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Message from the Ascended Masters on 'Ascension'

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    From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/ IRSHA - Ascended Masters Channeling October 2006 through Elmarilla Bailey http://irsha. com/ Today we
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      From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/

      IRSHA - Ascended Masters Channeling October 2006
      through Elmarilla Bailey
      http://irsha. com/

      Today we wish to speak of ascension. The reason we wish to speak of
      ascension is to clarify for you that which it truly is so that it does
      not cause you to be confuse, and it becomes a reality for you rather
      than a concept.

      The first thing we would like to say is that since you are in human
      form, it is that you need metaphors as a way to grasp something and to
      understand it. Otherwise, if it has no framework of reference for you
      it does not have reality in your present level of consciousness. The
      metaphor we wish to use for your soul is an immense crystal pyramid.
      This has been given to many of you before because it is a useful
      metaphor or model for you to use as a way to perceive yourselves in
      the totality of your being. Your soul is immense. It is without
      beginning. It is without end. It continues to exist into infinity
      and it has no beginning. It has always been.

      Your soul is what you might call one of the mansions in the house of
      God. You have heard that saying, "In my Father's house are many
      mansions." The soul of each of you is one of those mansions. You
      might perceive it in that way in order to grab hold of the concept for
      your understanding. Within each of you are many mansions as well.
      The many mansions in you would be represented by the many life
      experiences that you have had and the many life experiences or the
      many rooms that are still empty because they have not yet been
      realized. If it works for you, use the crystal pyramid as a metaphor
      or as a model as a way for you to conceive or perceive that which is
      your totality. It may be useful for you, as it seems to be useful for

      The reason we say "crystal" pyramid is because that which is crystal
      generates power or energy. It also stores energy. It has information
      in it and it also is perfect in its beauty and your soul is perfect in
      its beauty and all-powerful because your soul is, you might say, a
      house for that which is the Source or God, or whatever words you would
      like to use. Your soul or your crystal pyramid is multi-dimensional.

      There are twelve dimensions in your soul, or in your pyramid. Each
      life experience is a part of the totality of that which you are. It's
      important for you to understand this and to allow it to be so for you.
      That is, you are always connected to the totality of your being. You
      are always connected to your soul. In each life experience you may
      sometimes forget that you are connected to your whole, but the truth
      is that your whole is never disconnected from you, and in your higher
      consciousness you are always connected to the totality of your being.

      As you sit in your chairs at this particular time, you are indeed
      connected to the twelve-dimensional total being that each of you is.
      As such you are perfect. As such you have all knowledge and wisdom
      stored within you. As such you are all powerful. It is necessary for
      you at this particular time to understand this and to allow it to be
      so. Acknowledge and honor it as the truth, and so we beseech it for

      As we often say to you, please hear with your hearts. Please hear
      with your mind. Please hear with your multi-dimensional self the
      words that we choose to use for your greater understanding and your
      greater clarity. We will give you an opportunity when we have ceased
      to say these words for you to ask questions about that which perhaps
      we have not made clear.

      As you sit in your chairs you are in your soul. You are your soul.
      It surrounds you. You are in it. There is no escaping from it. You
      are never disconnected and yet, at the same time, you frequently
      forget that you are. That is, in your human consciousness you forget
      that you are. It is not in your higher consciousness that you forget.
      It is not even in your subconscious that you forget that you are
      connected. Those parts of you are always connected. It is your
      consciousness that is where memory lapses.

      Let us remind you that you are twelve-dimensional life forms even as
      you sit in your chairs in a relatively unconscious state at this time.
      When we say unconscious state, we do not mean that you are
      unconscious as you perceive yourselves to be. You are unconscious
      regarding the totality of your being. That is why we have chosen to
      speak of this at this particular time in order to dispel some of this
      unconsciousness as third, fourth and fifth dimensional life forms so
      that you can begin to perceive yourselves, and conceive yourselves
      appropriately and correctly as magnificent, perfect, whole, powerful,
      all-wise beings even in your present consciousness. You must begin to
      entertain the notion that this is true.

