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The Ghost of Crowley Hall

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    The Ghosts of Crowley Hall By Arron Kasady Introduction Crowley Hall, situated in the north of England, was built in the late 19th century. It had originally
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      'The Ghosts of Crowley Hall'
      By Arron Kasady


      Crowley Hall, situated in the north of England, was built in the late
      19th century. It had originally been built as a hospital and served
      that purpose until the 1920's, when it was reformed and renamed
      as `The Crowley Home for the Criminally Insane'. Run by head
      practitioner Dr. Bernard Leys and his wife Beatrice, it was one of
      the key centres for mental illness and criminal behavioural studies
      in the north of England.

      There have been many supposed Ghost Sightings at Crowley Hall in
      England. During it's life, the Hall has had a number of paranormal
      incidents suggesting the prescence of ghosts, and there are Ghost
      Stories dating back to the the 1950's. Recently, a Ghost Photo was
      recovered during renovations at the hall, and this had prompted a
      full Ghost Investigation there. This Investigation is being made into
      a Feature Film due to be released towards the end of 2007.

      Leys ran Crowley Hall for 32 years, before dying in mysterious
      circumstances during an examination on one of the more seriously
      deranged inmates at the asylum. It had been claimed that Leys died
      after being attacked by the inmate whilst carrying out an operation.
      The inmate had apparently not been fully anaesthetised, and woke
      during the procedure. In the ensuing chaos, the inmate stabbed Leys
      in the neck. Official records state however that Leys died of a heart
      attack while during the operation.

      During Leys' time at the hall, rumours of serious malpractice were
      rife. Stories spread of experimentation on some of the most violent
      inmates, including beatings and starvation. Upon Leys' death, an
      investigation into the rumours was conducted. However, the findings
      were inconclusive, as many records of the time had been destroyed
      when a fire broke out during the investigation.

      In late 2006, after a phone call from the owner of Crowley Hall in
      the north of England, ghost hunter Arron Kasady did some research
      into the history and strange occurrences that have happened there.
      There were no witnesses to the noises heard there, and only a couple
      of people that were there during the ghost sightings have been found.
      The only other evidence, that was discovered in the nurses quarters,
      was a photograph taken in 1974.

      The Investigation

      In early 2007, a small team of paranormal investigators led by Arron
      Kasady, entered the building to conduct some preliminary tests.
      Photographs were taken, that produced images of strange orbs in
      certain rooms, particularly the old children's nursery. Erratic
      temperature readings were recorded throughout the hall, and the team
      had the feeling of being constantly watched.

      Following on from this initial research, Arron decided to conduct a
      full investigation into the ghosts that apparently reside at Crowley
      Hall. It was hoped that conclusive evidence of paranormal activity
      and ghosts could be gathered during their stay there. The whole event
      was filmed and photographed for a documentary entitled 'The Ghosts of
      Crowley Hall'.


      In all the investigations I have done, I can truly say that I have
      walked away thinking that maybe there was a scientific explanation
      for everything I have witnessed. I am a ghost hunter, I should always
      come away questioning what I have seen that way I can separate what I
      believe is true paranormal activity from what isn't. However when it
      came to the location I am writing about now, I can honestly say my
      beliefs were turned upside down and inside out.

      We heard about Crowley Hall when the owner of the location called us
      about some problems he was having whilst carrying out renovations.
      The workers he had employed had been suffering at the hands of sever
      supernatural activity, and during a particularly nasty attack had
      downed tools and gone on strike.

      Well, when the team hear this sort of thing, it is like music to our
      ears. Plus we had recently been discussing the possibility of
      shooting a documentary of one of our investigations, but nothing had
      come close to the possibilities that Crowley Hall could have. So once
      everything had been organised we were on our way.

      When we finally reached the building, I was excited to be doing
      something a bit different from the norm. Not just carrying out an
      investigation with such a history as Crowley Hall, had but also being
      able to document it on film. The building itself was a grand old
      place. Inside, although the upper floors had the look of a recent
      children's hospital, the lower floors still held the atmosphere of a
      building that had been around for more than one hundred years. In
      fact this was probably the biggest building we had investigated.

      My excitement was matched by the other members of the ghost hunting
      crew. This was a new experience for us and you could feel the
      atmosphere was electric. Unfortunately this wasn't a feeling that was
      going to last very long.

      Everything was going smoothly until Annabel, our spiritual medium,
      whispered in my ear that she had grave reservations for the evening's
      activities. She had felt that Crowley Hall had something in store for
      us that evening and she was extremely worried for the safety of
      everyone involved. She asked me to make sure that I was spiritually
      protected along with the rest of the crew.

      I should have listened…

      Annabel was uncomfortable about the whole thing from the very
      beginning. She had picked up on the spirits of both Alfred and Doctor
      Leys. She had told us that Doctor Leys was angry at us for being
      there, and he was going to show us just how angry he was later on in
      the evening.

      I really should have listened…

      Maybe it was the excitement of making the documentary that dulled my
      own feelings towards what could happen. Maybe I was just caught up
      with making sure the filming was going as planned to think clearly.
      Everything was going well. We had heard some sounds and caught
      some `orb' footage. The evening looked like it would just progress as
      it had done in most other haunted building we had been in.

      The shooting was going smoothly, interviews were filmed and a couple
      of vigils held. In my mind nothing more was going to happen, until we
      held the séance in the old children's ward. In retrospect, I probably
      shouldn't have pushed as hard as I did. I shouldn't have said what I
      did. Annabel had been there to warn us of all this and I ignored the

      What happened later on that evening will stay with me forever. A lot
      of the team couldn't sleep properly after that night. I couldn't
      sleep for days afterwards. I keep questioning what happened, always
      thinking back to the séance, always asking whether I could have
      handled things differently…constantly blaming myself.

      It was the first time we have ever had to abandon an investigation
      halfway through. After what happened to me I knew we had to get out
      of there. We had been scared so much we couldn't face spending
      another moment in that place.

      It has made me question a lot about my own beliefs, made me think
      about what is actually out there. A majority of us think of life
      after death as a few footsteps in a dark building, or a few light
      anomalies flashing across a camera. We always hope for that full
      spectral manifestation to prove that ghosts are real, but after
      Crowley Hall, I don't think you need a ghost to come right up to the
      camera and say hello to prove it exists.

      We have been making plans to go back and finish what we started. Two
      thirds of the crew don't want to return, and I don't blame them. I
      don't want to go back, but I need to find out if what happened that
      night wasn't just my imagination.

      The thought of going back scares me, and I don't mind admitting that
      for the first time in my life. I am truly terrified.


      The ghost hunters and film crew did return to Crowley Hall, and the
      second part of the investigation there was completed in the early
      hours on 12th August 2007.

      More strange paranormal activity was witnessed and recorded by the
      team, including moving objects, strange noises and more orbs. Delving
      into parts of the Hall previously unexplored, Dr. Leys' home was
      investigated, and some of the findings were quite incredible.

      The movie 'The Ghosts of Crowley Hall' is due to be released
      worldwide around the end of November 2007. More information can be
      found at - http://www.crowleyhallghosts.com/

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