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Their secret efforts

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  • surfingserf
    Their secret efforts Every day, we re bombarded with the evidence of the secret efforts of the elite to control us. News about the price of oil, about how the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 22, 2007
      Their secret efforts

      Every day, we're bombarded with the evidence of the secret efforts of
      the elite to control us. News about the price of oil, about how the
      job increase for the month topped projections, and so on. While the
      news and radio purports to tell us everything, they report serious
      issues in a way that really tells us nothing.

      It's not because they are unable to express their thoughts in a clear
      manner. All the mainstream news agencies are owned by corporations
      that in turn are controlled by the banking elite, those invisibles
      who write the rules about how we live, how we learn, how and what we
      earn, everything. These are the ones that, even if you know of their
      existence, are almost impossible to break away from. To make matters
      worse, they don't care if you find out about them, because their only
      concern is not your life or welfare, but how to maintain their power
      over you.

      It wasn't for nothing that Jim Tucker said on an episode of the
      History Channel about secret societies, "I don't think 120 of the
      world's most powerful men get together to play Pinochle."

      We are students of a unique body of financial information not found
      in the mainstream. I have personally witnessed this information
      greatly benefit my own financial life and that of many, many others.
      If you think you are capable of thinking for yourself, thinking
      outside of the box, I have put together an information package I
      think will do much to get you started on that path. I will be happy
      to mail it to you for free. If you let it, the information in this
      packet will start you on a path of discoveries, many of which will
      truly astound you. If you would like to stop living the definition
      of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a
      different result, please reply with your postal mailing address to
      ergogman@... and I will send you the package. No charge, not
      even shipping.

      A friend of mine, and fellow student, has also put together an audio
      presentation. It is private and copywrighted but he has given me
      permission to allow select individuals access at my discretion. If
      after going through the information package I will mail to you, you
      then contact me via email and it seems that this information might be
      right for you at this time, I will give you instructions on how to
      access the audio. This is also free. There is no sales pitch
      included. Just information. I hope you utilize it as I have and
      experience the incredible benefits that will come to you and those
      you care about, if you do.
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