      The truth of this is important, and you begin to experience it even if
      it is only in glimpses from time to time. When this takes place,
      don't discount it. Don't doubt. Begin to trust that which you are
      because as you doubt, you create an impediment to the consciousness,
      to the knowing of that which you are. It's of the greatest urgency at
      this time that you begin to acknowledge and honor that which you truly

      Now the reason that the pyramid is an appropriate model to use is
      because it is part of what you have termed sacred geometry. The
      construct of the universe is geometric. The energy of the universe is
      mathematical. Everything is mathematics and of course geometry
      includes math. As you begin to think in this way you will begin to
      understand quantum physics. You will begin to understand string
      theory. You will apprehend and comprehend more of that which will
      soon be coming to light.

      Your scientists have already agreed that there are eleven dimensions
      in your universe. Soon they will come to the understanding and
      knowing that the number of dimensions in the universe are limitless
      and numberless. It is not a stretch then for you to begin to
      apprehend and comprehend that you are twelve-dimensional in the
      totality of your being. That your soul, your mansion in the house of
      God, is twelve-dimensional. Even as we are speaking to you, even as
      you sit in your chairs, it is so. In this moment it is so. It has
      always been so. It will always be so. Begin to let it be your
      awareness, your truth. Again we say, do not doubt, but trust.

      We have told you before that you have moved out of the range of
      frequencies that you call the third dimension or the third level. You
      are now in the range of frequencies called the fourth dimension and
      the fifth dimension. The dimensional frequencies relate precisely to
      your chakra system. To be in the fourth dimension now means that your
      heart chakra, not just your physical heart chakra but your
      multi-dimensional heart, has now become more operational, more
      powerful, more activated. As a result, the physical heart is having
      many symptoms for many of you and you think you are having a heart
      problem. We say to you that you are not having a physical heart
      problem. Your physical heart is simply making the necessary
      adjustments in order to accommodate the higher heart frequencies and
      to expand and to begin to understand more and more of the totality of

      Love as you have perceived it for a very long time are just nice
      feelings. Feelings of tenderness. Feelings of cherishing. Feelings
      of excitement. Feelings of lust even. All of these are feelings that
      you call love. The feelings that you have for your children. The
      feelings that you have for your mates. The feelings that you have for
      your friends and so forth. That is only a part of love. Love is
      all. Love includes all possible feelings that your emotional
      generator can create.

      Love is also what you create for yourself that is difficult. You
      create it for the purpose of becoming more aware of something or
      moving through a clearing of some sort that is important for you to
      clear: a concept; an old unfinished business from some other life
      experience; or whatever. Love includes that as well, because your
      creation of a difficult experience in order for you to become more
      consciously aware and to grow is actually you loving yourself. Do you
      understand how that can be? It is indeed true.

      All that you create for yourself is part of you loving yourself. Now
      it's time for you to acknowledge that is so and to be in a condition
      of love for yourselves. Love is a state of being. It is a condition.
      It is not that which you mean when you say, "I love you", or "I shall
      love you unconditionally, " or whatever. It is a state of being. It
      is that which each of you is. Now it is time for you to begin to
      allow yourselves to love yourselves, to love that which in your old
      paradigm would have perceived as incorrect or wrong. In the new
      paradigm of fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies there is no such
      thing as right or wrong. Everything just is and it's all for a
      purpose, however you created it. Whether you create a paradox in a
      creative way or a non-creative way, all of your creations are for your
      growing, for your unfoldment, for your opening, for your ascending in

      So love those things in yourself. Do not be judgmental. As you have
      been told many times in your holy book, "judgment is mine, sayeth
      the Lord" or Source, or Father, or Mother, or God, or whatever word
      you wish to use. Even though each of you is God, it is not for you to
      judge yourselves as bad or wrong. It is for you to simply notice what
      you have created and identify or come into a conscious awareness of
      why you created it for your own growing, for your own unfoldment, for
      your own opening, for you own ascension.

      Ascension is simply to move from one level of consciousness and life
      experience into the next and the next, and the next, and the next.
      Now that you are experiencing yourselves as life forms within the
      frequencies of the fourth and fifth dimension, as you move, as you
      find yourself, as you are firmly planted in your experiencing of
      yourselves in your lives in those dimensional realms and those chakras
      are fully operational, it is then that you have the opportunity to
      move as far as your twelfth dimension of awareness. You do. That is
      so. Don't think that you are limited by only your fourth or fifth
      dimension. Allow yourselves every experience. Bless every experience
      that you create for yourselves because it is your ascension process.
      It is you moving energetically, vibrationally, from one level to the
      next, to the next, to the next, to the next, to the next, etc.

