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The 2012 Prophecies

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    From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/ The 2012 Prophecies-- --- One question that frequently arises is that of the year 2012. Many people will
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2007
      From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/

      The 2012 Prophecies-- ---

      One question that frequently arises is that of the year 2012.

      Many people will have heard that December 21 2012 is a day of great
      significance, mostly in the context of that date being the very end
      of the Mayan calendar and everything that implies.

      The big question on the minds of most people is "what is the
      significance of this date"? What will happen to Earth? What will
      happen to all of us?

      This is a huge subject, and one that goes way beyond the scope of
      this newsletter. However, it is also an extremely important
      subject, and one that I will be focusing on through various
      resources in the future. Today however we will take a look at some
      of the basics surrounding 2012.

      What is the real significance of December 21 2012?

      The reason this date has become so well-known is because it is the
      date that represents the "end of the Mayan calendar".

      Why is this so important?

      It is important because the Mayan's, like many of the ancient races
      of millennial ago, were in fact extremely advanced in many areas. By
      "advanced" we do not necessarily mean in terms of "technology" ,
      which in itself does not mean advancement at all, but as
      astronomers, mathematicians and builders; among other things.

      Like the ancient Egyptians, to whom they were almost certainly
      related at some time, probably linked through the legendary
      continent of Atlantis, which is not actually a legend, the Mayans
      built the most amazing structures that defy explanation; being
      beyond beyond the capabilities of so called "modern man.

      The Mayans were also incredible observers, mathematicians, and
      keepers of ancient and sacred knowledge. Using these abilities they
      were able to construct calendars which not only chart time, but
      also charted the cosmos, and forthcoming great world events.

      We know that such an event, perhaps even the final event, is to
      take place on December 21 2012. The big question is what?

      This is a question that will be addressed in the future both here
      and through other resources which will be announced in due course.
      Only be endeavoring to fully understand 2012 and putting it into
      the right context can we be fully prepared for this event.

      In fact; there are three major issues that we need to consider and
      to face in the next few years. These are:

      1. December 21 2012
      2. Earth planetary changes
      3. The agenda of terrestrial and extra-terrestrial factions

      Although at first glance these might seem separate, they are in
      fact linked in various ways.

      But today let us take a look at some of the very basics of 2012.

      The ancient Mayans had many advanced abilities and most
      importantly ancient knowledge, probably originating from sources
      that are not immediately apparent at this time. Among these
      abilities were mathematics, astronomy, and prophecy based upon past
      world and astronomical events.

      The Mayans knew that nothing ever happens by "chance" in the
      Universe, even though it often seems like it from a narrow human,
      temporal experiential perspective. The Mayans knew that everything
      happens in cycles of varying lengths, cycles that correspond
      precisely to past and future cosmic and world events.

      Many of these events are the result of the one factor common to
      everything in the Universe without exception; Energy, which can
      manifest at any level from the Universal to the individual.

      This is why Astrology, and I do not mean the "horoscopes" of the
      tabloids, I mean genuine astrology, is so significant, charting as
      it does the effects of a confluence of Energy being prevalent at the
      time of arrival on Earth, and which has so much influence over our
      physical life. Energy is everything!

      The ancient Maya knew this, and were able to observe the effects of
      these confluences and events, and thus, with their seemingly
      amazing mathematical abilities, track future events.

      The Maya had several calendars of varying lengths, the most
      significant of which were the "Short Count" and the "Long Count".

      The Short Count is compiled by combining the "tzolkin cycle" with
      the solar year and the Venus cycle of 584 days, thus generating
      short periods of 13, 52 and 104 years.

      It is however the "Long Count" cycle that is of the most interest,
      the end of which is also the end of all Mayan calendars.

      The Long Count is derived from nested cycles of days multiplied at
      each level by the key Mayan number, 20, resulting in the
      following periods:

      1 Kin which is a day
      20 Uinal
      360 Tun
      7200 Katun
      144000 Baktun

      The only deviation to multiplying by 20 is the tun level
      where the uinal period is instead multiplied by 18 for the 360 day

      The Maya used this counting system to track an unbroken sequence of
      days from the time it was inaugurated.

      Long Count dates are separated by dots. For example:
      equals 6 baktuns, 19 katuns, 19 tuns, 0 uinals and 0 days. Each
      baktun has 144000 days, each katun has 7200 days, and so on.

      If we add up all the values, indicates a total of
      1007640 days have elapsed since the Zero Date of The
      much discussed 13-baktun cycle is completed 1872000 days, 13
      baktuns, after This period of time is the Mayan "Great
      Cycle" of the Long Count.

      Each Baktun has corresponded with a major cycle on Earth,
      which are too extensive and complex to go into here. Suffice it to
      say that The 13 baktuns and 20 katuns collectively represent a
      perfect fractal of the 260 unit 4th dimensional timing matrix
      spread out as a chronotopology that we simply call "history".

      Each katun represents one of 260 kin. The baktuns represent a set
      of morphogenetic fields, each with 20 lesser waves rising in a
      pitch of climax during the 13th and final baktun 1620 CE to 2012 CE.

