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Nostradamus Prophecy on Saddam Hussein

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    From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/ (29 December 2006) SADDAM HUSSEIN IS DEAD LONG LIVE THE MYTH OF MABUS THE THIRD ANTICHRIST? Will the
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      From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/

      (29 December 2006)



      Will the Death of the Iraqi Dictator
      fulfill the Third Antichrist Prophecies of Nostradamus

      The flame of an evil soul has been snuffed out. Saddam Hussein was
      hung by the neck for crimes against humanity at dawn on the first day
      of Eid al-Adha, the festival of forgiveness and victory in faith
      marking the end of the Hajj pilgrimage made by millions of Muslim
      pilgrims to Mecca each year—the place where the Islamic
      religion was born. It is celebrated by Muslims worldwide as a
      commemoration of Prophet Ibrahim’s (Abraham’s)
      willingness to sacrifice his son Ismael—not Issac as it is
      written in the Judeo-Christian Bible.

      The trap door triggered, gravity meeting the immovable grasp of the
      noose gave up the ghost of the Iraqi dictator to pass through
      death’s shadow on another pilgrimage.

      Saddam Hussein in one of his final written statements would like to
      believe his soul will face Allah accepted and purified as a true
      believer—a Muslim martyr of an illegal US invasion of his
      country, that propped up a puppet government and judicial system that
      aimed to execute the legal president of Iraq.

      Many in Iraq might hope Allah will hear the spirit cries of other
      martyrs, hundreds of thousands of them, rising from the graves of
      Kurds gassed at (Name) by Saddam’s chemical weapons or
      thousands of captured Kurds buried alive by bulldozers shouting down
      the ghost of Saddam Hussein. The spirit cries of Marsh Arabs might
      mingle with hot winds across the desert Saddam made out of their once
      luscious river delta of reeds by diverting the water. Allah might hear
      their minion-haunted echoes of distress rise from the empty torture
      chambers across the Iraqi gulag. The ghosts of untold thousands of
      Saddam’s martyrs: Shias, Kurds and even members of his own
      religious sect, the Sunnis, might roar indignant protests against
      Saddam’s “purification” before God.

      Let the dead bury the afterlife myth of the dead dictator. Our
      interest today is what “myth” of martyrdom might survive
      and fulfill two notorious prophecies penned by Nostradamus in the
      16th century.

      The first is Century 2 Quatrain 62:

      Mabus will soon die, then will come,
      A horrible undoing of people and animals,
      At once one will see vengeance,
      One-hundred powers (Nations), thirst, famine, when the comet will

      Century 8 Quatrain 77 continues the theme:

      The Third Antichrist very soon annihilated,
      Twenty-seven years his bloody war will last.
      The heretics are dead, captives exiled,
      Blood-soaked human bodies, and a reddened, icy hail covering the
      A detailed examination of my interpretation of these can be found by
      exploring the HogueProphecy Archives

      As briefly as I can, let me take you through the implications of each
      of the eight lines in these two quatrains:

      Mabus will soon die…

      Line one of both prophecies link them as one vision in two parts. The
      figure code named Mabus “soon” dies, just like the Third
      Antichrist is “soon” annihilated.

      …then will come, a horrible undoing of people and

      The death of this figure either is the cause of a terrible war or an
      event marking the beginning of one. Nostradamus including people and
      animals both together undone (read: destroyed) is a phrase never
      before used in his 36,000 words of prophecy. It is significant. Given
      the elaboration below in part two of the prophecy, weapons of mass
      destruction will be used. A description of chemical and biological
      weapons—even nuclear weapons—is implied below.

      Many of you have written me asking if the “terrible
      undoing” has already happened with the US a day or so away from
      losing 3,000 dead in the occupation of Iraq, as many as 650,000
      Iraqi’s dead as collateral damage. Also, Saddam Hussein is
      notorious for using chemical weapons already. Was that implied in
      this prophecy, many of you ask.

      In my opinion, the death of Mabus is just the beginning. For
      Nostradamus to use such a dire phrase only once implies a vast loss
      of life not yet experienced in war. It is about the future.