      There is nothing that you could do that would be wrong or right. If
      your choice is a non-creative choice and it causes you pain and if it
      causes another pain as well, then it is for you to make amends as best
      you can. If you do not do it in this lifetime, you will in another.
      But it's your karma. There's no such thing as karma with another
      human being. You create your own karma to be balanced in a subsequent
      life experience. And another simply has made a subconscious agreement
      to allow you to create that karma.

      As you continue with your ascension process, the vibrational
      frequencies or the dimensional frequencies within your experiences
      become lighter and finer and more intense. As this takes place your
      choices are not that which would be destructive or non-creative; your
      choices are that which would be creative that would result in beauty
      and harmony. Allow this to take place. You have nothing to lose.
      You have everything to gain. Move yourselves out of what you call
      humility on your realm.

      We have said this to you before, but it fits within the framework of
      that of which we speak. Humility as you humans have practiced it in
      the old paradigm is not a virtue. It is not. It is an endless litany
      of self-negation. You have allowed yourselves to be programmed with
      the perception that you are unworthy, that you sin, whatever that
      means because sin truly means to be separate. Your self-negating
      perceptions of yourself limit you and prevent you from moving forward.
      So let go. Dispel. Do not practice humility as you have been
      programmed to practice humility for many centuries. It is a
      limitation. It is a self-negation. It is destructive. It is
      non-creative. true humility is awe. Awe. You are awesome life
      forms. In the totality of your being you are perfect. You are all
      wise. You are all powerful. That is awesome. That is true humility.
      That is true humility to come into whole recognition of that which
      you are. Let go of false humility. We will explain to you the
      difference between that and ego.

      Ego, as we have said before (but it bears repeating) is the same
      feeling of inadequacy, of not being enough, or not wise enough, or not
      good enough, or wrong, or whatever. That is the same feeling as false
      humility, but it is a different way to express it. If I feel
      inadequate, but I tell the world how grand I am, and what
      accomplishments I have achieved, and they believe me, then perhaps I
      will believe it myself. That's ego, and you know people who practice
      that. Now you know that if they are practicing such a behavior they
      truly are not convinced of what they are practicing and you know what
      is really at work within them. They feel inadequate. So be in awe of
      yourselves. That is true humility.

      That which you are is wondrous. The more you can acknowledge, the
      more you choose to acknowledge that which you are, the more you are.
      The choices you make are your creations, or what results from your
      creations. As you choose to be that which you are, then you become in
      a conscious way that which you truly are. You do not inhibit your
      ascension process.

      Again we say to you, your ascension process is that which allows you
      to move from one level of consciousness to the next, and the next, and
      the next, and the next. That's ascension. You all know by now that
      it is not to be hauled off by spaceships. It is not to float off into
      the sky through a hole in the clouds. You all know that; but your
      ideas of what ascension truly would be, how it would feel, what it
      would look like tend to be as varied as the number of people who sit
      in this room. We beseech you to allow yourselves to begin to
      understand that what ascension is. It is not an airy fairy perception
      or notion. It is reality. It is exactly that which each of you is
      involved in at this time as you allow yourselves to grow, to open, to
      acknowledge and honor your power, your wisdom, your divinity. The
      fact is, that you are eternal beings.

      The earth space suit that you sit in as we observe you at this
      particular time is simply your clothing that you wear during this
      particular life experience in order for you to survive on the planet
      Earth. That's why we call your body, your physical form, an earth
      space suit. It fits. And when you are ready to leave, you simply
      take it off and go on. We say to you it is a most wondrous
      technological feat, your earth space suits, but that's what your
      bodies are. Because your spirit dwells within your earth space suit,
      your earth space suit is affected by your perceptions, your concepts
      and so forth because you create the distortions and the discomforts
      and so forth in it as well.

      You are already multi-dimensional beings. You are already
      twelve-dimensional beings. We have spoken before about some of the
      symptoms that you can watch for to tell you that this is so. As you
      are in groups in places such as a market or a mall or sporting event
      where there are many people and you suddenly have a sensation that you
      are in a different dimension than the rest of those people and you
      wonder where they are, who they are, and you wonder what's happening
      to you. That's another aspect, another dimension of you telling you
      that you have moved on, that you have moved on beyond the mainstream.
      We do not say this for your ego gratification. We say this for you
      to know, to accept, to acknowledge that you have moved on so that you
      do not put a cap on it, so that you can continue to do so.

