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The 12 Conditions of a Miracle

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    From: http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/circle2012 dreams/ The 12 Conditions of a Miracle. By Todd Michael ISBN: 1585423521 Condition 1 – Emptiness: •
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      From: http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/circle2012 dreams/

      The 12 Conditions of a Miracle.
      By Todd Michael
      ISBN: 1585423521

      Condition 1 – Emptiness:
      • Clarify in your mind what you lack and what you need. Are you
      blocking your own flow by withholding this very thing from the world
      around you?
      • Calmly release what you are withholding. Be consistent and
      steady in your release.
      • Expect that the flow will re-establish itself. Form follows
      thought: Visualise the channels opening and re-establishing
      themselves within your life.
      • Learn to meditate. Then do it. Practice consistently. Enjoy
      • Spend time in nature; be quiet, solitary places.
      • Walk and exercise your body every day.
      • Consider occasional fasting

      Condition 2 – Alignment:
      • With the eyes of Spirit, see the multitudes. Shift to a
      mindset of compassion, from concern over your own concerns to the
      concerns of others. At home and at work – in your microenvironment –
      be increasingly aware of others' problems and needs.
      • When you learn of a problem or disaster, do something to
      help. Heal the sick. Become a Lightworker: Heal with your mind and
      your heart.
      • Fine-tune your synchronicity. Like small adjustments to the
      rigging of a sailboat, small, compassionate, and unselfish actions
      will help you move ahead in all your endeavours with tremendous speed.

      Condition 3 – Asking:
      • Formulate your request mentally. Work at this carefully until
      your request is clear.
      • Dwell on the essence of the dream you seek to manifest. Know
      the feelings you really seek to experience.
      • Put your request into words. Write your description of the
      essence on a piece of paper, place it in a prominent place, and read
      it frequently. This will help you keep your trajectory true to the
      • Keep things in general terms. Free the universe to use the
      widest variety of means to deliver the essence of the dream and
      quicken the manifestation process.
      • Honour the principle of integral need. Make sure your needs
      are an integral part of your true evolution, an integral part of
      Spirit's true evolution. The universe will then have a vested
      interest in helping you.

      Condition 4 – Maximising:
      • Take an inventory of your existing tools, resources and
      blessings. Don't forget to include your talents, your health, your
      knowledge, and your other intangible resources.
      • Whatever you focus on expands: Focus on what you have.
      • Ask yourself: Are you maximising what you already have? Take
      definitive steps to make absolutely sure that you are.

      Condition 5 – Giving:
      • Become a regular, consistent giver.
      • Above all else, seek to achieve a feeling of satisfaction and
      joy with your giving. Like attracts like. Your positive feelings will
      attract more similar feelings into your life.
      • Be pure in your intent and remain anonymous when possible.
      Never attach any strings to a gift, however subtle.
      • Expect your return to come from the universe – never from
      those to whom you give.
      • Give consciously and carefully. Avoid automatic giving. Think
      about what you are doing and make a sincere effort to channel your
      gifts to the right places.
      • Take care to remember your microenvironment. Charity begins
      at home.

      Condition 6 – Grounding:
      • Stay grounded. Experience the present moment as much as
      • Become as a child. You will enter the garden by returning to
      your natural state of consciousness. Learn to play again. Make time
      to do things that are fun and try to spend some time with children,
      learning from them.
      • Ground out physically. Take your shoes off. Wade in a stream.
      Walk on the lawn. Get outside and get in contact with mother earth.
      • Work on your level of belief. Become as the woman in the
      crown who touched the hem of the demonstrator' s (Yeshua's) robe: Know
      the power will flow to you, even if you barely touch the spirit in
      consciousness. If you can't make yourself believe, then... [In other
      words] At all times, act and talk like you really do believe. Note:
      deleted "fake it" after "then and before [In.

      Condition 7 – Visualizing:
      • Remember the essence of your needs, the feelings you really
      want to end up experiencing. Don't see "things" manifesting. See
      yourself having the feelings and experiences that form the basis of
      your request.
      • Using somatic visualization, practice experiencing the
      desired feelings in your entire body. This is an extremely powerful
      act. Work at this diligently and persistently. Like attracts like.
      The quality of your feelings will attract the appropriate
      circumstances that will support these feelings. Practice well.
      • When you feel you are in heaven, you are in heaven.
      • If you have a doubt, simply recognize it as a doubt and turn
      it over to Infinite Intelligence (God, source consciousness) to be
      quietly deactivated. Once you become conscious of a doubt and turn it
      over to Spirit, it immediately ceases to generate effects within your
      reality, even though it may continue to run through your mind.
      • Take care to incorporate the good of others in your

