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Top 10 Earth Mysteries

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    Top 10 Earth Mysteries From animals encased in stone to unexplained hums to perplexing flying rods By Stephen Wagner Paranormal Phenomena
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 12, 2006
      Top 10 Earth Mysteries

      From animals encased in stone to
      unexplained hums to perplexing
      flying rods

      By Stephen Wagner
      Paranormal Phenomena

      Saturday August 12, 2006

      The Earth is a mysterious place. There is much going on around us
      every day that goes unexplained. For all our advanced technology and
      scientific understanding, there are events that occur, more or less,
      on a regular basis for which (as yet) we have no answers. Here is a
      list, in no particular order, of 10 of the most perplexing,
      documented phenomena that have baffled us for years - in some cases,
      decades and much longer.


      01. Animals Encased in Stone

      In 1821, Tilloch's Philosophical Magazine carried an unusual item
      about a stone mason named David Virtue who made an astonishing
      discovery while working on a large chunk of rock that had come from
      about 22 feet below the surface. Upon breaking it open "he found a
      lizard embedded in the stone. It was coiled up in a round cavity of
      its own form, being an exact impression of the animal.

      It was about an inch and a quarter long, of a brownish yellow color,
      and had a round head, with bright sparkling projecting eyes. It was
      apparently dead, but after being about five minutes exposed to the
      air it showed signs of life. It soon ran about with much celerity."
      There are numerous documented accounts of such findings, mostly
      involving frogs, toads or lizards. Most often the animals come out
      alive. And very often there is an imprint of their skin or shape on
      the cavity in which they are entombed. And this raises a number of
      interesting questions: How could the animal have gotten in there and
      survived? How did rock - which geology tells us takes hundreds if not
      thousands of years to form - take shape around the animal? How long
      could the animal have been in there?


      02. Cattle Mutilations

      "We were passing down this road, and there was a thunderstorm a
      coming up behind us. We smelled this animal as we come by. We came
      back to check on it, and found it was mutilated. We examined it and
      its sexual organs was taken out. Its eyes were taken out, and its
      eyelashes were taken out. Well, there wasn't no predators. Couldn't
      have been killed by a predator cause all the surgical work was done
      by an expert..." Such was the report of rancher C.E. Potts in 1990.

      The report is typical for the phenomenon, which began to be
      documented in the early 1970s when reports came in from ranchers in
      Minnesota and Kansas. The mutilations were like nothing they had ever
      seen with their cattle; they seemed to have a surgical precision that
      ruled out predators (whose work ranchers were quite familiar with).
      The selectivity is also unusual: often only the eyes, tongue or
      sexual organs have been removed, and quite often there is an
      unexplained absence of blood from the scene. Theories to explain the
      mutilations include Satanic cults, aliens, government experiments
      (unmarked black helicopters are sometimes seen in the vicinity) and
      bizarre diseases. As yet, however, no conclusive answers have ever
      been found.


      03. Unexplained Hums

      Citizens in Britain and portions of the Southwestern U.S. have been
      complaining about a maddening hum that just won't go away. And
      researchers have been unable to pinpoint its source. Not everyone can
      hear the low-pitched hum, and those who do say that it seems
      artificial in nature - and is driving them crazy. In 1977, a British
      newspaper received nearly 800 letters from people complaining of loss
      of sleep, irritability, deteriorating health, inability to read or
      study because of the incessant hum.

      Most famous in the U.S. is the Taos Hum. There the annoyance was so
      acute for the "hearers" in Taos, New Mexico that they banded together
      in 1993 and petitioned Congress to investigate and help them find the
      source of the noise. No conclusive causes were discovered.

      One prevailing theory holds that the hum is created by a military
      communications system used to contact submarines.


      04. Ball Lightning

      In January 1984, ball lightning measuring about four inches in
      diameter entered a Russian passenger aircraft and, according to the
      Russian news release, "flew above the heads of the stunned
      passengers. In the tail section of the airliner, it divided into two
      glowing crescents which then joined together again and left the plane
      almost noiselessly." The ball lightning left two holes in the plane.

      Ball lightning is another natural phenomena for which science has yet
      to come up with a full explanation. The problem for scientists is
      that the manifestation of the phenomenon is so rare that it is almost
      impossible to study. Attempts have been made to recreate it
      artificially in the laboratory, but an actual specimen of naturally
      occurring ball lightning has yet to be captured for study. This may
      be impossible since the phenomenon is fleeting - floating about for
      awhile and then fading away or exploding with a loud pop.

      What makes ball lighting so fascinating and puzzling is its strange
      "behavior." Witnesses have said that it moves about as if with a kind
      of intelligence, following patterns on walls or furniture, and
      seeming to avoid obstacles. More mysterious still is its ability to
      pass through solid objects. Sometimes it leaves holes, as with the
      airliner above, but it has also been seen to pass through window
      glass and even walls without even leaving a mark.


      05. Spooklights

      This might be a phenomenon related to ball lightning... then again it
      might not be. No one really knows what the many "spooklights"
      reported around the world are caused by. And there are many. Most
      famous, perhaps, are the Marfa Lights seen for generations near Marfa
      in Western Texas. The lights appear almost nightly and can be seen at
      a distance from Highway 90. Yet when investigators try to approach
      the lights, nothing can be seen.