      When you look at perceived reality and it looks to you as if you are
      looking through a transparency or a piece of plastic or a window or
      something such as that, that's another clue for you that you have
      moved beyond those who are around you if they do not see the same
      thing. In a group such as this, you would all most likely be having a
      similar experience or the same experience or an experience other than
      those two experiences we have mentioned. But there are many ways for
      you to know. Many of you are hearing sounds when there seems to be no
      source for those sounds. This is a way for you to know also. This
      tells you that your inner hearing, your true hearing, what is meant by
      Yeshua when he said, "He who has ears to hear will hear." This is you
      telling you, this is your higher self, as you say, telling you, your
      multi-dimensionalit y, telling you that you are moving up, out, on,
      beyond, whatever, since it's all in the same space anyway. To speak
      in space is not always accurate but we do it because you humans are
      accustomed to speaking in terms of space. Or you become aware of
      seeing colors that you have never seen before. Suddenly the grass is
      greener or the leaves are more vibrant or you're seeing colors that
      you are aware that you have never seen before. This is you telling
      you that your vision is ascending, that your inner sight is beginning
      to see.

      As your inner senses begin to activate, become more active, many of
      these kinds of experiences will be yours from this point forward.
      They already are to a great degree. So don't doubt yourselves. Bless
      yourselves whenever this happens. Actually say to yourself, "Ah,
      bless me", or "I bless myself", or I am blessed because I am seeing
      this or hearing this or sensing this". Do so, because this is like
      priming a pump. This is like priming your spiritual pump. Don't let
      these opportunities pass you by. This is you telling you, this is
      your higher self telling you that your ascension process is underway.
      You are becoming more consciously aware so you have reached another
      level, you see? That's what ascension is and it is most glorious. It
      allows your life to be more fulfilling, more harmonious, more beautiful.

      Don't discount any of these things that we describe in others that you
      are experiencing that we have not mentioned. Acknowledge what is
      happening. This is ascension. It is a literal thing. It is real.
      It is more literal than this table that is before us as we sit on this
      chair in this woman's body.

      You have heard, and we have said this before but we will say it again
      because it relates to what we have been saying. 2012 is supposedly a
      magical date prophesied by your Mayans as a date when everything will
      shift. It is a date in linear time; it is also a level of
      consciousness. Many of you are well on your way to that date or that
      level of consciousness now. To be in that level of consciousness is
      ascension also. Do you see how that can be? Some of you are at 2006.
      Some of you are at 2007 already or 2008 or 2009. There are on your
      planet some that are already at 2012 in consciousness. They are
      present to show you how it is for you as well as you allow your
      process (we do not like that word but it's a word you use), your
      unfoldment to continue. Your ascension is a literal real thing, more
      literal than most of your daily experiences are. Let your
      interactions with your fellow human beings begin to be experienced as
      connections with other aspects of yourselves, because that's what they

      This is a time to become very well acquainted with the totality of
      your own being who lives inside that earth space suit and how it is
      for you in the outer levels of your own being. If you perceive
      yourself to be fourth- and fifth-dimensional, then begin to notice,
      pay attention to the experiences that you are having, what you see,
      what you hear, what you feel, what you sense as a way for you to begin
      to discover that you are ascending, that you are somewhere where you
      weren't yesterday, that you are on another level. Then bless it,
      honor it, acknowledge it. As we said before, this is a way for you to
      continue forward, full speed ahead.

      In this year that you call linear time 2006 there's a great deal of
      chaos on your planet. There will be more before it is fully balanced.
      Such as yourselves are necessary. You are indeed necessary. So
      don't become fearful about events that seem to be close to home, so to
      speak. You are needed. You are necessary. You are the change agent.
      You are one that will help to balance those who will be very out of
      balance. Know this. As your ascension process continues the energies
      that you receive and transmit will be healing, balancing to your
      planet and to those who come to you. Do so. We beseech it.

      Some of you look very stunned as we gaze into your faces. What we are
      saying to you is a magnificent message, a message of magnitude. We
      beseech you to hear and to see and to sense and to be the
      multi-dimensional beings that you are.

