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Message from Lucy Pringle on Crop Circles

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    The Sign Stimulus Effect Diane: In looking at your website, I was fascinated with your research concerning what you call sign stimulus — the way many
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      The Sign Stimulus Effect
      Diane: In looking at your website, I was fascinated with your research concerning what you call "sign stimulus" — the way many people react when viewing photographs of crop circles. You said that you were studying the electromagnetic fields and the effects on living systems, and as a result you were listing the various effects that people have reported.

      Please explain to me how you got onto this aspect of crop circle research, and what you discovered?

      Lucy: I got into this particular area of research after watching people fall asleep whilst I was giving a lecture. I thought, "Oh my goodness, am I really as boring as that?" Initially I found this unnerving.

      It was a couple of years later, when I was giving a talk to the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, that I discovered the reason for this. During the morning segment of my lecture several people seemed to go to sleep. Later, several of us were outside chatting during lunch, talking about various aspects of the talk, and one of people who had been fast asleep said, "Oh yes, wasn't that interesting."

      I said, "Now hold on, I noticed that you were asleep at that particular time, because I found it quite disturbing."

      It was at the moment I said this that I suddenly realized what was happening. The geometric shapes of the formations were triggering off a response in the brain sending some people into a trance-like state.

      Interestingly, people appear to be asleep, but really they are taking everything in at a subconscious level. Maybe their conscious mind can't absorb a particular message so it simply cuts out and the subconscious takes over. In any event, most of these people told me it had never happened to them before.

      There is a scientific explanation to this behavior.

      After a lovely musical chord is struck on the piano, resonances in the ear and in the brain kindle emotions, and a mandala has the same effect visually. It is known as a "sign stimulus" or "releaser." Many of the crop formations are shaped like mandalas (see mandala photo at left). They trigger a release or behavioral response without requiring either knowledge or understanding on the part of the person's conscious mind.

      I am now aware of this fact, and when I give talks I often warn people, saying, "When I begin, if you feel sleepy don't fight it because you will hear everything I'm saying, but at a different level."

      Diane: That's amazing! And it makes sense, too, because if you look at how mandalas are used in other cultures. . .

      Lucy: Indeed. They are meditational symbols.

      Diane: I'm aware that there are several physical experiences that occur time and again with people who have either observed the symbols from afar or have been in them, right?

      Lucy: Yes. After receiving over 600 independent reports, I've accumulated a whole list of different categories and the reported effects. Here's a list of health categories and their effects:

      Oral — taste (metallic), tooth pain, unusual thirst
      Cranial — headaches
      Ocular — vision changes, hallucination
      Intestinal — nausea, diarrhea, sudden hunger, etc.
      Systemic — dizziness, weak knees, leg pain, etc.
      Mental — thought processes affected, short-term memory loss, feelings of panic, terror, evil, peace, love and light, disorientation, sense of a Presence

      When I get, say, 12 to 15 people independently reporting exactly the same effect, this is when I try to find a scientific explanation.

      Diane: Have you come to any conclusions?

      Lucy: We know physically how the crop circles are formed. But we don't know who is directing the force. It could be a discarnate intelligence. Certainly we are dealing with a very complex energy system, and one has to be curious about the nature of the intelligence behind this phenomenon. It's one of the reasons I'm still continuing with my research.

      Another reason relates to my investigations into the effects of electromagnetic fields on living systems. This is a very sensitive arena, particularly in this day and age when we are polluting the airways with our microwaves, mobile telephones, computers, and all the electronic noise that is going into the atmosphere. We don't yet know the long-term effects of this, and I think it is another sensitive area which is going to become more and more important.

      If the scientific findings from crop circle investigations can contribute to the understanding of this research, all of our efforts will have been well worthwhile.

      Currently I'm studying hormone levels. In reports that have come in, many women claim to have suffered abnormal menstrual cycles and postmenopausal problems after going into a genuine crop circle. Now clearly this is yet another sensitive issue, and it wasn't until I started talking about it quite openly that more and more reports came in.

