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What Do ET Abductors Want?

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  • Royce Holleman
    THIS FILE WAS DOWNLOADED FROM MAINBASE BBS (040 - 965819) Malm , Sweden A superb TEXTFILES BBS The following was taken from UFO Magazine Vol 2 No 4 - 1987 ...
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      MAINBASE BBS (040 - 965819) Malm", Sweden
      A superb TEXTFILES BBS

      The following was taken from UFO Magazine Vol 2 No 4 - 1987

      What do ET abductors want? It's been suggested that to
      insure species survival, they're inbreeding genes of emotional,
      self-willed, individuated Earth humans into their own excessively
      mental, regimented race-but perhaps that's projection. What are
      we learning? Self-reflectiveness, perhaps-a keener idea of just
      who we are? Alicia Montell's testimony implies just such an

      "Was I ever abducted? I mused over this question as I put
      down a book I'd been reading, describing a person who through
      hypnosis discovered having had an encounter with aliens at an
      earlier time in his life."

      "I've never doubted that extraterrestrials exist. I have
      always accepted as fact that we are only a small but
      not-so-forgotten planet out here on the fringes of the Milky Way,
      and are visited quite often by a variety of travelers. How could
      anyone possibly ; think that we are the ONLY living, evolving,
      experiencing creatures?"

      "My husband Bernt and I have read with great interest all the
      stories we could lay our hands on, but at times had to smile-we
      clearly saw that people's fear often created a lot of problems
      for them. If instead they had been able to keep cool and
      cooperate with the aliens, their stories would have been quite
      different. They could have had encounters filled with awe and
      understanding of those beings who impinged so forcefully upon
      their lives."

      "Our seeming inability to identify with the fear in abductees
      was somewhat altered by an explanation from our discarnate
      friend, 'Arthur." he told us, 'Your race deeply believes anyone
      entering from outside this planet cannot possibly look like us;
      they MUST look different, they MUST be feared. You cannot see
      these beings for what they really are. When confronted, a shield
      automatically blinds your vision and distorts anything or anybody
      that does not belong on the planet... they most likely are very
      much like yourself'

      'Arthur' went on to describe my inner travels and how I had
      met many strange races outside Earth planet's confines. 'Remember
      what happened when she met reaces similar to her own? She got
      very upset, could not at first visualize their features, because
      it was difficult to accept that others existing out there could
      possibly look like her own race back on earth. Even in that free
      a mental state, the race concept remained...'

      "Now I begin to wonder if I might find fear taking over
      simply because the body reacts naturally, should I someday stand
      in front of an alien. Anyway, I think I am ready to put it to
      the test!"

      * * *

      "After reading the story about abduction, I began to think
      seriously about examining my own childhood, to investigate a
      little 'blank spot' I run across when I've reviewed my childhood
      in order to better understand the roots of my beliefs. How can I
      describe it? I sense a small spot in time that I purposely
      forget when I try to visualize a childhood scene. Sometimes I
      thought it could be a molestation, completely buried yet
      affecting my personal attitudes. But never, never until this
      moment did I associate it with extraterrestrials."

      "I underwent hypnosis. The usual commands were given to
      place me in a deep trance, Bernt suggesting I move to a time in
      my childhood where something out of the ordinary had happened, to
      become that child and perceive all clearly, to answer any and all

      "I find myself going back. the picture I get is weaving in
      and out... I feel small, perhaps five years old. I am playing in
      the dirt next to the driveway...I can feel the heat on my back
      and the soft, powdery dirt in my hands...something makes me look

      "I see two small men standing right in front of me. They are
      about a head taller than I, very slim with stick-like arms and
      legs with large, dark eyes and dressed in a mottled green
      garment. Fear begins to rise, but in that very moment everything
      becomes completely silent and I can no longer feel the heat."

      "The birds aren't singing and my fear is gone. I am in a
      trance-like state. They must have hypnotized me so I wouldn't
      scream and run away. They each take a hand and lead me along the
      driveway. I walk in a daze. As we near the end of the drive,
      the whole area seems filled with a huge, bulky, silver-gray ship.
      Its rim is far above my head. They lead me up a 'moving walk'
      and we enter a large, round area-sort of an entry hall with doors
      all around and a dome-shaped ceiling. We go through a door and
      down a short tunnel, enter a room with a row of chairs along one
      wall. The opposite wall is full of blinking lights and small
      glowing glass frames."

      "The two small men turn me toward a little old man sitting in
      a very elaborate chair. His eyes are not too different from my
      own. Perhaps the two who brought me in were wearing sunglasses?
      That would explain the large, dark and slanted eyes that caught
      my attention at first."

      "The old man takes my hands in his, and as he does, I can
      hear again. he is pale and full of wrinkles, and has a white
      beard neatly-trimmed to a thin edge from ear to ear. He looks
      like a leprechaun! The ears stand out a bit from his head and
      are slightly pointed. He say something I don't understand and
      as he does a bunch of small 'cubes' start to tumble into my mind,
      where they get neatly stacked up...they don't hurt me, but as
      they enter my mind I become terrified. Instantly a curtain is
      lowered. I am again blank and standing in a soundless state."

      "Our discarnate friend Arthur clarified things later. He
      said the cubes are related to the mind only, that thee are ways
      of depositing ideas into the mind. 'Perhaps she can touch them
      mentally ; and get a slight understanding of what they contain,'
      he said, 'The ideas contained in the cubes are so overwhelming
      that there is no way she can encompass the whole message. But
      she is getting the feeling of it and it is a little
      frightening...Alicia is being prepared for a physical
      confrontation. It could be very traumatic unless conditioning
      has taken place over a period of years.

      "Her early encounter took place physically at the time and
      space she described, and even though her recall projects a
      physical picture, the incident was equally a mental experience.
      The cubes are implanted in order to condition and encourage a
      specific person to strive in a specific direction, because a race
      on its own is very grounded in the planet's vibration is
      therefore not prepared to confront any alien intrusion.'

      You are almost suggesting that we are really never alone of
      this planet of ours, 'I interjected. 'No, you are not. You are
      being watched, used, manipulated-but that is the nature of
      things,' Arthur responded. 'There are always interactions, a need
      and wish to assist others, to make transitions easier..the
      seeds are planted to help you. Without them, you would not
      develop or dream.'

      "We are so used to translating things into purely physical
      terms. We grant acceptance to the physical props we have around
      us, but is it all right to accept our visions and beliefs in
      whatever form we clothe them? And once we stop laughing at it or
      calling it just imagination-UFO sightings and all the
      rest-perhaps then we can accept. Perhaps a lot of these things,
      even more that we are currently willing to accept, are our sudden
      shifts of awareness and vision."

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