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The Coming of the White Wizard

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    From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/ Through Drunvalo s book The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life, Vol. II, we know about the Indigo and
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      From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/

      Through Drunvalo's book The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life, Vol. II, we know about the Indigo and the Superpsychic children who are incarnating to assist humanity during the expected evolutionary shift of the Earth.

      Now, another group has been born — a collective entity that calls itself the White Wizard. These children are still infants, all having been born on July 11, 2002 (the day of the White Galactic Wizard, according to José Argüelles's Thirteen-Moon calendar).

      The author of this article, Alexandra Komarova, is not the mother of one of these children, but is a channel who was contacted by the White Wizard with information about their coming for months before it happened.

      The Coming of the White Wizard

      by Alexandra Komarova
      translated by Valentin Antipenko
      The collective being White Wizard declared its presence even before it was born on the Earth. Its task is to inform us about every step of transition from unmanifested to manifested world of the Earth, so that we may become conscious about every step. Its service is to form a matrix around the portal through which the mass consciousness of the people of the Earth can enter onto the Galactic level. This matrix will be formed on all levels, including the physical level. The collective being will spiral from top to bottom.

      The White Wizard was born in the space of Earth in the year of Yellow Seed, thirteenth moon, in the day of the White Wizard, when it turns, July 11, 2002 [according to the Mayan calendar].

      On this day, in different places on the Earth, a single collective being White Wizard was born, coming from a Galactic level as children and building the Matrix of the Gate with its Light Body.

      Ten moons were required for realization of this idea. The secret alchemy happened, and the legend is now alive. The horns of Isis, the Goddess of Life, sparkle with a golden aureole. This is the Program of Galactic level Star Light.

      With the first breathing of each newborn baby, a great spirit comes to the mother Earth, carrying within the fullness of eternal life. The White Wizard — the conductor of love, wisdom, and harmony — is greeting the people of Earth, brothers in Spirit. It blesses the planet Earth.

      Mother Earth has called these new children to save mankind in the period of rebirthing. New children carry new energy. They help in the transformation of planetary consciousness. They live in the Fourth Dimension and clearly see what is happening.

      Children of the new time will help the Earth to make its transition of consciousness. The collective being White Wizard is one of those who decided to incarnate as such children to help Earth's inhabitants. In the moment of sacred birth, these new children will make alive the memory of the people, and awaken them from deep sleep to stand full height. Only in an upright stance will the consciousness of people shine again.

      When these children are seven years old, they will become conscious about their purpose and the task for which they came here. When the memory of roots is alive, then the crown of the tree will be resurrected. When saints stand in their full height, the light will shine and the darkness will leave their circle.

      Listen to children who are around you. Children are coming to the Earth from different corners of the galaxy. And they have particular tasks for the moment of transition of the Earth to the new evolutionary step.

      At the moment of transition of the mass consciousness of the Earth, the children will open their Rainbow Gate through joy — an inner explosion of the earthly heart emotion of ecstasy. The matrix of the Gate will shine. This will be the transition of consciousness on a new level. Children will save the Earth.

      "For the first time on September 9, 2001, in meditation," Alexandra Komarova said, "I heard the idea about the birth of a collective being White Wizard. It wanted to contact me and I agreed. The time of contact was an experience of communication in both the visible and invisible worlds. I also was learning telepathic connection with people, and my physical, emotional, and mental bodies were changing. White Wizards taught me to pass love, wisdom, and harmony through myself openly. This unity of three is a password for going through the sacred portal during the transition from one level of consciousness to another."

      Alexandra Komarova has written a book about her experiences titled Legend of the White Wizard. It is currently available only in Russian. This article was translated by her husband, Valentin Antipenko, an engineer and technical interpreter of English, German, and French.

      Alexandra is a high school teacher in Moscow who works with physically handicapped children. She may be reached by email at Barashik@....

      Visit: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/

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