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  • roylehypnotist
    HI There! GREAT NEWS - I m just about to send a new book to the publishers, which should be available on Amazon and other good sites around the world by the
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      HI There!

      GREAT NEWS - I'm just about to send a new book to the publishers,
      which should be available on Amazon and other good sites around the
      world by the end of July 2008.


      Indeed the contents of this mindblowing publication are UNIQUE and of
      such a nature that THE WHOLE BASIS OF RELIGION could be shaken to its

      Further so called Professors & Experts in the SCIENCE'S will have to
      ADMIT THAT THEY ARE VERY WRONG with many of their so called "Facts"

      When you have read this entire email/posting PLEASE SEND IT to
      everyone you know as all of your family and friends could improve
      their lifes and existence by reading this book of revelations and

      Whether you are a Mind Therapist Wanting a Greater Understanding of
      Mankind or just someone interested in things sometimes called
      Religion - The Paranormal - The Supernatural or SO CALLED SCIENCE
      like the meaning of life then YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK.

      You can secure your EBOOK Copy today by sending £10-00 via
      http://www.paypal.com to shows@...

      Its entitled "R.O.A.M" and this stands for:

      Ramblings of A Mad-Man or more accurately...

      Reality Of All Matter...

      Oh and in the above title's MAD-MAN actually stands for Materials And
      Dimensions Man!

      However this book could easily have been titled:



      In fact a Short explanation of the books contents would be:

      An Explanation of the Unexplainable.

      A definition of reality.

      An expansion on Time

      So order your 185+ Paged Large Format A4 ebook now for just £10-00 to

      The Book is written by Spiritual Master - Guru & Seer - T. HuGotH.and
      has been released through his chosen prism (thats me) Dr. Alex
      William Smith (Formerly Jonathan Royle) as per these details:

      Amongst the many Secrets Revealed and Subjects Discussed within
      the pages of this Unique Thought Provoking Book are:

      *THE UNIVERSE IS NOT EXPANDING - Yes the true nature of The Universe
      Logically & rationally explained in detail.

      *EXPOSED: Why The BIG BANG THEORY is so wrong and what actually
      happened to bring us to this point of civilisation.... Professor
      Stephen Hawkings (A Brief History Of Time) and other so called
      experts may well be shaking in their boots when they have read this!

      *TIME TRAVEL - No its not a myth - a logical explanation of how to
      travel in time and even how to build a time machine..

      *GRAVITY - What exactly is it? - Reasons Why Newton was Wrong!

      *THE SPEED OF LIGHT? = Learn the truth that light is actually the
      slowest thing in the universe as it is stationary!

      *How to REVERSE GRAVITY and as such "Levitate"

      *The True Meaning of Life is EXPOSED - Revealed & Explained.

      *How were the Pyramids Built and what are they really for?

      *GHOST'S - The Logical Truth about Ghosts - Poltergiests and other
      Spirit entities!

      *PSYCHIC'S - How GENUINE Psychic's & Clairvoyants are able to see the
      Past - Present & Future...

      *LIFE AFTER DEATH = This books contents also answer many questions
      on "life after death" and Past LIfe & Future Life Progression.

      *ALIEN'S & UFO'S = No these are not "Science fiction" they are in
      fact Science Fact and Rational Proof is offered within this text. Do
      we actually originally come from MARS?

      *REALITY = For the first time the reality of such words & concepts as
      Truth, Perception, Materiality, Experience, Nothing, Dreams, Drugs
      and many other things which have been grossly misunderstood for 100's
      of years are revealed & explained.

      *THE BIGGEST SECRET OF ALL = A unique look at why the POWER OF
      THOUGHT is the most powerful force in the world.

      *You'll also discover why & how the Universe is Like A Glass of
      Lemonade or even a giant burnt Frying Pan or sometimes like Boiled

      In short the contents of this book are truly EXPLOSIVE &
      CONTROVERSIAL and will most likely change your entire view on life!

      You'll also find many ORIGINAL POEM'S which contained within their
      prose will enlighten you to the Esoteric Secret's of The Ageless
      Wisdom's and Teachings making this a must read book for everyone!!

      So order now by sending £10-00 to shows@...

      When you buy this NEW BOOK we will also send you access FREE OF


      The Master Key was written by Charles F Haanel and was so
      controversial that in 1933 it was BANNED by The Church and has
      remained hidden away for many years!

      YOU WILL LOVE THE MASTER KEY as it was the Major Inspiration for the
      Hit Movie and Book "The Secret" and is now also known to have
      inspired the most famous success book of all time "THINK & GROW RICH"

      And when you put the contents of "The Master Key" and the Laws of
      Attraction into Action your wildest dreams can and will come true,
      especially when combined with the SECRET's you will learn in R.O.A.M.
      (Reality of All Matter)

      And you can get all this sent direct to your email inbox within 24
      hours for just £10-00 sent to shows@...

      When you ORDER NOW i will also send you FREE - access to "THINK &
      GROW RICH" by Napoleon Hill, the book which has perhaps helped more
      people to become Millionaires than any other?


