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    Archangel Michael - THE HOST Channelled by Edwin Courtenay No. 4. April 2006 ======================== A VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE The Earth journeys through
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2006
      Archangel Michael - THE HOST
      Channelled by Edwin Courtenay
      No. 4. April 2006


      The Earth journeys through great change, a change which transpires on many different levels, affecting the physical body of the Earth and its people, a fact affecting their mental perspective of the world and affecting their emotional reaction to it also. Spiritual change is also rife at this moment in time, with many people questioning the ways of their religion and seeking something new; a greater clarity of understanding that will enable them to feel more satisfied in regards to the questions that they ask concerning the perspective that the Divine holds in regards to the unfoldments on the planet at this time. All times of change bringing chaos and confusion, bring darkness and misery, bring sadness and despair. Change is not painless and the motions that are set into play that bring about the changes that are required are often violent and bloody. But sometimes as a result of the metamorphosis that transpires there is an undercurrent, a dark potential that rises
      and seeks to swallow the ultimate light that can be achieved as a result of the transformation itself and it is this dark current that we come to speak of today, that we raise our concerns over, so that mankind may recognise it and prevent it from flourishing.

      Each religion that exists upon the planet holds a piece of truth, a seed of understanding, which when combined together provide mankind with a greater picture of the Divine Presence and nature. Each religion that exists, however, also contains beliefs which are not accurate or true; beliefs that have been founded upon true words spoken thousands of years ago which have lost their meaning or become unrecognisable in the interpretation of their essence and truth. Often religions labouring under these false impressions will seek to reinforce the doctrine that they believe to be real, flowing against the order of the Divine, the right action of the universe and sometimes fighting, destroying and killing in order to affirm their spiritual viewpoint, their spiritual belief, their dogma and their creed. At this moment in time in your world there are religions who fight wars, who commit terrorism in the name of the Divine. People who take lives in order to affirm and
      establish what they consider to be the will of God. These people are not judged by the Divine but the Divine grieves for the way in which its truth has been lost and perverted by the little will of men who seek to draw closer to the Divine Presence by fighting for divine principles which are in truth nonexistent and unreal. These people, looked upon with suspicion and prejudice, with judgement and fear by the rest of the world are considered to be an anathema to the true nature of divine presence and accord and have become alienated by all other societies who do not share their religious perspective or cannot condone their intense actions. They have become viewed as butchers and barbarians within the globe.

      The Divine sees them as misguided. Individuals whose hearts are aligned to what they believe to be true, who have become convinced that there is no other way to affirm the Divine’s will other than through these bloody wars of vengeance. The Divine sees them as lost. The Divine sees them as beings who are desperate to please God, to align the world to God’s will. The Divine sees them as individuals of an extreme nature who in their own way are doing no more and no less than any other spiritual person would do to share and impress the divine principles upon the planet. The Divine loves them as it loves all beings, unconditionally and non-judgementally and seeks to guide them in time back towards the ultimate light of truth.

      The Divine’s concern, and our concern also, is the perspective that has been adopted by the rest of the world. This dark hatred, this persecution which is not only aimed at those extremists who commit these acts but all those who would fall under the banner of their religion, even those whose acts are not extreme or whose beliefs are not so dictatorial in nature. These individuals have also become the targets for the rest of the world’s dark glare and this prejudice, this persecution, threatens the greater global harmony that is the ultimate aim of the Earth’s shift and change at this moment in time. The Divine fears that mankind will ostracise and exorcise these people. That it will cast them all out and mark them all as a potential threat against world peace. The Divine fears that mankind out of their fear will seek to expunge them from the planet. To destroy any trace of their presence or their religion on Earth. Such attempts have been made before by misguided
      and lost individuals and races which have sought to destroy opposing religious cultures out of fear. The Divine had hoped that mankind had learnt the lessons, the mistakes that were made by these people but fears now that these memories have been suppressed and that because the globe looks upon these extremists as villains because of the actions of a few of them that they would justify such extreme actions that they themselves might take to destroy such people on Earth.

