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An Open Letter to those interested in Crop Circles

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  • Glenn
    Crop circles are messages from Ascended 5th dimensional Individualized Consciousnesses whom some people call Ascended Masters and some call the Seraphim.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2007
      Crop circles are messages from Ascended 5th dimensional Individualized
      Consciousnesses whom some people call Ascended Masters and some call the

      Messages are in geometric form because in the 4th and higher dimensional
      levels there are only the energies of Unconditional Love and Unceasing
      Light in geometric shapes.

      The "Hell" of a physical body is only for those living in the 3rd, 2nd
      and 1st dimensional levels of a 9 dimensional level planetary system.

      The "bending" of individual grain stalks to form crop circles is a
      simple matter of rearranging the sub-atomic particles of Unconditional
      Love and Unceasing Light using Unified Energy Fields.

      Only 1% of all matter and energy that has been technologically
      "discovered" by scientific instruments and devices can be seen, heard,
      felt, smelled or touched by our 5 senses. Those who go beyond the 5
      senses generate Unified Energy Fields.

      On July 7th the Guardian of Ancient Knowledge who discovered Unified
      Energy Fields are the keys that open and close dimensional doors, or
      levels, removed certain energy constraints by dismantling a giant copper
      cube that had been encompassing a huge number of crystals. The Guardian
      and others then performed an ancient ceremony that fully activated all
      10,000 crystals in the Guardian's home and created a linkage with
      all crystals that had been within the copper cube.

      This activation was attended by several hundred Guardians from around
      the world using the process known as bilocation and many wondrous
      adventures were enjoyed by all.

      The activation was also appreciated by the 5th dimensional Ascended
      Individualized Consciousnesses who created a special crop circle in the
      UK to celebrate the event. One of the July 7th crop circles shows the
      energy in the 4th dimensional cube being released to the 5th dimensional
      level in preparation for Physical Body Ascensions.

      Deteriorating world conditions have caused a group of Enlightened Ones,
      Guardians of Ancient Knowledge, to make a decision to release the
      ancient wisdom of their ancestors in a free video for "You Tube" and a
      feature length DVD in a unique strategy to quickly and properly explain
      life's mysteries to people around the world.

      This free video graphically describes the differences in Individualized
      Consciousnesses between a 4th dimensional Angelic level Ascended Master,
      a 5th dimensional Archangelic level Ascended Master and a 6th
      dimensional Lord level Ascended Master.

      An on-line lecture is now available that describes how 3rd dimensional
      human bodies are used by permanent 4th dimensional Light Bodies to play
      "The Game of Life". This lecture is available in 5 languages at
      www.AncientKnowledge.org <http://www.ancientknowledge.org/> and a $3
      donation to benefit AIDS orphans is requested.

      The free video on You Tube is available at
      <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zjxsg-FeAIY> .

      Here are two explanations of drawings that are included in the free

      The Joyfilled Enlightenment of a 4 Winged Cherubim Angel

      with 4 Activated Smith-Einstein Unified Energy Fields

      of 4th dimensional energies from their

      Individualized Consciousness

      "And Every One Had Four Wings"

      Bible's description of Cherubim - Ezekiel 1:6

      The 4 Petaled Flower of Life, a 4th dimensional Ascended Master

      A 6 Winged Blissfilled Seraphim Archangel with

      the 12 Activated Smith-Einstein Unified Energy Fields

      of a 5th dimensional Ascended Individualized Consciousness

      "Each Had Six Wings"

      Bible's description of Seraphim Archangels - Isaiah 6:2

      The 6 Petaled Flower of Life, a 5th dimensional Ascended Master

      The Guardians have chosen, as their "Service to Others" project, to help
      orphans in remote KwaZulu tribal villages, where 5%, or one of every 20
      people is an AIDS orphan, (in America, this percentage of suffering
      would equal 15,000,000 AIDS orphans).

      Gain Good Karma Points

      Buy a $3 surrogate parent "teddy bear"

      delivered in your name to an AIDS Orphan

      in KwaZulu's remote tribal areas,

      epicenter of the AIDS Pandemic

      www.AncientKnowledge.org <http://www.AncientKnowledge.org>

      (An Estimated 400,000 KwaZulu Children are AIDS Orphans,

      many have never seen a toy in their lives)

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