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Numerology of the year 2007

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  • Jiri Rehor
    http://www.acumind.com/Joe/numerology2007.html Numerologically, the year 2007 (which adds up to NINE and is known as a 9 Universal Year) is going to be a year
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2007

      Numerologically, the year 2007 (which adds up to NINE and is known as a 9 Universal Year) is going to be a year of total and consummate housecleaning for the world, its governments, its corrupted administrators, all business and social organizations and each individual soul now sharing our planet's energies.

      2006 (an 8 Universal Year) saw the start or beginning of the pangs of distress that are about to move across the world and the individual landscapes of our lives during 2007.

      The (2006) 8 Universal Year energies are like an approaching storm or hurricane that is beginning to flex its muscle. During September and as we approach the months of October and November, this 8 energy will expand and amplify in the same manner that Katrina grew in strength when it upended New Orleans and began its ingress into the city.

      Humanity should pay attention to and respect the transforming power of Pluto and the number (8) and, accordingly, learn from the impact Katrina's historic black eye blow had upon the citizens of that playful city.

      The number (8) relates to Scorpio (Solar Eighth House) and is very much at home with Scorpio's ruler Pluto. You might say the months remaining in 2006 and those to come in 2007 are going to be Pluto's way of illustrating (to the little minds of men) that "he's back in town" and free from his ignominious and meaningless demotion.

      The year 2007 or (9) Universal Influence, will exert pressures on all stressed or weakened areas of our lives and will rail against all life/earth constructs (from both from within and without) that are outworn, corrupt or void of spiritual content.

      Some possible (2006-2007) world events could be hurricane threats (presently being anticipated), earthquakes (in places both familiar and unfamiliar with the phenomena), volcanic eruptions (with sun-shielding particle fallout), undersea quakes with tsunamis to follow and an escalation of armed conflicts worldwide.

      No need to go further with this depressing scenario... it's simply important for us all to remember that the cathartic power of the Universal Number (9) for (2007) is a spearheading Divine Stream of Consciousness that always forces a loosing and sweeping away of structures, concepts, habits, associations and relationships that are no longer spiritually or psychologically valid in our lives (or the world). All of this activity has but one goal... to enable personal and Universal regeneration, rebirth and transformation to unfold on Earth.

      It behooves us all to step back for a moment... to take an inventory of our lives, relationships and accomplishments and to be willing to let go, revise and/or release our confining life limiting issues.

      The remaining months of 2006 and the arrival of 2007 will be defining moments for us all.

      Lest you think this is too dire, remember that we can surmount the rising tides by staying centered and by knowing Spirit protects all those of pure heart and purpose.

      C 2006-2007, Joe Ivory, all rights reserved.

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