      These reports clearly indicated hormone stimulation. And it was at this juncture that I started to work with Anne Smithells of Biotech Health, using the Best System.

      Measuring Bio Points
      In the 1950s, Dr. Reinhold Voll, a German biophysicist, discovered a way to measure energy levels of bio points.

      The patient holds an electrode in one hand, whilst a galvanometer is pressed against an acupuncture point on a finger of the other hand. This technique measures skin resistance, picking up electrical energy.

      Before each test begins, a balanced reading of 50 is obtained by pressing the probe (galvanometer) against acupressure points on the patient's finger until one is found that consistently gives a reading of 50 (equivalent to 100,000 ohms).

      Only then does the test begin.

      Diane: How do we know we are measuring a particular substance?

      Lucy: We know that every substance has an electromagnetic field (food, vitamin, mineral, parasite or virus) containing its own particular energy pattern or electronic signature. Jim Clark, who developed the Best System, managed to isolate these individual patterns, record these electromagnetic signatures and encode them into the Best System, which currently has a capacity for over 30,000 electronic signatures.

      So if we are testing for thyroid, for example, the probe will carry the electronic signature of thyroid to the acupressure point on the patient's finger. The probe sends a very small electronic signal (5 volts at 30 microamps). The body's reaction is translated into numerical form and recorded by the system.

      The normal scale of reading is broadly between 48 and 56.

      Professor William Tiller at Stanford University's Department of Material Science & Engineering, and others, have examined this system, and they see great potential in terms of future diagnostic medicine.

      Hormonal Changes
      When measuring hormone levels in genuine crop circles, the results show that the melatonin, thyroid, and adrenaline levels are altered against the control tests taken outside the formation. Our results over the years have been consistent.

      Diane: So what I'm hearing you say is that some women who normally experience their menstrual cycles to be consistent and normal have gone into a genuine crop circle and found that their cycles changed?

      Lucy: Yes. There have been several woman who have completed menopause and suddenly found they are menstruating again. One woman went right back to a teenage flow, much to her dismay. There is also one woman who regularly has a 28-day cycle. She never, never varies except when she goes into a crop circle.

      Diane: Why do you think this is occurring?

      Lucy: I believe it is a result of the electromagnetic fields found inside the crop circle.

      Diane: Has anyone tried using cellphones inside of crop circles?

      Lucy: Yes. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. We find in many crop circles that fully charged batteries will drain completely. This is becoming a commonplace occurrence.

      This summer, a friend of mine went into a most amazing crop circle — the one on Milk Hill. She decided to take along her Canon camcorder with a fully charged 3-hour battery. When she reached the formation, the surrounding view was fantastic and she turned on her camcorder to take pictures, but it wouldn't work. She thought perhaps she hadn't put the battery on correctly, so she took it off and put it on again, and it still wouldn't work. She repeated this exercise two or three times without success. On her return home, she recharged her battery and it has worked perfectly ever since.

      Diane: How about pacemakers?

      Lucy: In all my lectures I say adamantly that if anyone has a health device that is geared by a battery such as a pacemaker, Do not go in! And if you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, don't go in. We do not know exactly what is happening, and it is not worth taking any risks. Also, don't take your credit cards with you. They often get wiped.

      Diane: That might be a good thing. . .

      Lucy: (laughing) Well not if you're trying to fill up with petrol afterwards.

      Diane: So I'm curious. If you take a bit of the wheat and some soil away from the crop circle, to a lab for instance, does it still maintain a similar electromagnetic field?

      Lucy: Yes, it does. This is clearly revealed by dowsing. We take control samples and do blind studies. We dowse the control sample and then dowse the samples taken from inside an authentic crop circle. The difference is quite dramatic. In manmade ones there is no difference at all.

      Manmade versus Genuine Circles
      Diane: I've been talking to a couple of other crop circle researchers about the distinctions between genuine circles and manmade ones, discussing what might be motivating these folks to put out all the energy it takes to construct one.