      This final baktun represents the time where, driven my the ego,
      materialism and money, "history" and therefore mankind has reached
      a saturation point, where "history" simply has nowhere else to go.
      And it is this event that was always charted precisely by the Mayan
      Long Count calendar to coincide with the end of this great cycle.

      Historically it can be demonstrated that every quarter of the long
      cycle, approximately every 6400 years, there has been a major
      catastrophic Earth event for the last three such quarters. These
      include great floods, earthquakes, and other global events. Such
      events are documented as the "great flood", the destruction of
      Atlantis, etc.. The final quarter is December 21, 2012.

      It should also be mentioned that other mathematical systems,
      notably the Chinese I-Ching, which was also once used as a
      calendrical system, also point to the year 2012, as do other lesser
      known systems it seems.

      So these are the calendrical and mathematical considerations, but
      there are other considerations.

      On December 21, 2012 there will be a galactic alignment of the
      "galactic equator", and what the Mayans refer to as "The Sacred
      Tree", with our star, the Sun, at the very centre of this alignment.

      This in itself is no coincidence. This alignment has on our solar
      system astrological, astronomical and Universal considerations, and
      in particular the corresponding Energy effects both on Earth and
      indeed the entire solar system.

      So that, in extremely basic terms in the interest of keeping it
      simple for now is the basics of the math and associated events from
      a historical and chronological perspective relative to the Earth
      space-time continuum.

      The question is; what does it all really mean for us?

      The honest answer is we do not really know at this stage at least
      in the process, although I and others are very much tracking it.

      There is however too much data and historical evidence to conclude
      that nothing will happen. The only question is in what form will it
      take; the possibilities including physical, Energy or Spiritual, or
      indeed a combination of of all of these.

      If we look at solid evidence we can observe the following factors:

      Schumann Cavity Resonance: The Schumann Resonance can be likened to
      the "heartbeat" of Earth. Scientifically it is due to the space
      between the surface of the Earth and the conductive ionosphere
      acting as a waveguide. The limited dimensions of the earth cause
      this waveguide to act as a resonant cavity for electromagnetic
      waves in the extra low frequency ELF band.

      Historically the Schumann Resonance has held steady at a frequency
      of around 7.83Hz, however in recent years Schumann Resonance has
      increased to as high as 12Hz, the highest possible believed to be

      Earth Magnetic Field: The magnetic field of the earth gives rise to
      the magnetic poles as used for navigation purposes. This magnetic
      effect is caused by Earth behaving like a giant elecro-magnet
      caused by the molten iron core and the rotation of the Earth.

      The magnetic field of Earth has been progressively reducing over the
      years, and in fact appear to be doing so proportional to Schumann
      Resonance although they may not be directly connected.

      Evidence of this can be seen by the fact that some sea mammals such
      as dolphins, porpoises an whales use the magnetic poles for
      navigation purposes, and there has been a large increase in these
      creatures going off-course and beaching themselves.

      Finally, extinctions of species on Earth is 100 to 1000 times
      higher than the historical average, being greater than at any time
      in fact since the last dinosaur extinction 65 million years ago.

      So what does the future hold for us?

      The truth is we still do not know. Everything I have summarised
      today could be a series of coincidences or they could all converge
      to point to some major world event. We just do not know and there
      is certainly no value in speculation.

      It would be totally inappropriate to state for example, as some
      are, that "the world will end in 2012". The entire scenario is far
      too complex to make sweeping, dogmatic statements of that nature.

      Although some event seems likely, we do not know the scale of such
      an event, how it will manifest or how it will affect the planet,
      humans and all life, or how long the entire process will take.

      One thing we do know beyond all doubt is that everyone will survive
      and be the better for the experience; the only question is in what
      physical, Astral or Spiritual.

      One thing is clear however, everyone has a window of opportunity to
      change for the better. The next few years could be spent evaluating
      your life, your relationship with fellow man, animals and the
      planet, and then taking the appropriate steps to become as aligned
      and prepared as possible for any coming events.

      Earth has been a major learning opportunity, an opportunity to
      evolve. if, and I do say if the physical planet is to come to an
      end, then what happens next on an individual level will depend
      entirely on where you are Spiritually at that precise time.
      Consequently there has never been a better time to place yourself
      in the best possible light in preparation for whatever is to come.

      This is one of the major reason I wrote Our Ultimate Reality, which
      sets out these vital steps.

      Again though, and this is most important,every single person
      will survive. We are all immortal, Divine Beings, aspects of the
      Supreme Being, and our true destiny is far greater than the
      temporal learning experience of this planet we call "Earth", our
      lives upon which are as the blink of an eye in comparison to all

      Everyone, sooner or later, regardless of this Earth event we call
      "2012" will move on to sphere of life and reality that are glorious
      beyond the remotest comprehension of Earthly man, and that is the
      true destiny and objective of everyone on the sacred path back to
      The Source, The Prime Creator, some simply call "God".

      In Peace, Light and Truth,


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