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2012: Tools for The Shift

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    From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/ Tools for The Shift ... The most important thing is that we each continue raising our vibration. Each day
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      From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/

      Tools for The Shift

      The most important thing is that we each continue raising our vibration. Each day we have a constant stream of opportunities to raise or lower our frequency. The choices we make impact all of creation, if you remember how you are part of the relay system between you and Galactic Center.
      Because the challenges of navigating The Shift can push us to our edges, we sometimes need help. The problem is that we forget it is available and sometimes we just get so stressed that we forget to ask for it. Well, here’s some good news. All humans are given two “guardian angels” prior to incarnating. Russell Boulding’s research revealed that we can now all ask for an additional four angels to help us get ready for The Shift.
      If you decided to do this, just get very quiet and centered and ask for more angels. You don’t have to ask for all four at once. Once you’ve called them in, sit down and make a list of how you want them to help you. Put them to work!
      What else can you do to prepare for Ascension? From what I can determine, both your body and our consciousness are already being transformed. Consciousness and matter are both forms of energy. When we use our minds to think, we create movements of electrical impulses in the brain. When electrical energy moves, it precipitates aetheric energy and creates our material reality. The same thing happens with our bodies. How we view ourselves physically creates what we see and believe.
      So we have to be conscious of everything we think and feel. If we’ve been heavily influenced by the negative energy around us—on the TV, in movies, by local/national/international events—then we need to retrain our minds and our behavior using Inner Work and Outer Work tools.
      Inner Work
      First, let’s look at the Inner Work part of preparing for The Shift. Lynn Grabhorn created an inner work tool for retraining our perception that she calls Flip Switching. It makes us aware how we are transmitting and receiving energy. She describes this process in musical terms, with the C note as the middle of the scale.
      When we emit uplifting energy, we raise not only our own frequency but that of those around us. When we emit downer energy, we lower our frequency. So, here’s Lynn Grabhorn’s take on Flip Switching. It’s a kind of “inner work” to look for and find ways to feel better. It’s a kind of “Inner Work” that makes us aware of the energy we are transmitting.
      Flip Switching is based on the musical concept of Middle C.
      Uplifting energy raises us above C, while downer energy lowers our frequency. Here’s how Flip Switching works. Feel what it is like to cuddle a little puppy, kitty or baby and then send a wave of this energy to inanimate things around you such as the pencil on your desk, a doorknob, red traffic lights, blue cars, plants, drivers in the car next to you, your toothbrush, your computer, birds or your bathroom towel. The goal is to find ways every day, no matter how you are feeling in the moment, to send out some uplifting vibrations.
      Outer Work
      Kindness is an “outer work” tool you can do to help you prepare for 2012 and the coming dimensional shift. I call it Outer Work because it involves conscious acts of doing. This tool is doing conscious acts of kindness for yourself, others and your environment. Here are things to do:
      For Yourself:
      • Going to bed early
      • Not answering the phone at night
      • Turning off the TV and reading inspiring books instead
      • Meditating
      • Taking soaking baths
      • Watching inspiring videos from the Spiritual Cinema Club
      For Others:
      • Offer to baby-sit for a neighbor's children so they can take a break from parenting.
      • Hide love notes in your children’s lunches or your partner’s pockets.
      • Send a letter to a teacher or minister letting them know what a difference their acts of kindness made in your life.
      • Make an anonymous donation to a person or local charity
      • Start a fund-raising drive for a worthy cause (Ryan’s Well)
      • Organize your friends or work mates to gather used clothing and give it to homeless shelters.
      • Ask your children to go through their toys and donate some of them to children who are less fortunate.
      • When someone new moves into your neighborhood, bake some cookies and go over and welcome them to the neighborhood.
      For your Environment:
      • As you walk through your neighborhood, pick up any trash on the sidewalk or gutter.
      • Put your shopping cart back in its appointed space in the parking lot.
      • Plant flowers and trees to beautify where you live
      • Recycle your trash
      • Practice “use it up, wear it out, make it do”
      Here is what kindness is NOT:
      • Doing something for others and expecting something in return, including praise and recognition
      • Doing something for others that gives the message they are weak, helpless or incompetent
      • Rescuing people from getting the consequences of their behavior and prevents them from learning about cause-and-effect (like running your kids homework to school for them or taking them to school when they’ve missed the bus)
      • Giving unsolicited advice
      Kindness isn’t just a fluffy, feel-good or warm-fuzzy concept. What it does for you is the real issue. It creates a powerful, energetic wave that transforms both the giver and recipient at such deep levels that it can actually change your DNA. It works miracles that have been scientifically validated in biology, physiology, psychoneuroimmuniology and physics.
      When we open our hearts and reach out to others in kindness, our brain releases endorphins—the morphine-like chemicals that produce the feelings of exhilaration known as the “runner’s high.” Acts of kindness, according to researcher Paul Persall, also cause your brain to release “Substance P,” a neurotransmitter chemical that blocks pain. These two powerful physiological processes have an immense influence on our body/mind/spirit and the way that we experience life.

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