      Lucy: Many of the hoaxers are on ego trips. We all know that manmade circles exist, but I do not believe there are nearly as many as the hoaxers would have us believe. But I'm not interested in those. As a researcher I'm only interested in the true phenomenon. I will occasionally use the manmade ones as control samples because they are useful. But I'm interested in researching the real thing.

      Diane: I've heard that circles appear in ice?

      Lucy: Yes. And orchards, carrots, string beans, potato crops, yes. . . maze. . . anything which would take the imprint, even snow.

      Diane: Wow, that's amazing.

      Lucy: The one found in snow was near Moscow. There were no footprints to it and no footprints leading away from it.

      But you know, Diane, we can't look at this phenomenon from just a scientific view. It's got a very strong spiritual aspect to it, as well. Many people experience dramatic life changes after going into a crop circle. It can be quite dramatic for them — rather like those who have a near-death experience and come back with a completely new viewpoint on life, or with healing abilities.

      Many people have said to me, "I've read all the books on the subject, I've been to many lectures, but nothing could prepare me for the personal experience of going into a formation."

      When you are inside a formation you feel as though you're in your own little world, and even when the circle is close to a road where there is a lot of traffic, you don't feel part of that. It's rather a womb-like experience. You're totally safe and totally secure.

      You may be limited physically but you're not limited mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. You can access other levels of consciousness and other dimensions. It really is quite a miraculous experience for many people.

      I was giving a talk just the other night and somebody came up to me and she said, "You know, after being in one of the formations, I found I can heal." This is wonderful.

      Affects Upon Consciousness
      Diane: That's great. But to bring it back to the scientific again, if the right brain is being activated or changed in some way, would you associate that with the activation of artistic and healing abilities?

      Lucy: I think we can all heal. But I think we often put barriers and don't allow ourselves to do so. Eighty-five percent of people can dowse. Why can't the other fifteen percent? It's because somehow they stop themselves from doing it.

      Diane: Spiritually speaking, you mentioned earlier that you felt that who or whatever was doing this was definitely intelligent, and possibly operating from the unseen worlds?

      Lucy: In my book Crop Circles, The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times[1] I discuss the various theories that have been put forth. You could also say that crop circles are manifestations of our own subconscious.

      Diane: But what does your intuition say?

      Lucy: I don't know. This is what I call a moving phenomenon. One day I'll think one thing and the next day I'll think another. I believe it is necessary to be flexible when dealing with a phenomenon for which you don't have the answer. You've got to remain very fluid in your ideas.

      I'm very comfortable with the idea of other dimensions and parallel worlds. I find I can go back in time quite easily, and I'm fairly psychic. So I don't feel I have to have an answer. I'm very happy to say, "I don't know."

      Diane: Well, that would also keep you in a state of searching.

      Lucy: Yes.

      New and Old Phenomena
      Diane: Have you noticed a change in the crop circles over the last couple of years?

      Lucy: From a mathematical point of view, yes. There have been gradual evolutions over the past 12 years. But this is not a modern phenomenon. The first recorded circle was in 1687, and since then there have been records throughout the ages. The patterns are becoming increasingly complex.

      As an analogy, say you were talking to someone who found that what you were saying was deadly boring, and their eyelids started to droop. You would probably change to another subject. Whereas if someone is interested, you would be prepared to elaborate. I think this is very much the same with the crop circle phenomenon. As more and more interest is being shown in the subject, so we get a greater response. We are in a giant learning curve — we're being gently led on this expanding path of knowledge, if you like.

      Certainly in the early days the mathematical properties were fairly simple and elementary. Now we are into university-level mathematics.

      Diane: What do you think about the new glyphs that appeared in Chilbolton and on Milk Hill?

      Lucy: The two final ones we had in Hampshire/Chilbolton, were very close to where I live and were a completely new departure. Normally the pattern is depicted in the fallen crop — in the negative. Whereas in the last two that we had in Chilbolton, the pattern was in the positive — the pattern was made up of the standing crop. Also what was particularly interesting about these two formations was that unlike the other formations, which are open to many different interpretations, these two had only one interpretation.

