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The Power Of The Sixth Sense

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  • iammrparanormal
    Tomorrow Tuesday July 1 ST 8:00 PM Central Time author of The Power Of The Sixth Sense will be my guest on Paranormal Palace Radio Click Here For Show
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2008
      Tomorrow Tuesday July 1 ST 8:00 PM Central Time author of The Power Of
      The Sixth Sense will be my guest on Paranormal Palace Radio Click Here
      For Show
      ixth-Sense-> Jock asked to to deliver this messege with this notice
      of tomorrows show

      Jock Brocas author of "Powers of the sixth sense – how to remain
      safe in a hostile world" is running a campaign called "Make the world
      safer." Trying to get the message contained in his internationally
      acclaimed book to the right people. All *you* need to do to get over
      $500 in free gifts is grab a copy of their book for just $13.37 off
      Amazon.com. How's THAT for a win-win celebration?? The book is an
      investment – why? * Learn to use your 6th sense in a more productive
      way * Reduce Terrorism * Reduce Violence, abuse and rape * Reduce
      threats from the unseen world * Stop child abduction * Create the world
      you want to live in
      pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1209729358&sr=8-1 Then all you have to
      do to get your free gifts is just email the receipt you'll get from
      Amazon.com to them and they'll slide your free gifts right over to you.
      Send the receipt to: jock@... This is what one teenage kid
      said; Jock, I just want to send you and email telling you how much you
      have helped me. I meditate daily now, and each and everyday my sixth
      sense is becoming stronger. Your book Powers of the Sixth Sense is an
      amazing book, and really taught me a lot more than I already knew of the
      spiritual world. Over the past couple years I have been stressed out,
      filled with aggression, the normal teenage symptoms, and I did not know
      how to cope with it. Your book has changed my life, and has got ridden
      of all that stress and aggression. I also see you talk about Reiki, my
      Mom is a Reiki master, and just love helping people out. Jock, you are a
      great person, and thank you for sharing such valuable information. -Evan
      This is what another reader said; Hi Jock, I just finished the book
      Powers of the Sixth Sense. I rarely ever watch the news because of the
      fried brain syndrome from negative information. Therefore reading the
      Powers of the Sixth Sense gave me so many insightful and simple to do
      things to protect my personal space and reinforcing my intuition skills.
      Everything was kinda scarey to realize that these things do happen.
      However, I am looking into transferring this into a communication for my
      grand children to understand. Something very interesting happened after
      reading this book and raising my self awareness of what is out there. I
      no longer see things as just coincidental and ask for better
      understanding of my feelings. Choosing to walk in JOY and continued
      protection from Gods Gift of that Gut feeling. My intuition of always
      going forward in 100% pure love and light with the highest good for all.
      I really was thanking the Holy Spirit for the Sheild of Grace. Thank you
      Jock and may our God continue to Bless all of us! Christina You will
      also be invited to join my good friend and TV Producer (soon to be of
      Powers of the sixth sense) Margaret Wendt on the Radio show Spiritual
      Truth and hear me and Margaret discuss subjects you would not attempt.
      www.margaretwendt.com, However, the celebration ends at midnight Eastern
      Time on the 01 July 2008. So the only way you can grab all the free
      gifts is to purchase your copy of Powers of the sixth sense and get the
      receipt from Amazon over to Jock at jock@... before midnight.
      pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1209729358&sr=8-1 [Your Name Here] P.S:
      Remember, to receive your $500.00+ in free bonuses you must email the
      receipt to jock@... by midnight Eastern 01 July 2008 P.P.S:
      When you order before Midnight tonight, you'll also get a free spiritual
      ebook. P.P.P.S Please note that the Amazon system sometimes updates
      slowly and it may show that the book won't be shipped for a day or two,
      however plenty of books have been printed for this celebration.
      P.P.P.P.S: Remember it's also a perfect gift for birthdays, graduation,
      Mother's and Father's Days or just to keep your family safe. Jock Brocas
      www.jockbrocas.com www.powersofthesixthsense.com Psychic Medium & Author

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    • iammrparanormal
      Join me and author Jock Brocas Tuesday 7/29/2008 8:00 PM Central Time at Paranormal Palace Radio
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 28 4:51 PM
        Join me and author Jock Brocas Tuesday 7/29/2008 8:00 PM Central Time at
        Paranormal Palace Radio
        he-Sixth-Sense-Rescedule> as we discuss his inspiring book The Power
        Of The Sixth Sense here is a piece of an excerpt from his book

        Your sixth sense can warn you of imminent danger; whether it's to
        yourself, your family or your business
        he-Sixth-Sense-Rescedule#> ; whether it's personal hostility, potential
        robbery, or even terrorist attack. The Power of the Sixth Sense is
        written by an experienced psychic medium, a top security consultant
        he-Sixth-Sense-Rescedule#> and a teacher of the Japanese martial arts
        of the Ninja and Samurai. Many times in his life as an undercover agent,
        he-Sixth-Sense-Rescedule#> with law enforcement and Military Forces
        throughout the world,

        Call-in Number: (646) 915-9605

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