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Is This a Cancer Cure?

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    From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/ INTERVIEW OF DR. LAMPROPOULOS TO DR. PAPPAS ON THE JUICE OF OLIVE TREE LEAVE By Rulla de Lucci Athens,
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      From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/


      Athens, Dec. 11, 2000
      The following article is referring to Dr. Lampropoulos therapeutic experience with the juice from the leaves of the Mediterranean olive tree as an anti cancer agent and how its use as a treatment started.
      About his treatments, Dr. Lampropoulos talked to Dr. Pappas a few months ago, when Dr. Pappas met him to bring him up to date on the successful combination of magnetic pulses and the juice of the leaves of the olive trees.
      Dr. Lampropoulos is an old army doctor, a medical general practitioner, who was born years back, in 1915 and who is now still living in Patras, Greece.
      He was born in a Greek village and he was brought up and reared with the old science, the wisdom of the tradition. He lived through two World Wars and a Civil War and has observed first hand the death of men and nature in a grand scale. He never ceased though to love and care for both, man and nature. He lived his whole life trying to cure and comfort man and to protect the environment from distraction. To cure man, besides standard Medicine, he asked the help of the big pharmaceutical company surrounding him, Nature. All cultures around the world have been using herbs from time immemorial- not only men, animals have been feeding on special plants when they are sick as well.
      He is an admirer of Hippocrates who once said: “ Food should be your medicine, and if you need medicine, take it from food!” and “Healthy life is one way street, healthy food diet”. Having the ancient philosophers and the knowledge of medicine and tradition, as his background, it was inevitable for him, eventually, not catch on the beneficent olive leaves.
      Human beings cannot produce, like plants do, the materials necessary for life. They have learned to take what they needed from the environment for nutrition and medication. Today people eat and fill only their stomachs without satisfying the needs of their bodies. By following the commercial advertisements, they are slowly losing the instinct for self-healing and they are leading their bodies to imbalance and disease.
      The rich ecosystem of Greece had become the Salute, the SALAD [salt and olive oil with vegetable] that nourished and sustained the greatest achievements of human spirit. All this wild vegetation around them has been the mother of civilization. With knowledge of the beneficiary effects of these treasures, their forefathers had sustained healthy bodies and healthy minds and it was literally this wild flora that saved them in troubled times.
      Already, war and greed have put the environment under cease, by burning forests, by depleting the ground after putting fires out with seawater, by killing the ecosystem with D.D.T., by industrial pollution and radioactive fallout and by covering ecosystems, brooks and rivers with cement buildings. Although, this survival kit has nearly being brought to an end, by all these abuses, mother earth has never ceased talking to people loud and clear. If people respect her wisdom, they can hear her eagerly disclosing her beneficiary “secrets” again and again to them, in so many ways.
      That olive trees live long is a known fact and 1000 years old olive trees, still healthy and productive, are very common in Greece. To this day, people still believe that the old olive grove in Athens “is been living” there since the time of Socrates.
      That goddess Athina gave the olive tree to Greeks, it is well known from mythology. The fact though, that the myth also implies the oldest known to man bio intervention, is less known, but to the scholars that know the meaning of the Greek alphabet and the Greek words.
      The three temples Honoring Gods in the Acropolis area are that of Athina, changing the wild tree to an olive producing one, that of Hephestos, extracting metals from rocks and that of Poseidon, producing horse power from water. People have used many different words, at different times, explaining this symbolic representation of organic and inorganic metalaxis, such as transformation, transmutation, metamorphosis, alchemia etc. Never the less, it plainly meant to the Doctor that there was a description of an intervention in the genetic material. Although unheard of yet back then in Dr. Lampropoulos earlier years, D.N.A. is today’s common subject of talk. All these myths and what they might imply, though, lead him into taking a better look at the olive trees around him.
      “Soon enough”, Dr. Lampropoulos said, “one day, nature answered back to this country man and put him at the right track”. While he was looking at a totally dry out olive tree, he noticed that only on one branch of the tree, there was a fresh green growth, the size of a grapefruit, looking like neoplasm [new creation] and not like a new sprouting shoot. Later on, he also noticed that olive trees, once in a while, developed small black formations of tissues, called “cancers” by the country people.
