film industry, bringing what
      has been deemed the most prophetic evidence yet to date while talking
      with spirit from the other side captured on film and EVP. Critics around
      the world hail this as a huge breakthrough in seeking the truth of
      spiritual activity in which gives tremendous outpouring of love in the
      acknowledgment of both worlds. Robbie has worked with very integral
      individuals in the Paranormal Realm, and they all agree the one thing he
      can validate with certainty the existence of life after.

      Being a prolific author in the writing of his work, Robbie has authored
      three books to date. A Link To HeavenÂ…Chats With The Other Side,
      Robbie embellishes the mainstream feeling and assures you of the other
      side. A long glimpse into many aspects of what Robbie sees, offers much
      in the way of comfort in this book. Signs From Heaven, is the complete
      message from the other side to assure you as an individual, your being.
      It emulates the trueness of the solid foundation of spirituality within
      you, offering the reprieve and solace knowing the other side is but a
      whisper away in many validated stories. He has brought forth the
      ultimate in what spirit has desired for all to see, in To You From
      Spirit: this compelling virtue of a daily read, finding the true meaning
      of who you are reads very well, offering the love and knowledge spirit
      has intended it to be.

      Robbie is now touring the United States bringing what spirit has desired
      him to do, showing the truth within you and what is out there for you.
      His work is very detailed with vast knowledge of the spiritual realm to
      which he is sharing along the way with each of you. Are you ready for a
      warm embrace, to find the solace you seek personally with spirit? Robbie
      is going to walk side by side with you on this tour, as spirit guides
      the way to a beautiful relationship that awaits you.

      Born in Ontario, Canada, Robbie's abilities began at a very early
      age with tremendous spiritual love for everything in life. Demonstrating
      such ability during the course of his life at an early age astounded
      many people, especially the closeness he had with his mother who knew
      there was something different about her son.

      Robbie lives in Canada with his wife Ligia and their three beautiful

      Join me and Robbie tonight for a fasinating interview.

      Show airs tonight 10/21/2008 8:00 PM cst

      Call-in Number: (646) 915-9605

      Robbie Thomas


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