      What Follows is the first foreword to this Book (which in Ebook
      format is 185+ Large Format A4 Pages of dynamite information
      available NOW for just £10-00 sent to shows@...

      FOREWORD to R.O.A.M (Reality of All Matter or Ramblings of a Madman)

      By Dr. Wilf S G Archer, PhD; Chartered MCIPD; CMIOSH; GHR(Reg); NHR.

      I have been an avid student of such Laws, studying Books,
      Manuscripts, Writings and Transcripts, ever searching for the
      essential truth whether devised by man or revealed by God.

      A truth that embraces all systems of philosophy, sociology, science
      and religion – from Zarathustra to Spencer, from Jesus to Quisquam,
      from Old Thought to New Thought.

      Collecting knowledge and understanding devoted to the study of man
      and the Art of Life. Guided by intuition and reason, examining their
      teachings as founded on experience and observation and insisting that
      the efficacy and value of every claim be measured by practise and

      Over the years I have seen some wondrous sites and witnessed feats of
      Magick that would raze the logic towers of academia to rubble.

      All the lost cities and sunken treasures matter not more than a
      beggar's dole when compared with the advancements of mankind.

      It cannot be denied that the past century has been the most exciting
      epochs in the history of mankind, and the scientific discoveries of
      the past 15 years have brought about a rejuvenescence of human

      Nor can we belittle the conquests which the scientists claim for the
      latter half of the last century, among which may be especially named:

      a. The proved uniformity in the Laws of Life.
      b. The true character of disease and DNA manipulation.
      c. The immense possibilities of quantum theory.
      d. The development of renewable energy.
      e. The great advancements in Biological Physics.
      f. The general unity between the Macro and Micro forces of the
      entire Universe.
      g. The possibilities through harnessing the speed of light.

      All this advancement culminating in what may be called the Laws of

      But now we have moved on. Now we have grown in our understanding,
      maturing and moving towards the very outer limits of our material

      A new world awaits beyond that which can be seen. A world beyond our
      physical senses. A world that exists within the spaces between the
      atomic structures. A world of wonder, of magic and of confusion. A
      world where the mere act of observation transforms its very
      existence, a world moulded by the reality of perception.

      However, tread carefully dear reader as these pages are as yet only a
      preliminary map and like the proclamations of the great adventurers
      of this world contain many uncharted pathways.

      Remember Columbus who made the Earth round or Galileo who altered the
      orbit of the planets –they changed nothing but the perceptions of man
      but that change of perception changed everything and the world was
      never the same again.

      First the pioneer reveals a truth which goes against traditional
      thinking which is often rejected as the ramblings of a madman.

      Then when we can no longer hide from the enormity of the revelation
      we realize that the madness we projected was only a reflection of our
      inertia and thus begins our transformation as we learn to use that
      truth to our advancement.

      Then the world changes. As it was so it will always be - it is us
      that change.

      Ramblings of a Madman is such a revelation, a poetic work with such
      depth that its profoundity for change is enormous.

      We have reached that stage in progress when our creeds and laws must
      change, When our honest thoughts and efforts must have wider scope
      and range, As we stand at this new beginning - freed from ignorance
      and strife. Poised in anxious readiness for the tools to Change our

      Dr. Wilf Archer, founder of The Mindskills Approach, is the UKs only
      Double Chartered*, Professional Health Coach. His expertise is in
      empowering, enabling and equipping his clients with the skills to
      overcome the problems of chronic ill health, depression, stress,
      addiction and unreliable performance. His unique style is an
      advanced form of Educational Intervention and is the only integrated
      coaching style that focuses on supporting The Individual at a Core

      Visit Dr Archer's website for further details

      * `Chartered' status is a badge of recognition conferred by Her
      Majesty Queen Elizabeth's Office as a Royal Seal of Approval,
      acknowledging the quality, accountability and reliability of his
      professional standing and service.


      Send £10-00 to shows@... via http://www.paypal.com

      This book is available now in Ebook, however will be available as a
      PRINTED BOOK FOR AROUND £20+ on Amazon & Other sites towards end of
      July 2008.


      OFFICIAL FANCLUB: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=32188053824

      MYSPACE = http://www.myspace.com/magicalguru

      FACEBOOK = http://www.facebook.com/people/Alex_William_Smith/673582805

      BEBO = http://www.bebo.com/AlexS0921

      ECADEMY = http://www.ecademy.com/account.php?userid=alexandersmith

      STARNOW = http://www.starnow.com/alexsmith13

      VIDEO CLIPS OF ROYLE: http://www.youtube.com/user/HypnotherapyCourse

      01) www.hypnotherapycourse.net

      02) www.hypnotorious.com

      03) www.hypnotictraining.com

      04) www.mindpowerprofits.com

      05) www.millionaireplan.net

      06) www.magicalguru.com

      REMEMBER: Secure your Ebook of "Reality of All Matter" today (wth
      FREE GIFTS of "The Master Key" & "Think And Grow Rich" for just £10-
      00 sent to shows@...

      PRINTED VERSION - Will be available on Amazon by end of July 2008,
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