      …At once one will see vengeance…

      The horrible undoing could be a future terrorist event that ignites
      vengeance. Does this entail vengeances between Islam versus the
      Judeo-Christian West or vengeance between Shia and Sunni Muslims
      first in Iraq and then spreading across the Middle East as a regional
      wide religious civil war?

      …One-hundred powers (Nations), thirst, famine, when the comet
      will pass.

      The use of the French “main” (hand) implies in
      Nostradamus the hand of power of a leader, of a nation. We are
      talking about 100 nations at war. It is a world war, dated in the
      future, during times of global famine, to come a few days, months or
      years after a great comet transits the skies.

      There are two possible interpretations for “comet.” If it
      is a celestial object then it must be large enough to be seen clearly
      with the naked eye, even over the sodium red lit blight of our light
      polluted modern cities. There have been in recent memory only two
      comets that large: Hyakutake (1996) and especially Hale-Bopp (1997).
      Given Nostradamus’ emphasis in another prophecy for the year
      1999 as a milestone date for the next world conflict, the celestial
      interpretation points to Hale-Bopp.

      Now, the word “comet” might be describing a future
      portent, or significant sign in the sky that appears like a flaming
      comet marking an important event. The US Space Shuttle Columbia fell
      like a flaming comet across the skies of Texas a few days before the
      US invaded Iraq. When the comet passed over the home state of the US
      President and former governor of Texas, G.W. Bush took the United States (also symbolized by “Columbus”—Columbia) to
      war with Iraq. This led to the current quagmire, civil war, the
      arrest, trial and execution of Saddam Hussein, who it could be now
      said, “soon died” in a few short years after the comet
      did pass.

      Now to the next four lines—part two:

      The Third Antichrist very soon annihilated…

      It is open to interpretation whether Mabus is the Third Antichrist or
      a victim of same. In either case, the death of these two figures
      launches long and bloody conflict. Hence, the death of any major
      leader who is a top candidate for Mabus, like Saddam Hussein, either
      as the Third Antichrist or his victim, marks in Nostradamus’
      prescient vision a milestone.

      …Twenty-seven years his bloody war will last…

      It is a milestone event that dates the war of the Antichrist
      beginning—not ending.

      …The heretics are dead, captives exiled…

      The heretics could stand for religious extremists on all sides of the
      coming war, because the Third World War does appear to be, in
      Nostradamus’ mind, a world war of religion. After a generation
      of warfare these heretics for Armageddon, be they Islamists,
      Zionists, or even Christian Evangelists, are eventually consumed in
      their own combat. Already, many captives of al-Qaeda have been
      “exiled” by the hundreds from their homelands to a
      distant US military prison—some say concentration camp—in
      US-held Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

      …Blood-soaked human bodies, and a reddened, icy hail covering
      the earth.

      Add to this final line other references elsewhere in Nostradamus to
      human manufactured global plagues caused by a future war, and perhaps
      this description from the famous plague doctor may be trying to convey
      with a 16th century mindset the result of chemical and biological WMD.
      Video records of Saddam Hussein’s own use of chemical weapons on
      Iranians during the Iran-Iraq War (1980—1988) and against the
      Kurds depict victims lying in heaps stained red and powdered with
      icy-like white rain stains from chemical clouds. The red rain could
      also be a reference to rain passing through nuclear fallout stained
      red on the battlefields of the Middle East “after” Mabus,
      the Third Antichrist or Mabus “and” the Third Antichrist
      are soon killed or annihilated.


      The paths to escalating conflict are paved by insensitive and
      outright stupid acts. I cannot fathom the thinking of the Shia
      majority government and judicial system of Iraqi Prime Minister
      al-Maliki. Saddam Hussein is tried in a farce of a trial and
      convicted solely on a crime committed on Shia Iraqis. It smacks of
      sectarian vengeance. It looks like the crimes Saddam committed on the
      Kurds and his own tribal people, the Sunnis, are marginalized. Next
      the US-trained Shia judges and Shia Iraqi police rush to execute a
      “Sunni” dictator in the US controlled Green Zone, after
      morning prayers at the beginning of Eid--a Muslim holy festival
      during which executions are frowned on. An act of at least
      religiously bad taste. The first announcement of the execution
      accomplished came from US supported Iraqi TV, not official Iraqi
      state television. It was confirmed that Shias danced and chanted
      around Saddam’s corpse.