      Do not be too concerned about physical experiences, physical symptoms
      that you are having as a result of your ascension. As you are open to
      higher frequencies, your physical body, your earth space suit must
      adjust in order to accommodate those higher frequencies. You may be
      having all manner of symptoms. Food preferences shift and change.
      Sleep patterns change. Your responses to what you perceive as
      external stimuli changes. This is why we say pay attention to you so
      often. When you notice that your buttons can no longer be pushed or
      that the attempt is made to push them and your reaction is not as it
      was once upon a time. This is another way for you to know. This is
      you telling you again. This is an individual process and you are that
      which the multi-dimensional you is guiding, facilitating, causing,
      even forcing the process. So bless it. Bless it. We beseech it.

      Again we say to each of you, be that which you are and acknowledge
      that which you are and don't get humble if you discover that you have
      moved to the next level and say, "Ah, this can't be it. It can't be
      me. I'm imagining this." If you are experiencing some symptoms that
      we have not described, bless them and acknowledge them and honor them
      and bless them and bless yourself because you have allowed your cork
      to be popped, to be pulled. Once it's popped, it can never be
      replaced. Ascension is real and literal. It is actual, it is
      happening with and for each of you caused by that which you are,
      caused by what you might term the capstone of your own pyramid, your
      higher self, your soul, whatever you want to call it. Don't put up
      boundaries or impediments by doubting, by indulging judgment and false
      humility. We beseech it.

      If you could see yourselves at this time as we see you as we look at
      each of you. See yourselves through our eyes. Such beauty. Such
      beauty. Such incredible beauty. Such love that each of you is a
      generator of. So go forth and be it. Be it. Be it.

      Are there any questions or confusions or comments that you would wish
      to share with each other or ask of us?

      Q: In these times of increased chaos that you speak of that we are
      experiencing, will we the people of the United States of America
      experience an event such as September 11, 2001 again on our own soil?

      A: Not exactly the same but yes. We will.

      Q: Is there a linear time frame for that?

      A: No. But we will say this to you. We would prefer not to give you
      linear time for these things because then you will be planning ahead
      or thinking ahead when you are not ready for that event to have
      occurred. Do you understand what we mean when we say it thus?

      Q: Yes.

      A: Because if we were to tell you that there will be a massive
      earthquake in this area, for example, in this geographic area and we
      would tell you that it would be on a certain day or certain month, you
      would no longer be in the present. You would be there where it is and
      when it occurs you will be ready for it then and ready to assist those
      who are not. Linear dates we will choose not to reveal. We will
      simply say, as we have said before, that called 2007 in linear time
      will be a doozy.

      Q: In more than just earth changes? A terrorist attack?

      A: In every way. Every way. It is for each of you to be very
      present. Live in the moment because each moment has within it
      frequencies of the past and the future, so be in the moment. Don't be
      in the future. Don't be in the past. Because they exist in your
      moments, in every moment, so be present. Be fully present. If you
      are not fully present you will miss the symptoms that we described to
      you and others that you will have that will be your own. This is no
      longer a time for you to float along on the surface of life. This is
      a time for you to be involved multi-dimensionally in all your moments.
      To live your life fully. Past. Present. Future.
      Multi-dimensionally . Now.

      Q: So if we are just living in the now, that's our purpose, how do we
      handle certain people and relationships in our lives who want to hash
      over past things. We want to help them with their healing but we are
      no longer interested in hashing over old things that have happened.
      How do we stay in the moment and honor their need to talk about past
      things when we are no longer interested in doing that?

      A: It is good that you are no longer interested, because everything
      that you've been you already are and you recreate what you need to
      create or recreate those past times in the present moment in what
      would seem to be appropriate contemporarily. You don't need to delve
      into the past, you need to be in the moment multi-dimensionally
      because the moment includes the past and you create what needs to be
      dealt with from the past in this moment. Now. Do you understand?

      Q: I do.

      A: Perhaps you could help them to see it; perhaps you could help
      them to hash over, as you say, the past, and then say what does that
      have to do with now? How does that help you now? What insights, what
      awareness do you have for now because of that and what is appropriate
      for you now to do, what to feel, or to see or to sense? Thank you.

      Q: Christ said something to the effect that for those who are not
      interested in moving forward in life to pass them by and then go on
      with your own life because we spend so much time with them we will not
      do anything for ourselves. And since we have such a short time left,
      there isn't an awful lot of time to get out of ourselves where we are
      going to go. It's not to say, ignore them. But some people, like we
      said earlier, don't have the eyes to see or the ears to hear. Bless
      them and walk by them.