      The first of these, which has been called the Arecibo Response, mirrored an original message sent to star cluster M13 in 1974 by the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico. It contained a great deal of encoded information. The second one was a face. There was no other possible interpretation of either formation (click on photo to see enlarged view; see also the Colin Andrews article, which talks more about these two designs).

      This was most intriguing. There was a lot of interest from America about these two formations, whereas in Britain there was an initial flurry of activity and then the story was dropped like a hot potato.

      I went into these formations three times. And as I am aware that hoaxing exists, I now look at formations with the view that they might be manmade, and I try and find evidence that this is not the case.

      As I examined these formations I couldn't detect any way they could have been made by man. I do not believe it was possible to construct the Face or the Arecibo Response with this kind of precision, depicting the message so precisely, let alone add on additional information with such immaculate accuracy. It was mind blowing.

      Diane: Could we go back in time a bit and talk about the early crop circles.

      Lucy: The early crop circles started off as just simple circles. The next developments were rings around the circles. Then the rings started to increase in numbers. Then satellite circles were added. Next came shafts linking circles together.

      Over time, other geometries appeared. Scholars of the arcane likened early designs to Celtic, astronomical, or astrological symbols, and that was an excellent development, because that was when the real communication started between the different disciplines.

      Scientists began talking to metaphysicians and finding that they unexpectedly had quite a lot in common. Astronomers also tried talking to the astrologers, but I don't think they got very far with that one. The gap was pretty wide there. But at least they tried.

      Diane: Do you have anything to say about the timing of the appearance of the circles in August related to the 9/11 incident?

      Lucy: Not particularly. Because we are very governed by the harvest. The phenomenon starts fairly simply in the early months in April, and usually there is a build-up over the season as the formations become increasingly complex.

      Then we have our masterpieces. The masterpieces appear at the end of the season, and over the years we've had some staggering ones! This year we've had the wonderful Milk Hill event, which is composed of 409 circles and is 878 feet in diameter.

      Thoughts for the Future
      Diane: Where do you feel your research is going?

      Lucy: It is going as far as my funding will allow. My work is funded entirely by my own money and therefore I am severely limited in the amount of research I am able to conduct. At the moment I am particularly focusing on the changes in hormonal patterns, as I believe this is an area of fundamental importance.

      Diane: To ultimately prove that the electromagnetic fields do affect us?

      Lucy: Our aim is for our research to be accepted by mainstream science. And in order to achieve this, it is necessary to build up a large scientific database. I've been conducting these hormone tests for four years, but to be considered credible I'll have to get consistent results for at least five or six years before this work is given recognition.

      Diane: Do you have any final remarks you'd like to add?

      Lucy: I think the crop circle enigma is an incredible phenomenon which allows people to embark on a journey of expansion, both mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is an enormous subject. One which is multifaceted and full of opportunities. It's up to us which path or paths we want to take.

      Lucy Pringle, crop circle researcher and aerial photographer, was educated in England, France, and Switzerland and has travelled widely. She is a founding member of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies and a founding member and chairman of UNEX (Unexplained Phenomena Research society). She also belongs to the British Society of Dowsers.

      Lucy is co-ordinating the research into the effects of electromagnetic fields on living systems. She also lectures (at home and internationally), writes, and has had many TV appearances, all concerning the crop circle phenomenon.

      Her book Crop Circles, the Greatest Mystery of Modern Times contains a wealth of illustrations. She also has published a book of cartoons, drawn by Peter Eade, titled Paranormal Pranks.

      She lives in Hampshire.

      To contact Lucy Pringle, check out her website at home.clara/net/lucypringle/. To obtain more details about photographs, calendars, postcards and other crop circle goods, please send SAE to Lucy Pringle, 5 Town Lane, Sheet, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 2AF, or contact her via: Tel/fax +44 (0)1730 263454.


      Crop Circles: The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times by Lucy Pringle, published by Thorsens, Harper Collins (ISBN 0-7225-3855-3).

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