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Speiser's Most Recommended UFO Books

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  • Royce Holleman
    ... Speiser s Most Recommended UFO Books ... (reprinted from FIDO UFO Echo 7/10/89) OVERVIEW - HISTORY Jacobs, David M. The UFO Controversy in America Univ.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2008

      Speiser's Most Recommended UFO Books


      (reprinted from FIDO UFO Echo 7/10/89)


      Jacobs, David M. "The UFO Controversy in America" Univ. of Chicago

      All bookshelves should start with this one.


      Hall, Richard "Uninvited Guests" Aurora

      Best overall primer, a must for the skeptic.


      Sagan, C. and Page, T., Eds. "UFOS: A Scientific Debate"

      If you thought Sagan was always a skeptic, think again. Contains

      papers contributed to an AIAA symposium on UFOs, including ones by

      Hynek and Menzel. Pay special attention to the paper by Dr. Robert M.

      L. Baker.


      Klass, Philip J. "UFOs: Explained" McGraw-Hill

      "UFOs: Identified" McGraw-Hill

      "UFOs: The Public Deceived" Prometheus

      Perhaps the most important works in the field. (Surprise!) It

      was these three that convinced me that UFOs are a legitimate,

      bona fide mystery, unanswered by even the world's best debunker.

      Shaeffer, Robert "The UFO Verdict" Prometheus

      Shaeffer is a Klass Klone to some degree, but does a credible

      job on many investigations of his own, most notably Jimmy

      Carter's sighting when he was Governor of Georgia (it was Venus,



      Hynek, Dr. J. Allen "The UFO Experience" Regnery

      First attempt at collating and digesting the massive amounts of

      data, and suggesting methods of study for the budding

      proto-science. Gave rise to the term "Close Encounters"

      " ", Imbrogno, P., and Pratt, R. "Night Siege" Ballantine

      A look at the very most impressive case on record, the Hudson

      Valley Boomerang. 9000 sightings through 1987, videotape,

      stills, sightings at nuclear reactors, hints of cover-up,

      possible abductions....this one's got it all.

      Story, Ronald J. "UFOs and the Limits of Science"

      Story is known for debunking Von Daniken, and has written for

      the Skeptical Inquirer. But when it comes to UFOs, ah, that's

      another "Story"!


      Moore, W. and Berlitz, C. "The Roswell Incident" Random House

      Say what you will about MJ-12, MIBs, and Moore's latest

      bombshell. This is STILL the best documented, best researched

      incident on record. Honorable mention to Stan Friedman, since

      the publisher saw fit not to recognize his contribution.


      Fawcett, L. and Greenwood, B. "Clear Intent"

      The authors make a very credible and as-yet unanswered case for

      the Cosmic Watergate. Contains reproduced documents obtained

      under the Freedom of Information Act, many of them acquired by

      Citizens Against UFO Secrecy. Watch out! These guys can back up

      just about everything they say!

      Keyhoe, Maj. Donald E. "Flying Saucers: Top Secret" Holt

      Honorable mention - Good glimpse of the early days of the

      cover-up, and NICAP's thwarted attempts to "blow the lid."


      Streiber, Whitley "Communion" Morrow/Beech Tree

      The largest selling of all UFO books. Regardless of what you

      think of Streiber and his strange tale, make no mistake: HE

      believes it. He is over-rated as a writer, however.

      Hopkins, Budd "Intruders" Random House

      Much more readable than Communion, and downright scary in its

      implications. Hopkins does his best to make a case for genetic

      experimentation, but has come under fire for his unscientific

      methodology. Not bad for an artist, though.


      Klass, Philip J. "UFO Abductions: A Dangerous Game" Prometheus

      As with his previous books, important only for its failure to

      convince. Klass argues that the 1975 TV-Movie "The UFO Incident"

      is the genesis for the present spate of abduction-itis.


      Hungry for more? Itching to get your hands dirty on the real

      nitty-gritty? OK, boys and girls, let's get down, let's get


      Bullard, Dr. Thomas E. "UFO Abductions: The Measure of the Mystery"

      Fund for UFO Research

      A monumental two-volume, 673 page work by a folklorist who set

      out to show that abductions were nothing more than 20th century

      fairy tales. He admits he failed. Anyone who says we're not

      trying to take an empirical look at this subject should get a

      load of this. If its too much for you...

      "On Stolen Time" Fund for UFO Research

      Summary of the above work. A much more convenient (and

      inexpensive) 34 pages.

      Swords, Dr. Michael, Ed. "Journal of UFO Studies" CUFOS

      Ufology's very own refereed science journal. Includes articles

      on the Delphos Landing Trace Case (no, friends, it's NOT a

      "fairy ring"), the ET possibility, and a very revealing round-table

      debate on abductions.

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