      In a region where perception “is” truth, the trial and
      execution looks like a slap in the face of Sunnis by the Shias, who
      are viewed as only in power by the graces of US crusader guns. He is
      executed on the opening moments of an Islamic festival commemorating
      Ibrahim offering his son Ismail to God as sacrifice in a test of
      faith. Evil and cruel as he was, many Arab Iraqis feel that a
      president of their country is like a father figure, a symbolic first
      born of the nation. What passions will be stirred with this sacrifice
      of President Saddam on the sunrise of Eid al-Adha? It comes at a time
      when both Shia and Sunni communities are ramping up for a full-scale
      sectarian civil war. Watch Shias dancing in the streets celebrating
      Saddam’s demise, taunting Sunni insurgents to do something that
      will at last push the country into a full scale civil war in the
      coming new year.

      Leaders of Saddam Hussein’s Baathist party have used the
      internet to warn the US government that they will bring to bear any
      means to strike back at the United States and its assets if their
      leader is executed.

      Today, whether by intent or by circumstance, the death of Saddam
      Hussein may indeed mark a milestone before the world plunges into the
      next 27 years of world war. Upon the death of Saddam Hussein, it could
      begin with a civil war in Iraq drawing Shi’ite Iran on one side,
      and Sunni dominated Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia on the
      other, spreading beyond Iraq into a regional religious war. The
      destabilization of the Middle East disrupts the fuel that runs our
      civilization. The breakdown of oil exports will draw the rest of the
      world into this war. The United States is not leaving Iraq. I believe
      the next president will have even “more” troops trapped in
      the region, for the sake of sustaining the American way of life by
      securing at least the Sunni oil states. At any time during this rapid
      escalation, the US and Israel will attack Iran.

      Saddam Hussein is dead. The US backed, incompetent Iraqi rush to
      justice, has given Saddam his final death wish: a myth of Arab
      martyrdom embraced by the Sunni mean streets of Islam. To what extent
      this will make him the dead Mabus giving birth to the next world war
      remains to be seen.

      We will soon know if Mabus is someone who is killed by the Third
      Antichrist rather than “is” the Third Antichrist killed.
      If Saddam as Mabus is killed by the Third Antichrist then mark his
      chief adversary, President Bush, as that man. In this future scenario
      then, they both “soon die.” If this is what Nostradamus
      intended then the days of the US president are also numbered. The
      fact that President Bush had to take cover from the threat of
      tornadoes in an armored personnel carrier at his Ranch in Crawford, Texas, on the day of Saddam’s execution is at least an
      interesting coincidence if not an omen.

      Your emails are already flooding my inbox asking me if the late
      Saddam Hussein is Mabus, the Third Antichrist. My answer remains the
      same all these years. Anyone who is a candidate today, such as Saddam
      Hussein, G.W. Bush, Usama bin Laden, or even Abu Musab al-Zarqawi,
      their death must fulfill what are, in my mind, three clear historical

      1.) Whoever Mabus is, he is one of the first to fall in the war he
      launches, be it a war on America or a war on Islamic terrorism.

      2.) His death will be a war cry for revenge and there will be a
      devastating counterattack.

      3.) The reaction to his martyrdom and the counterattack will set in
      motion vision in a number of Nostradamus’ prophecies. The
      27-year war sees terrorism only as its first stage. Eventually it
      escalates. The theater of conflict widens to include an exchange of
      nuclear, biological and chemical weapons between numbers of nations
      beyond the Middle East. The worst-case scenario is a religious
      conflict evolving, by the 2020s, into a three-way war fought between
      the United States, Russia and China over oil, food and other
      dwindling resources caused by uncontrolled climate change. The final
      battle under warming skies of a hothouse earth.

      The year 2006 saw the death of two chief candidates for Mabus (Saddam
      and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi). Usama bin Laden is dying from complications
      of some water born disease he caught while hiding in the caves of
      Afghanistan. I believe his death will be announced in 2007. With the
      potential of three out of four chief candidates dead or near death
      (President Bush surviving so far), the path to solving the mystery of
      just “who” Nostradamus meant to be Mabus becomes ever more
      a labyrinth of augury.


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