      Condition 8 – Gratitude:
      • Bless your resources. All of them. All the time. Be acutely
      conscious of the gifts that have been entrusted to you. Cultivate a
      deep sense of appreciation.
      • Express your feelings of gratitude in words. Make frequent
      positive comments about your health, your friends, your job, your
      house, your country, your life, and everything else you have been
      • Don't wait for things to be grateful for. Actively search for
      things to be grateful for.
      • While staying grounded in the moment, shift your mindset from
      one of jaded complacency and boredom to one of childlike wonder and
      amazement. The shift to wonderment is the door that opens into the
      higher dimension.
      • Speak well of your dream, your life. Never speak any negative
      words about anyone or anything. This can cause great damage.
      Strenuously resist the temptation to speak any words that support a
      reality different from the one you seek to create.
      • When things are good, say good things. When things are bad,
      say twice as many good things.

      Condition 9 – Acting as if:
      • After dreaming and visualizing, start doing.
      • Begin now. There is never any other time to begin.
      • Avoid procrastination with all of your might.
      • Refuse to let any delay in the manifestation process surprise
      or discourage you. Expect a miracle, but expect it to unfold in its
      own time. Your dream will grow organically at its own rate.
      • Accept your growth and stay relaxed. The more accepting you
      are about the time frame, the shorter it will be.
      • Persist. No matter what happens, keep acting, keep going.
      Success has always belonged to the persistent. Persistence can
      compensate for many other shortcomings.
      • Identify any snags, stumbling blocks, or difficult tasks that
      are holding you back.
      • Break the necessary corrective action into several sub-steps
      and decide which is the very first action that must be taken.
      • Next, determine a time of the week or time of the day when
      you are at your very highest energy. Carefully set that time aside
      for one purpose and one purpose only: to execute the first of the
      small steps that will break the stumbling block. Schedule this time
      in writing and put it where you will see it frequently.
      • If you are having trouble determining ways to "act as if,"
      start by eliminating each and every action that is contrary to your
      dream. Stop any habit or activity that in any way supports a reality
      different from the one you intend to create.
      • Work is the ultimate acting as if. Work hard to make your
      dream real. When you do your share of the real work involved, the
      universe will return ten times the effort. Don't hold back here. Do
      everything you possibly can from your end to get things done.

      Condition 10 – Engaging the Cycle:
      • As energy begins to flow through your life, pass it on. Keep
      things moving. Receive the energy of others around you and pass it on
      quickly and efficiently.
      • Constantly look for ways to send energy back around the
      circuit. When you receive, automatically look for a way to give
      something back.
      • Be an excellent team player. Never drop the ball. Return your
      calls and answer your mail promptly. Pay your bills on time.
      • Remember that growth occurs in cycles. Honour the ebb tide
      (A period of decline or diminution). Don't panic when the tide goes.
      The flow always returns. Never fight the current. Relax into the
      natural cycles of growth. Use any downtime constructively, to prepare
      your vessel (body/mind/spirit) to receive when the flow returns.

      Condition 11 – Receiving:
      • Eat and be filled. Receive and let the energy and resources
      that flow into your life fill you with the intense joy, pleasure, and
      • Pay attention. Much of the information you need to prosper
      and flourish is right in front of you now. Continue to quiet,
      clarify, and sharpen your mind with meditation. Don't miss any subtle
      leads which could take you to the real gifts that will liberate you.
      • The secret of success is big pockets. Be wide open in
      consciousness. Big pockets are formed by thinking big. Cultivate a
      consciousness of unlimited potential.
      • Believe that anything is possible. Avoid any limited and
      fearful thinking.
      • The universe may test you. Sometimes a tiny gift will lead to
      a much larger opportunity down the road. Follow the crumbs (smaller
      opportunities) with care.
      • Develop a sense of worthiness. You are a source of good and
      deserve to be supplied.

      Condition 12 – Recycling:
      • Gather up the fragments: don't throw anything away without
      asking yourself, "Is there some way this can be reused?" Recycle all
      of the physical resources that pass through your life.
      • Cultivate the appropriate mindset when recycling. Be clear
      and positive and reverent about this essential activity.
      • Be reluctant to discard your possessions and tools as they
      age. Use everything to the maximum. Look for ways to repair and renew
      all of your resources.
      • Periodically, go though your closet and attic and storage
      rooms. Release things you no longer need or use to appropriate
      charities. An ebb tide offers a perfect time for this activity.
      • Close the loop. Make an effort to buy products made from
      recycled materials whenever possible. Ask your vendors to stock
      recycled products.
      • Recycle your life. Make sure you have a will. Be sure to
      include key charitable ventures as beneficiaries.
      • Recycle your body. Participate in blood drives and make
      arrangements for organ donation.
      • Recycle all of the mental and spiritual resources that pass
      through your life. Pass your knowledge on. Be a mentor, guardian,
      teacher, and benefactor.

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