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The Great Shift is Happening

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    There is a saying shift happens. This new shift is unlike anything ever experienced on Earth. We are moving into a new place in the universe with higher
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 2006
      There is a saying shift happens. This new shift is unlike anything
      ever experienced on Earth. We are moving into a new place in the
      universe with higher frequencies, more available light and energy.
      This is creating acceleration or quickening where everything is
      amplified. You are going to see it within your physical world, your
      physical bodies, your relationships and in society in general.
      Sympathetic resonance demands the lower frequencies rise to the
      occasion which is why you are feeling so much discomfort in your
      bodies and your relationships. The lower vibrational attitudes and
      emotions as well as their physical manifestations are being
      amplified, lifted into the light to be healed. Fear, insecurity,
      anger, jealousy, guilt, unworthiness, selfishness, the lust for
      power and wealth at the expense of humanity and the Earth are just
      to name a few of the baser attitudes and emotions which are
      surfacing. It is like someone flipped a switch at the Earth's core
      and the entire planet as well as those who reside upon her are being
      affected by the new energies. You will see it in the volcanoes,
      earthquakes and clouds as they react to the changes in energy. You
      will also feel it within your own bodies, there will be turbulence
      in your personal relationships, and the collective consciousness.
      Everything is surfacing, the polarities are becoming well defined
      and the choices as to which side of the spiral we are going to align
      with are being made. There is the downward spiral with escalating
      war, disease, the destruction of the environment, greed and
      selfishness or the upward spiral living in harmony with each other
      and the planet. We can no longer afford the luxury of holding on to
      the past, the old wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past
      experiences. These are the origins of disease, conflict, and the
      foundation for pain and suffering. We are being assisted, being
      given an opportunity to take a quantum leap in evolution or
      devolution. The choice is up to us individually and collectively as
      to how we use these new energies yet one path leads to the
      escalation of war, disease, and the collapse of the environment. The
      other leads to Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, the
      Restoration of the Environment and an abundant life in harmony with
      each other and the environment. The choices are being defined, the
      true nature of the leadership is being made known and it is up to
      the hearts and minds of the people to rise up and determine their
      Be well James Gilliland www.eceti.org

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