      A: This is true, although do remember that you are all connected.
      What we would say to you is to make sure that what they are involved
      in doesn't represent an aspect of you. That would be useful for you
      to look at within your own being. But at the same time, you are not
      required to labor with those who do not choose to move forward because
      they do not choose to make the effort. They do not see it as real.
      They are still mired.

      Q: They're just not ready.

      A: Yes, and they are not to be judged because when they are ready
      they will be ready but they're not ready yet. At this time do not
      labor with them except in a situation such as we just discussed. If
      it bears fruit, yes. If it bears no fruit and there's no possibility
      of bearing fruit, then no. At the same time, remember they are part
      of you as well and make sure you are not missing something that it
      would ..

      Q: That you need to learn from, right?

      A: Yes. Correct.

      Q: And the chaos we have experienced is like the Friday night fights.
      You always have the pre-fights to get you all excited for the big
      event, well we have just had the pre-fights. The big event is coming.
      It will be much bigger than the pre-fights.

      A: Yes, and this is why it is so necessary for each of you to own who
      you are and be that. Trust it. Allow it and let your ascension
      process continue because it is real. It is true. Step outside your
      usual perceptions on your daily lives and see that which are your
      daily lives as larger. The situations or events might seem the same,
      but as you step outside your usual perceptions, you'll see the greater
      truth that they represent. The expansion that is intrinsic, inherent
      in every situation or event or circumstance. Good. Any other
      questions or comments?

      Q: When I go into meditation like at night before I go to sleep, I
      have a bleed-through of events that I really can't remember. Why
      can't I remember? It happens so often that. different things. is that
      part of the process?

      A: It is part of the process. It's to give you a glimpse or a peek
      into what really is there. It's a way for doing what we just said to
      you, to step outside yourself, step outside your usual self. Even if
      you have forgotten it in the morning, it's still there because it came
      to you, the awareness of it. Thank you.

      Q: What is our destiny then?

      A: Destiny is that which you planned before birth and is described in
      your horoscope, described in your numerology as these terms you are
      all familiar with. That is your destiny. It is an energy pattern.
      Your free will comes in by choosing to play it out creatively or

      Q: So we will still reach the point of what the destiny in one way or
      the other. Is it just that how we get there is our free will?

      A: The potential is that. If you do not reach it in a given life
      experience, then you will include it as an energy pattern or a dynamic
      of energy in another, maybe not the next one but somewhere down the
      line. In this life experience in which you each find yourselves at
      this time, you are including all your unfinished business. That's why
      it's so important. Each of you has one major lesson, as you call it,
      or situation to balance and then other minor ones. How many we do not
      know. We would need to look into your individual energy patterns, but
      each of you has one that is major and this lifetime is set up so that
      you will encounter the dynamics of energy of that one major pattern is
      giving you the opportunity to move through it. Many of you have
      already moved through your major one. You've just got other minor
      ones to mop up, so to speak.

      Q: If I may comment. Our free will and our perceptions of our free
      will, we believe that this has been the path and this is the way we
      should go, how we've been taught, what we've learned what the rules
      and regulations have been and yet a new idea comes in, this is a
      different perception. It's is for us to realize that maybe our old
      perceptions were all wrong and this is the right perception and we
      have to explore that without judgment, one way or the other. That's
      the only way we grow. We grow by changing our perceptions year after
      year--I would say now month after month, they are happening so fast.

      A: We are seeing through the perceptions with clarity and to the
      potential that a perception has given to us about what its truth
      really is. Your destiny is described and planned for you. That's
      where your true free will comes in except at that point you have the
      clarity to say, "Ah, this life experience in this particular place,
      having chosen these parents, will allow me to clear this issue." Then
      you are born and you forget your plan and you make choices that are
      against it or not, you see? Is that clear?

      Q: Yes. Thank you.

      A: You're welcome. Any other questions?

      Q: I've had moments in the past couple of years where I've had
      absolute epiphanies or the auras I see are just absolutely beautifully
      magical and almost overwhelmingly beautiful. When I try to get into
      that, I don't know what mode I'm in that creates that for me. When I
      make an effort to create it, nothing happens and I feel a major
      disappointment. If I can do it then, what's going on that I cannot do
      it now. What is the difference?