      Other spooklights include: The Tri-State Spooklight near the borders
      of Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri; the Brown Mountain Lights near
      Morganton, North Carolina; the Gurdon Light near Gurdon, Arkansas;
      the Cemetery Lights of Silver Cliff Colorado; the Hebron Light in
      Maryland; the Hornet Spook Light in Southwest Missouri; and the
      Peakland Spooklights in Britain.

      There are many unproved theories, of course, including alien
      activity, mirages, ghosts (usually headless railroad workers), and
      ball lightning induced by tectonic stresses in rocks.


      06. Weird Clouds

      Clouds are fluffy, benign masses of water vapor, right? Consider
      this: In an otherwise clear September sky near Agen, France in 1814,
      a small, white, spherical cloud appeared. It floated motionless for a
      while before beginning to spin and head quickly southward. Witnesses
      reported that deafening rumbling noises thundered from the cloud, and
      then it suddenly exploded in a shower of rocks and stones. The cloud
      then slowly faded away.

      This is one case of extremely rare and highly unusual behavior from
      clouds. Other documented reports tell of clouds that move against the
      wind, clouds that rain insects or carry peculiar shadows. There is
      even a story of a man from Oyster Bay, Long Island who was attacked
      by a spitting cloud. It's difficult to come up with any kind of
      rational explanations for these weird tales.


      07. Fish Falls

      One of the most recent examples of fish falling from the sky took
      place the summer of 2000 in Ethiopia. A local newspaper reported:
      "The unusual rain of fish, which dropped in millions from the air -
      some dead and others still struggling - created panic among the
      mostly religious farmers." This is just one of countless case studies
      of rains of fish, frogs, periwinkles - even alligators - that have
      been cataloged over the centuries, many by famed paranormal
      researcher Charles Fort. (Such rains of creatures have been, in fact,
      come to be known as "Fortean" activity.)

      Most often these rains of animals are attributed to severe storms,
      tornadoes, water spouts and related phenomena. Although the theory
      has not yet been proved, it holds that strong winds pick up the fish
      or frogs from bodies of water such as ponds, streams and lakes, carry
      them aloft - sometimes for miles and miles - and then drop them over

      The peculiar fact that challenges this theory is this: in most cases,
      the rains are of one kind of animal only. It rains one species of
      herring, for example, or a particular kind of frog. How can this be
      explained? Could a powerful gust of wind be so discriminating? If the
      storm scooped up water from a pond, wouldn't it rain all kinds of
      things one finds in a pond - frogs, toads, fish, weeds, sticks and
      probably beer cans?


      08. Crop Circles

      I hesitate to include crop circles because I'm nearly convinced that
      they are all probably manmade. Yet, even though many groups of people
      have come forward to admit that they have designed and created the
      sometimes elaborate - and quite often beautiful - crop formations,
      there remains a diehard faction of believers that insists that at
      least some crop circles are caused by some unexplained phenomenon.

      Crop circles have been reported in nearly every country on Earth. In
      fact, according to Crop Circle Central, the only major countries that
      have never reported formations are China and South Africa. Plain
      round crop circles as we know them began to appear in abundance in
      the 1970s. But then in 1990, we began to see far more intricate and
      complex pictograms. Believers suggested they might be a form of
      communication from extraterrestrials - or from the Earth itself.
      Those who say they are not manmade point to several peculiarities
      found in the affected crops: woven stalks, cellular changes in the
      grain stalks, and strange phenomena experienced by researchers
      examining the circles, such as unexplained equipment failures, sounds
      and other physical effects.


      09. The Tunguska Event

      After 90 years, the explosive event at Tunguska, Siberia in 1908
      remains one of the most puzzling natural disasters in recent history.
      On June 30 of that year, a blazing fireball descended from the sky
      and devastated an area about half the size of Rhode Island. Trees
      were felled for miles in a radial pattern, fires burned for weeks and
      the sound of its thunder could be heard at great distances. It's been
      estimated that its explosive force was equal to more than 2,000
      Hiroshima-type atomic bombs.

      What it was that fell on Tunguska that fateful day is still a
      mystery. Although for many years scientists thought it was probably a
      meteor that exploded over the Siberian wilderness, today's best guess
      is that it was probably a comet. The change in theory came about
      because no meteor fragments could be found at the scene.


      10. Rods

      "Rods" are one of the most fascinating and intriguing Earth mysteries
      of recent times. Discovered accidentally by filmmaker Jose Escamilla
      in March of 1994, what he calls "rods" are strange flying things that
      can only be seen on slowed-down film and videotape, and sometimes
      captured in still photographs. Apparently, these things - whatever
      they are - move too quickly to be seen with the naked eye. Escamilla
      first noticed them in film footage he had taken in Midway, New
      Mexico, and he (along with others) have since filmed and taped them
      in several other locations.

      According to Escamilla's own definition, rods are "cigar or
      cylindrical shaped objects that travel at high velocities barely
      visible with the naked eye. They appear to be alive as they move
      through the air like fish swim in the sea. They appear to have fins
      or appendages along the torso and the torsos bend as they travel."
      Escamilla has several film clips and stills of the creatures on his

      The rods measure from just a few inches to several feet in length and
      there seem to be a few varieties with different kinds of appendages.
      They have been spotted and recorded in Mexico, Arizona, Indiana,
      California, South Dakota, Connecticut and even Sweden. Some have even
      been seen underwater. Are they some unknown species of animal? If so,
      why has no one ever seen these creatures at rest?


      Sooner or later we are going to have a fuller understanding of all of
      these mysterious phenomena, but for now they remain unexplained.


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