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Top Secret UFO Report

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    Last month British Defense Ministry released a top secret report which came to the conclusion that UFOs had no basis in reality. With over 70 crash retrievals,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2006
      Last month British Defense Ministry released a top secret report
      which came to the conclusion that UFOs had no basis in reality. With
      over 70 crash retrievals, millions of sightings each year many of
      which involved prominent people and the photographs and video tapes
      that followed one would have to come to one of two conclusions. One
      it is a cover-up most likely inspired by the "Honorable" Paul
      Hellyer former defense minister's public comments concerning the
      undeniable reality of UFOs. The second option is these inept
      investigators are totally out of the loop and do not have a clue as
      to what is going on in the black opps around the world. A six year
      old could get on the internet and do a better investigation
      especially if they typed in UFOs over Mexico where literally
      hundreds of ships have been sighted and filmed over major cities.
      The report is an open display of ignorance and very embarrassing
      when one takes into account these people are in charge of gathering
      information and defending their country. I would be insulted if I
      were a citizen of the crown and demand these people are replaced by
      honorable, competent intelligent servants of the people.

      The cover-up is not just in America. By the way all those crop
      circles some up to a mile long which show extremely high physics and
      geometry made in seconds did not even factor into the report. I am
      sure they have an answer for them such as renegade bugs, gophers,
      smart wind or swarms of whacky surveyors with antigravity suits
      leaving no footprints. Yes these are the men/women we depend on to
      protect our boarders and skies and keep us safe. These are the best
      of the best, cream of the crop elite top gun men and women which
      stand between us and those that threaten the civilized world, truth,
      justice and the American way.

      The truth of the matter is a Times/CNN poll stated that over 80% of
      the people believe UFOs exist and there is a government cover-up.
      NASA, SETI, and other agencies are under government constraints and
      all information concerning UFOs has a higher clearance than nuclear
      weapons all of which must be cleared through NSA before release to
      the public where it dies. There are good honorable people within all
      the agencies which want this information to come out yet the
      consequences of speaking about it will lead to dire consequences.
      Death bed confessions like General Corso and other top officials
      with high clearances are the only way the truth will come out.
      Judging by the Times/CNN poll and other polls the truth is already
      out and the cover-up is over. Any further denial only takes away
      what ever credibility these men/women and agencies have left within
      our governments.
      The Exopolitics and Disclosure projects with a list of top officials
      with the highest clearances are waiting for public hearings and a
      release from their oaths of secrecy concerning UFOs, It is a very
      impressive list along with their stories of a long history of UFO
      encounters and crash retrievals. For our government and its
      agencies to save whatever credibility they have left it would be
      wise to end the cover-up, allow these courageous individuals to
      testify in open hearings. It is what the majority of the people want
      and majority rules in a true republic or democracy. If you want to
      know the truth about UFOs go to the ancient Vedas. They describe the
      ships in detail; some are physical ships, some energy, while others
      consist of magnetized light or consciousness. According to these
      ancient texts there are over 400,000 humanoid species throughout the
      universe. The frescos with UFOs on churches throughout Europe and
      almost every culture have records of interactions with the heavens
      and heavenly ships. This is nothing new.

      The Tibetan Lamas are very aware of the off world visitors and their
      remote viewers said in the future these benevolent, spiritually and
      technologically advanced off worlders will be instrumental in saving
      humanity from total self destruction. Reason this; it is only
      logical to assume these off world visitors known as the greater
      family of man are interstellar, interdimensional and millions if not
      billions of years ahead of us in evolution. They have transcended
      all disease, have the clean fueless technology to restore the
      environment and obviously have found a way to live peacefully
      throughout the cosmos. In the interest of National Security is it
      wise to try to shoot them down and steal the technology to use it in
      the war industry on manufactured threats? They are far superior,
      come and go as they wish, can blink in and out of existence make
      right angle turns at several thousand miles and hour and if they
      wished could turn this planet into a cinder. One ship could take out
      all of our military bases in moments. Would it not be in the
      interest of National Security to make peace with them, ask for their
      protection if there was a malevolent ET out there and use their vast
      knowledge and technology for peaceful means?

      Universal Peace, the ending of disease and the restoration of the
      environment are in the interest of National Security. Everything
      else is in the interest of profit and greed at the expense of
      humanity and the Earth. It is a disservice to the people and serves
      only a select few, the elite. Yet does it serve the elite
      considering the karmic backlash and their light review in their
      passing where they will stand before a higher authority and observe
      all of their actions and feel all the pain, suffering and
      suppression meted out to others. I would not want to be in their
      shoes upon their passing or in the days to come when the unknown is
      made known, no rock is left unturned and all will be exposed to the
      light of truth. There is but one choice of wisdom and that is to
      serve in the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth.
      Disclosure will come from the skies, it is already underway and it
      is Gods plan that we live in harmony with each other, the
      environment and the greater family of man throughout the cosmos.
      Be well James Gilliland www.eceti.org
      Lets see if the press will release this report, pass it far and

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