      A: Yes, the difference is because when you are trying to do it, you
      are doing it from more than your old perceptions. Old recipes. Old
      formulas or old methods or old steps. So much of your "old" new age
      ideas for example says, "Ah, here are seven steps to manifestation and
      here are five steps to something else." Forget all that. There are
      no steps to any of it. None. So when you are in that situation where
      you see the beauty, you are in what you term an "altered state of
      consciousness, " but what you are really in is having ascended into the
      next level or the level after or whatever. Inadvertently and
      momentarily you have ascended into a higher level of your own totality.

      Q: I've noticed that I get unusual but beautiful exotic fragrances
      and then when I say to Spirit, this is giving me a headache, it's too
      strong, it's too overwhelming, I no longer desire this fragrance, then
      it becomes very accurate as if you will appreciate this because this
      is what you're going to get. He laughs at it because he finds it
      amusing that I don't smell normal things any more. I can't pick up a
      flower and smell that flower and yet when I'm just sitting alone I get
      these beautiful fragrances.

      A: And when you find them too strong, it's because the so-called
      conscious part of you is not ready for the magnitude of that
      fragrance. But you are receiving the magnitude of the fragrance
      because you have ascended. At the same time that you are somewhat
      conscious, you have also ascended into another level of your
      consciousness, so you are receptive to that which you describe.

      Q: I think my question basically is, how do I stay on that level
      instead of bouncing back down into this dimension constantly?

      A: There is nothing you can "do", because to do it is to ask us for a
      recipe and forget all your recipes.

      Q: I've thought about when beautiful things happen, it's like what
      was I doing, what was I thinking, what was going on in my life that
      day and it's like nothing different. It just happens.

      A: Accept it as a gift from what you term your higher self or the
      capstone of your crystal pyramid, to give you a taste, a peek, of what
      is to come as your way of life. But in your present consciousness,
      you cannot reproduce it because your present consciousness cannot
      accommodate this level yet, even though you go into that level
      inadvertently or you are gifted with it by your higher self. This
      level cannot reproduce it because you're not ready. Do you understand?
      Did we say that with clarity?

      Q: Yes. It is so wonderful when it happens.

      A: So when it happens, be sure to bless it. Acknowledge it and bless
      it and say, "aha, I have a taste of what my ascension is looking
      like." Do you see? I have a fragrance, a smell of what my ascension
      is looking like. I have a peek of what my ascension is showing me.
      Good. And thank you for saying it because that gives me an
      opportunity to say to you again, when these things happen, acknowledge
      and bless them in a conscious way. Do not let them slide by and take
      them for granted because this is life priming your spiritual pump.

      Q: When you are going into that experience, you are not going into it
      with this mind. You're going into it with a creative mind which is
      coming out of the heart. It's a totally different method of getting
      there. You can never get back there with this (pointing to his head).
      You gotta get back there with this which means shutting this down.
      That's why Rumi drank so much wine and wrote his beautiful poetry. He
      shut the mind down so the creativity could come out.

      Q: It happens during Reiki or right after Reiki, I get this download
      of information or just sitting quietly before meditation, all of a
      sudden the colors just.

      A: For some of you it will happen during the physical expression of
      your sexuality if you are involving your entire energy system. If you
      are in a situation where this is possible for you, then allow
      yourself, surrender to the process so that your entire energy system
      becomes engaged, involved. This is another pathway.

      Q: My experience has been that I'll have the radio on and turn it off
      and the music just keeps on going for an indefinite period as long as
      I want it to stay there, it's there.

      A: And be sure to acknowledge and bless it. Any other questions?

      Q: Just one other. IRSHA, this channel you use, Elmarilla, gives so
      lovingly to us with all her energy. What can we do to support
      Elmarilla in exchange for everything she does for us?

      A: Exactly that which you do which is to be open and receptive so
      that there is a closed circuit, so that there is an energetic
      exchange. Thank you. We appreciate that. At this moment there is an
      incredible love in this space. That is our reward because it is our
      way of knowing that you are with it. So we thank you. We honor you.
      We thank you. We are grateful. So be it and so it is.

      Before we are entirely out of this body, we would wish to say that
      your partaking of food and fellowship after our conversations is part
      of the process because food is symbolic of spiritual food. Please
      see it as such and thank you for your contributions. So be it.

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