      I am Michael, the Archangel of fire, the Archangel of the South, the hero and warrior of God. I have been known in the past as the justice bringer, the angel of vengeance and redemption, the holder of the scales of equilibrium who brings balance to situations of injustice and chaos and disharmony. I have been chosen to bring forward this message and other messages of a similar nature in order to express the Divine’s perspective of justice, of vengeance, of right action in this situation; to try and ensure that extreme actions are not taken that will endanger in time the very fabric of mankind’s society and push the world into a greater state of suppression and fear than it has ever known before. It falls to the spiritually minded to be open to adopting the perception of the Divine in this matter and sharing this perception with others who might more easily be swept along by the public consensus. It falls to the spiritually minded to recognise and see that those people
      in the world who hold a different religious perspective must not become looked upon as the enemy but embraced as friends who are unique and different. It falls to the spiritually minded to ensure that those races, those cultures and religions that contain within them minorities who are extreme in their endeavours to try to maintain the purity of their religious perspective, are not destroyed, are not persecuted, are not ostracised, are not stamped out but are given the courage, the acceptance and forgiveness so that they may right the wrongs that exist within their own communities, rebalance the imbalance that exists within their religion and their culture themselves. It falls to the spiritually minded to send out into the world the light of the Divine, the unconditional, loving light of compassion that will enable all those who have become lost to find their way home again.

      Throughout history, mankind has relied upon those enigmatic leaders who would guide the consciousness of its people towards a spiritual vision. Mankind, who in general has no great feeling or connection with the Divine, needing someone to show them the way has often given their power to those who present themselves as being a direct ___expression of the divine truth. Individuals who claim that they are in contact with the divine will. The answer lies then not in the rebirth of new enigmatic leaders but in ensuring that each and every person finds their own way of aligning with the divine accord, with spiritual truth. The answer lies in trying to aid each and every person in connecting with the light of the Source, empowering themselves, awakening their discernment, discovering their own internal truth and by so doing setting themselves free. To this end we detail a prayer that can be added to any service, to any absent healing, that can be spoken in groups or
      individually, to aid in this act. We hope that you, each and every one of you, will say it so that you can contribute through this simple act of blessing to the brighter transformation of the world, so that you can contribute to the building of racial, cultural and religious harmony that is required in order for the Earth to endure, to survive, to transform, to carry on. Here then is the prayer:

      “Divine Source of all light and life, great eternal and infinite energy and consciousness which transcends all understanding, which transcends all definition. We call upon the power of your blessing and your grace and ask that you use us as living conduits through which this light may shower forth into the Earth. Into the minds and hearts and spirits of men and women everywhere, into their bodies, into their homes, into their loves and lives, into their cultures and their religions. A light that will enable them to find their way back to you, a light that will enable them to recognise the power of their own discernment, their inner divinity that will set them free. A light that will enable them to know that there is a greater truth and a greater truth lies within. A light that will enable them to see and know with all surety that they are the Divine in embryo. Divine Source we call upon your power to inspire us with religious, cultural tolerance and harmony. We
      call upon your power to inspire us with hope. To grant us the power to forgive those few who in blindness and desperation commit acts of dark atrocity. We call upon your wisdom to inspire us so that we may see that these people are not the races that they are part of but simply individuals, members of a minority that have lost their way. Let then these truths, this light, this power, radiate outwards from us and inspire the world to a brighter tomorrow. For the greater good of all and to harm none, in perfect love and perfect trust we ask that this is so. So mote it be.”

      Some may say that there is judgement in acknowledging that one way is wrong and another way is right. What some do at this moment in time on Earth opposes the natural flow of the divine order. The Divine is a presence of love and light and truth. Granted there are aspects of the Divine nature which are dark, which are part of the process and cycles of death and chaos, but the Divine, a being of light and truth, cannot be exposed, cannot be expounded, cannot be revealed, strengthened or vilified through acts of death and destruction. The Divine cannot be enforced upon the hearts of men, its ways and truths applied under duress. The Divine is a path that mankind chooses to take. The Divine is a presence which is revealed gently, with slow realisation, through personal choice and recognition. True religion cannot be forced upon anyone but is something that in time we grow to see to be the truth. The Divine does not exercise judgement here but simply reveals that that
      we all know to be so. Tolerance, love, compassion, forgiveness, understanding and truth - these must become the words of mankind’s mantra for peace. Let this then be so. Amen.

      Distributed by Carole Humber: carole@.... | Tel: 020 8337 4122. | Website www.edwincourtenay.co.uk **
      *Excerpted from: The Light Circle Ezine a Newsletter Egroup.(c) 2005
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