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Archangel Michael on 'Your Future World'

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    From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/ YOUR FUTURE WORLD - BY ARCHANGEL MICHAEL Archangel Michael Through Elisabeth Jensen www.angelmiracles.
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      From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/

      Archangel Michael
      Through Elisabeth Jensen
      www.angelmiracles. com.au
      30th August 2006

      I am the Archangel you call Michael and I am so happy to tell you I am
      writing to say the world is not ending!

      We are telling you this for our channel Elisabeth receives many
      enquiries from those anxious about their future and especially in
      regard to their children. I am the Archangel to call upon during
      difficult time and changes and I oversee all earth changes.

      In Dec 2012 the space ships will not arrive to take you home and no
      major event will occur. Rather like 2000 is will come and go and you
      will be left with more candles and tins of Baked Beans to continue
      life as before.....

      BUT it will be a different world by then anyway We are moving into a
      time when it is so hard for those of you who live without intuition
      and the knowledge of how to ask Angels and Divinities to guide them to
      make sense of this world.

      Next year (2007) we see many changes coming to your financial
      institutions and more failing of Insurance Companies and some Health
      Funds It will not be an easy year for those whose emotional security
      it based on financial security!

      In 2008 their will be floods and changes to coast lines world wide.
      The world is changing its form and re -aligning itself so you may all
      stay upon earth if you wish We wish to tell you we will surround you
      all constanly during this time and all who seek our guidance and
      protection will be given it.

      Part of your purpose of life upon earth is to awaken spiritually and
      to understand that their are many other realms you may choose to live
      in if you wish Far easier places to live than Earth School do exist,
      but you are in this reality now and you cling to it like an unborn
      child reluctant to be born So we are telling you this earth is having
      birthing pains as humanity reluctantly prepares to accept new realities.

      Over the next few years the veils between realms will grow thinner and

      By 2012 many will be able to traverse between there physical reality
      on earth and the Light very easily in their meditations. By 2013 there
      will be some who will be able to physically dissapear from this realm
      and then after time in the Light return to physical form So the Mayan
      Prophecies of the this being the END TIME are correct - it is the End
      Time of life as you know it.

      So the world will continue BUT for those who are not awakened in
      anyway spiritually, intuitively and psychically it will become harder
      for you dear ones.

      We try to awaken in you the need to do this Sometimes an illness or
      accident is simply an opportunity to rest and meditate and look at
      your lives and open your eyes We Angels wish you to reflect more on
      the significance of events in your life.

      We wish to tell you than in ten years time the Government (in
      Australia) will be telling you to make descisions based on intuition
      and to develop your psyvchic powers! The Government of Austalia will
      be greatly changed and run by those who are awakened psychically and

      So the materialistic world we know now will still exist but in eight
      years time (2014) the real end times will be upon you and like in the
      days of Atlantis when many awakened ones moved to a new location to
      avoid death before it was washed away you will be faced with choices
      if you wish to continue to stay upon Earth School But we Angels again
      will be there to guide and protect you all. By 2016 it will be much
      more peaceful and a great wave of light will spread through earth and
      it will be like Judgement Day.

      The heavens will open and many will see angels and divinities with
      their physical eyes and many will see their lives flash before them as
      the world's vibration raises and many people become psychic overnight.
      Or in essence return to how you should be Dear Ones!

      We Bless you now and ask you to call upon us 24/7 while VISUALISING
      within your mind our presence. We shower you with Light and we say
      tonight as you sleep we will be there to cleanse negativity and fear
      away. Ask us to wash away with our Blue White Energy wings all final
      thoughts of anxiety re the your future and it will be done !

      Archangel Michael
      Through Elisabeth Jensen
      30thAugust 2006

      Visit: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/

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