      Eventually, Dr. Lambropoulos started to contemplate on the idea that perhaps olive trees lived long because they were producing a agent that was arresting the development of small cysts into large tumors of cancer. Finally, one day, he decided to find out for himself and he started to run his own experiment.
      Dr. Lampropoulos established scientifically controlled environments for the housing of rabbits, chicken, ants and bees. He decided, because it was easier to control, to feed the animals with the juice made from olive trees leaves and not with plain leaves.
      What he observed was consistent, very interesting and very reassuring:
      His controlled rabbits developed resistance against kokkidiasis.
      His controlled chickens’ tumor growth of the stomach and the uterus stopped.
      His ants and bees changing of feed and environment altered the _expression of their genes.
      Coincidentally, while he was still going on with his olive juice animal experiments, rumors reached him about a woman with melanoma that got well with olive tree juice and he soon found out that there was indeed such a person, the first he had ever heard of regarding the treatment of a human being with olive leaves juice.
      The Doctor met the old woman in village near Patras in Greece. She had a melanoma and the Doctors, since, “Due the inability for further parakentises of the phlebes”, a cure appeared impossible for her, had sent her from the hospital in Athens back to her village to at least die at home. There was, though, in her home town, a man visiting from the island of Cyprus that told her to drink the juice from the olive tree leaves and she will get well. Being desperate, she tried it and the melanoma disappeared. Soon enough, the rumors of this event spread fast and far and sick people started to drink the juice as a treatment. They had easy access to the material needed, it was free and easy to fix.
      For the first time, Dr. Lampropoulos used this treatment on a patient with prostate cancer metastasized to the testicles. Although they had performed an operation and removed these organs, the cancer had spread further. Being at the last stage of the disease, he was extremely weak and in pain. However, after drinking the juice of the olive tree leaves for over 8 months, he regained his health and remained healthy.
      It so happened that the son of this first patient of Dr. Lampropoulos was a student at the Polytechnic University in Athens, Greece. Going back to the University, after his leave of absence to take care of his father, he related the events of his father’s cure to his professor who had taught a few years back at the University of Maryland. With the proper communications of this University professor, the research department of the University of Maryland run some experiments, at that time, on the Mediterranean olive tree leaves juice and discovered that the juice had indeed anti- Leukemia properties. The rest of the experiments to identify the therapeutic agents never took place.
      His second case was a patient who had developed metastasis of brain tumor and after an unsuccessful operation, he had been sent home from the hospital having a few chances for survival left. After drinking juice of olive trees leaves for one year, the particular patient recovered totally.
      His third patient with cancer was ready for a lung operation when he decided, instead, to cure his cancer with the juice of olive tree leaves. Three months late when the patient returned to the hospital for a medical check-up his cancer had disappeared.
      Many other successful therapies have followed through the years. His many patients that got well made him a believer in the therapy with the juice of the Mediterranean olive tree leaves. He stated that cancer is curable.
      Dr. Lampropoulos suggests that this treatment is effective if you take three glasses of olive tree leaves daily for four months minimum (renewed blood cell bring the nutrients stimulating the immune system).
      These are the instructions to prepare the juice for treatment:
      1. You choose an olive tree of the Mediterranean type that had not been spayed with chemicals.
      2. You cut the top 30 to 40 cm of a branch.
      3. You pick mainly the leaves attached on the main stem and the fresh leaves at the boughs of the smaller
      side branches, the top 1 to 2 cm.
      4. You wash the leaves very well.
      5. You chop the leaves with a good knife or a pestle.
      6. You mix one glass of the chopped leaves with two glasses of water in a mixer.
      7. In case you prepare an extra quantity of this juice:
      a) Store it in the refrigerator.
      b) Make sure that the juice is completely sealed and no air is getting in; otherwise, oxidation of the juice
      will take place and it will loose its therapeutic values.
      Dr. Lampropoulos has written a book about the treatment with the juice of Mediterranean olive tree leaves, which has also been published in English.
      Last time Dr. Lampropoulos made all his work again public, it was at the Free Roots World Conference in Ioannena, Greece. He provided all his work, asking them to do research in order to identify the olive tree leaves juice agents that help to activate the immune system. Nevertheless, he was faced for one more time in the last twenty years, with the same mentality: From a small country, from a small city, from a country doctor, it is impossible to come a cure for cancer.

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